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Most Ignorant *Edited*

posted 12/26/2009 10:30:50 AM |
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tagged: sunshine, fuck, fun, opinion

Ok, I'm not trying to bash anyone. Maybe it's just this time of year. But, my question is: Which people are the most ignorant? This could be a whole state. All northerners, all southerners, etc. For me, right at this's New Yorkers.
Not the upstate New Yorkers, but the city people. Man, the stupidity level is blowing my mind. (It's the men in particular)

Who's buggin' you?

I knew it!! I'm surrounded by assholes! (<-----Added this!)

Anybody wanna fuck?

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Most Ignorant *Edited*
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Dec 26 @ 11:16AM  
I am not going to single out any specific geography, but I have encountered a few ignorant idiots almost every place I have been.

Dec 26 @ 11:37AM  
Anyone who refuses to acknowledge the superiority of my opinions
did someone say fuck? LOL

Dec 26 @ 11:52AM  
I can vouch for what WoW said! I've traveled over much of the U.S. and found there are ignorant people most everywhere you go! The people that bug me the most, (I'm mainly talking about in an employment situation) are the ones that are incompetent of their own abilities and use other people, to try and get ahead at their expense, which includes schemes, lying and anything else they can come up with! I've met a few like that! When you meet people like that and realize what their game is, all you can do is try to out-maneuver them and beat them at their own game! The worst I've encountered was an office assistant, who's handwriting looked like chicken scratches, couldn't spell worth a damn and fudged his weekly numbers! What a dweeb!!!


Dec 26 @ 12:06PM  
Omfg! As a salesman who's covered a few 26yrs I've seen em EVERYWHERE.

Dec 26 @ 12:11PM  
Working with general public. The worst one are the people that you try to help. Then dont want to do it the right way cause it takes to long or its to much work. They are everywhere and in every race.

Yes yes yes

Dec 26 @ 12:15PM  
When I was in the Marines, our Platoon Sergeant opined that as you go through life, 10% of the people you encounter will be complete assholes. 30+ years later, my experiences led me to conclude that his estimate was quite accurate.

Oh, and Sunshine, believe me, assholiness is not limited to a particular geographic region. It's EVERYWHERE!

Dec 26 @ 12:54PM  
You got about 15 minutes to listen?

Dec 26 @ 12:57PM  
As a floridian I think we are smartest cause we live were its
But I do agree with the new yorker thing.
I was at dinner not too long ago and there was a table of new yorkers across from us. The conversation went something like this....Yo lenny, shut your fuckin pie hole and pass the red sauce and by the way.. your brothers a frickin lush for bettin on that jets game . what the hell was he thinkin? tell me what was he frickin thinkin? oh and look at all these people sittin here in t-shirts, dont they know its 60 degrees out here ? they outa be waring at least a scarf or somethin....

Dec 26 @ 1:20PM  
Idiots are everywhere, although I have been a few places that had more than their fair share of them.

Dec 26 @ 1:32PM  
it seems to to be a generational thing. and it is everywhere. but people in some areas think just because they live in that location, they are something special. funny thing is, those are the areas i want nothing to do with. a connection maybe?

as usual the imbecilic juvenile morons that have to raise hate and discontent in pervia bug me.

and i ALWAYS wanna fuck. but you are so damned far away. chit.

Dec 26 @ 1:39PM  
I can think of at least one on here

Dec 26 @ 2:12PM  
They are everywhere, but there is a huge concentration of them working in healthcare and workman's comp!

Dec 26 @ 2:50PM  
Ignorant simply means uninformed. That can be remedied.

But you can't fix stupid.

Dec 26 @ 2:59PM  
Ignorant simply means uninformed. That can be remedied.

But you can't fix stupid.
Yeap, exactly what he ^^^ said.

Dec 26 @ 3:01PM  
DKW, have you been watching Ron White again?? He does have a valid point with that statement though.

Dec 26 @ 4:04PM  
It's my brother-in-law's entire family, hands down winners

in the ignorant white trash category.

Dec 26 @ 6:11PM  
With my job, I've seen my fair share of idiots.

Dec 27 @ 4:19AM  
The people you speak of are EVERYWHERE...not just one location.

How do I feel right now? I'm fucking pissed at the healthcare system in Canada! I just spent the last week sitting with a friend in 3 different hospital emergency rooms...and a doctor's office on 4 different occasions...just so a physician could finally give a diagnosis of a severe sinusitis infection. This was after we had already been given 3 other different diagnoses. What a bunch of morons!

The two things I've learned this week is you've got to be assertive or you'll pass out in the hospital waiting room....and the best hospital to obtain free Percocet. Now if I only was a drug dealer...

Dec 28 @ 10:12AM  
The problem with the world is that it is filled with people, most of whom are unaware they have any brain at all.

Storey I've stolen and tell as my own:

A fifty something man comes out of the building onto the street to find a beautiful young woman crying. Being the chivalrous type (and hoping to get lucky) the man asks if he can help.
"I can't get into my car says the young woman, the clicker thingy battery must be dead." she said "Do you think that radio shack down the street sells batteries?"
Her sobs intensify and the man gently takes her keys, inserting the proper key in the lock he unlocks the door, opens it, hands the keys back to the young woman and says: "I'm sure they sell the batteries but you should probably drive down there it's almost a block and a half."

Dec 28 @ 10:31AM  
New Jersey, New York golfers on package trips.

Dec 28 @ 12:58PM  
Cute joke, cuddle.

Dec 28 @ 2:03PM's just been people and their driving Too slow or on my ass...there is never a happy medium. I just want people to do the speed that too much to ask? Nobody seems to know how to merge on an expressway around here either

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Most Ignorant *Edited*