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these friggin blog/forum wars

posted 12/25/2009 11:26:45 PM |
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folks, i got something today i hoped would never happen in one of my blogs. once i found out part of the reason behind a couple of snide comments, i did something i normally wouldn't do. i deleted both of them.

i don't want to have to do that again. so i'm putting in very plain language right now, if i ever get another comment of this type, i'll blast the offender or offenders, and name names. i want no part of your idiotic personal grudges. if you aren't adult enough to keep it private, then you damned sure aren't adult enough to be on this or any other adult site. if you are going to be stupid, go out on the hiway and kill yourself in a single car wreck, or some other childish thing, but be adults here. we can all have our opinions, but these wars do no more good than a real live shooting war. no one ever wins when you look at it closely. everyone loses. and i'm losing my temper over this one already.

so be adults or go away and play in your sand box.

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Dec 25 @ 11:29PM  
Keep it light and fun. That's what makes it worth coming here.

Dec 25 @ 11:41PM  
Sorry that you had to endure it.

Dec 26 @ 3:30AM  
I vote this number one blog of the year
kudo's my friend.

Dec 26 @ 4:20AM  
ok, i just got a bit more insight into what went on in another blog. looks to me like one person started it there, but had been doing much the same in others. if need be, i'll dumb blog before i let this happen. we all need to watch out and try to keep things from getting out of hand. the mods can't do it all.

Dec 26 @ 4:30AM  
good point

Dec 26 @ 8:18AM  

Go Mike!!!!

Dec 26 @ 8:33AM  
My advice for what it's worth is..

Block him and ignore his blogs and posts..
You already know how to eliminate him from yours
Kudo to ya' Mike

Dec 26 @ 9:20AM  
Always been my policy to let all comments stay in my blogs and said so a couple of times since I've been here! Reasoning was that people can then judge for themselves, whether or not they care to accept someone as a member, after any derogatory comments they make and/or starting any flame wars!

But with all that has transpired in recent weeks, I'm going to change my policy and delete negative comments from one person to another! Blogs are for passing hopefully helpful information to people and general discussions! Blogs are not for belittling people, who don't happen to agree with someone's view points- you can get your differences across, with intelligent discussion! I emphasize the word- intelligent!

Good blog sawduster!


Dec 26 @ 10:34AM  
thanks folks, this is one time i'm not going to try to answer all of your comments individually. i don't mind an opinion that differs from mine, discussion is essential to good communication, and that is what blogs are supposed to be about. to pass information and ideas around, get other peoples view points on something, and they can be fun and informative. i admit some of the information i passed on this last week was not fun, but i got a lot of support from them. and that i do appreciate very much. i won't dwell on that tho, it's time to move on with my life, what ever there is of it left. i'm not a sympathy seeker, nor looking for kudos, if i get a greenie, great, if no, great. just a quick comment one way or another is fine, or even no comment. i can see if what i've posted was read. and hopefully, i either gave someone a smile, or made them think, maybe both.

just keep the shit storms to yourselves, if you want to start one. and the rest of us can delete and or block you until you fade away.

nuff said on that, now as a good pervian, who wants to fuck???????

Dec 26 @ 10:35AM  
for me, that beter be females, damn it. thought i better clear that generality up quick.

Dec 26 @ 4:42PM  
go out on the hiway and kill yourself in a single car wreck, or some other childish thing, but be adults here. we can all have our opinions

Okay I'll be the party pooper. Since this is my opinion, telling someone to kill themselves in a car wreck was totally unappropriate. Just block them or don't read the blogs (like I have been) since you are a friend and someone I know in person I was really surprised you said this.

Dec 26 @ 4:58PM  
I agree with Lisa. Someone commented wishing for my mother to die.

Dec 26 @ 5:12PM  
oh well, rather than let it escalate, it should have died right there. but you seem to enjoy carrying it as far as you can. not in mine. and i think a lot of others have had it with you as well. i've been told you have actually posted some decent things, but you choose to use what intelligence and ability you have to disrupt, insult, and make things rough to miserable for others. that is a problem you need to deal with before asking or looking for sympathy or a lame ass excuse for YOUR actions. i've been told to fuck off and die more than once in my life, and had a lot of other very nasty things said to and about me. but nothing ever went out the way you seem to enjoy doing. if you wish to stay out of my blogs, ok, but if you want to make a meaningful contribution feel free, just no shit for any reason any time.

i am very old fashioned and i do not accept lame excuses, and i offer none for my actions, i take responsibility for them.

isn't it about time you do the same with yourself?

Dec 26 @ 5:22PM  
i sent him the same message you see here folks. just so everyone knows i'm not picking on him or anyone else. as i said, take responsibility for your own actions.

Dec 26 @ 5:27PM  
He's a slow learner..

Dec 26 @ 6:17PM  
Best blog I've seen today sawduster.

Dec 26 @ 7:34PM  
You know, there are some people that could invite all of their friends over for a card party and wind up playing solitaire.

Dec 26 @ 8:31PM  
ok folks, about time to put this one to rest. but i have one question of all.

do i seem like someone that seeks safety in numbers or do you think i am pretty much an individual?

or just an ass.

Dec 26 @ 8:34PM  
Looking for a little group acceptance duster?

Dec 26 @ 8:40PM  
Sawduster, I have found you to be very much a gentleman in all correspondance with me.

An ass....never!
A man that knows his own mind weather it is a popular idea or not.

Dec 26 @ 8:59PM  
I kind of see you as a Harry Truman kind of guy, another Missouri man, your own man and plain spoken.

Dec 26 @ 9:07PM  
or just an ass.
Hey Neighbor, naw, not an ass. Lately I've only seen one ass around here and I'm not just talking profile pics. Just delete the ones you don't wanna deal with, leave the ones you do. There's always the block/ delete option which solves the problem on your own blogs, however it does seem to just beg to be the subject of the next deragatory drivel taking up space on the front page. Either way, don't let it get ya down.

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these friggin blog/forum wars