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Moron Democrats

posted 12/24/2009 8:37:42 AM |
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Moron Democrats

Obama, the BIGGEST liar we have ever had as President, does not have an “open and honest” administration.

This farce of a health care bill was not online for 1 week as he lied to us it would be.

Obama lied when he said you could watch on C-Span as the bills are created.

Obama lied because of all the back room deals to BUY VOTES from senators, the same way they buy votes from dumb ass Democrats.

Who you going to vote for Santa Claus or Scrooge?

Dumb ass Americans with their hands out for EVERYTHING keep voting for Santa, and are too stupid to understand that THEIR taxes are what are going to be taken to pay for all the goodies!

Finally all the hoopla over this bill being passed today is BULL SHIT!. This bill will NEVER go to conference because then they have to have PUBLIC MEETINGS.

Weak knee LIBERALS AND DEMOCRATS are too scared to face the public right now. THERE WILL BE NO PUBLIC MEETINGS ON THIS FARCE OF A BILL.

Obama and his ilk, Harry Ried and Nance Pelosi are going to have MORE back room meetings and write a BRAND NEW BILL you will not get too see online for 7 days…

You watch….

It is totally amazing to me the FOOLS that voted for OBAMA… fools!!

You SHOULD HAVE seen this crap coming but you were too stupid and too ignorant and now YOU are responsible for this nation suffering the way we are…

YOU are responsible for the SOCIALIST’S who are destroying our country.

They destroyed our banking system and our mortgage system via LEGISLATION forcing NON-CREDIT WORTHY people to get home loans. FORCING…

The same way they are now trying to FORCE you to buy HEALTH INSURANCE…




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Dec 24 @ 8:57AM  
Settle down. I hear there are a lot of State Attorney Generals who are going to look into the Constitutionality of this Bill and if it's bad..they are willing to take it to the U.S. Supreme Court. Our own State Attorney General here in Michigan has said as much.

Dec 24 @ 9:02AM  

I know the fight is far from done over this crap...

My "cry" is more to wake people up to the damage they have allowed by voting these Democrats into office...

We must start electing people who will DOWN SIZE the govt... not let it grow like Obama is doing... All about power...

Anyway I found the following quite interesting:

Harry Ried says an American dies every 10 mins because this Health Care bill is not being passed.

Yet Democrats are going to tax the hell out of us for 4 years till the major portions of this bill kick in 2013 (after the next election…funny how that works… )

Thus Harry Ried and the Democrats are saying we will let over 200,000 more Americans die till then…

People – when are you going to wake up to the LIES of the Democrat Party????

Dec 24 @ 9:30AM  
I have come to believe that these things they do....are lines in the sand.

A revolting line, to be noticed and publicized.

No longer is this a matter of party vs party.

It is humans vs demons.

Dec 24 @ 9:42AM  
Anything you can go to jail for not having is NOT free.

Dec 24 @ 9:43AM  
"Any governmet that is big enough to give you everything you need, is strong enough to take everything you've got.".....Thomas Jefferson

Dec 24 @ 9:44AM  
Anything you can go to jail for not having is NOT free.

Yeah, I've heard if you don't get coverage you can go to jail. Don't know if that's true or not. But if it is, that's wrong. I can barely afford the bills I have now, let alone get another one slapped on me.

Dec 24 @ 11:24AM  
I'm going to stray from my normal, usual non-political statements I make at times because of the total disdain I have towards politics and politicians- to pass on a few thoughts here! Don't like it- go hug and fuck a tuna!

Yup- Obama's Health Care Reform, is like buying a new car, paying on it for four years before you can even drive it! It's all about confiscation of wealth and control- same as it is for the 'global warming' bull shit in place right now- that most scientists, that aren't getting their grants from the government, say, isn't a problem and that the data being pushed by Al Bore, is skewed in their favor. All that has been on the news!

I guess no one pushing these scare tactics, hasn't given a thought about the fact that all of these global problems they say are happening because of human intervention, could simply be natural- considering that the Earth is a dynamic, constantly changing planet and has been since it was formed about 4.6 billion years ago! Anyone who takes the time to look into our planet, will realize that natural forces, especially volcanoes, spew far more noxious gases (including CO2 into our atmosphere each year, than humans can do- yet you never hear about just that one natural phenomena!

Obama was elected for many reasons! One of them being for change! Those who voted for change, are getting just that and more, you never contemplated on! Well, you made your bed, so you can sleep in it now- as for me, no thanks- I'll come up with work a-rounds because, I'm not interested in any program "for the people" Obama comes up with!

I can tell you that IMO, all of this crap got started in earnest the day that President Bush Sr. uttered the term New World Order- March 6, 1991 in his speech! To be fair, his speech, "has often been cited as the US administration’s principal policy statement on the new order in the Middle East following the expulsion of Iraqi forces from Kuwait." Even so, that was the day I sat bolt upright and realized, we're in for a new world of shit!!! You all know, that when a profound statement is made by an 'official', it can open the door for all kinds of closed door policy discussions!



Dec 24 @ 11:49AM  
yuppers, how much longer before we start calling each other comrade. what americans need in general is a fast lesson in thinking for themselves. but the liberals have erroded that concept to the point t most people let the government think for them. not good people.

Dec 24 @ 11:59AM  
Remember this country hasn't had a real Liberal Democrat since LBJ, I was too young to vote for him, but my friends weren't too young to go to Nam and Died for him. Clinton was a moderate.

We are now getting a taste of real Liberal Socialism. If I remember correctly for Government Class way back in High School. the original name of the Democratic Party was the Socialist Democratic Party of the U.S. After the McCarthy era the Socialist was dropped. I wonder why Comrade.

Ok, I'm done. I'm going back to my Christmas music.

Dec 24 @ 12:28PM  
People, do you think we can stay out of politics until after the holidays? All it ever causes on here is an argument with one side not liking what the other side says and all that. Fight it out all you want to after January 2, but lets try to keep a little holiday spirit on this site during this time. Until you see the final bill you really do not know what is going to be in it and I for one am in a good mood and had rather stay that way.

Dec 24 @ 2:45PM  
Its the Holidays man, seriously. Even the political websites are taking a break from this, maybe you should too- no disrespect.

Dec 24 @ 3:17PM  
Here's what I think you're going to see happen. Obama and his loyal liberal lunkheads are going to ram this Health Care bill down our throats, despite the over whelming disapproval of Americans. Who cares what we want, they know what's best for us, right? He's got to win this one, a loss means he's done in four. This was the centerpiece of legislation of his campaign.
When it does pass, you're going to see an abrubt reversal from the Democrats on a multitude of issues knowing full well that their butts are way over the line for going against their constituents. Same tune from Obama. So after this prepare for nothing but nice ass kissing.

Obama is just a black Jimmy Carter and the conditions at the time of his election were identical to Carters. I won't go into details, but the nation was ready for that 'change' thing. Carter bungled his way through 4 years and his presidency was remembered by the events undoing it, inflation, an energy crisis(oil, lines at the gas pump), the war in Afghanistan, and the Iran hostage debacle. Sound familiar? Like Obama, he kissed more international ass then a hooker in Amsterdam and hey....he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama will set this country back hundreds of years. Right now you have pre- revolutionary "taxation without representation", (hence the revival of the tea party) the only difference between the time periods is that today the uniformed liberal voters of this country elected these thieves. You have to be careful what you wish for, because it doesn't always turn out to be what you wanted. The Liberals wrapped their package in layer upon layer of smoke and mirrors (I think I just mixed metaphors, but you get the point) and sold it to the masses. Only thing I can say to them is "How do you like him now?"

It is nice to have a well traveled President though. He doesn't spend much time behind his desk between his numerous trips to Asia, Copenhagen, Denmark(pitching the Olympics for Chicago, imagine that), London, France (twice), Turkey, Mexico, Trinadad and Tobago, Saudia Arabia (kissing the King's hand), Japan (bowing to the Emperor), Egypt, Germany, Russia, Rome, China, the Czech Republic and on and on. He's outpaced any of his predecessors so far and he's only got less then a year in office, merrily globetrotting acording to his whims. Yeah but his big priority was getting to Hawaii and passing the Health Care bill before Christmas where he traditionally celebrates the holidays. And we can always count on seeing him on Letterman, Jay Leno, Oprah and a score of other networks, surprisingly even Hannity, and O'Reilly. Hell it's been said that considering the state of the economy we've seen more of Obama's face then George Washington's on the dollar bill.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year citizens, and don't forget to email your representatives and start off their New Year with a BOOM!


Dec 24 @ 4:38PM  
One more time, can we please give this political stuff a FUCKIN' REST until after the holidays? There is a time and place for all things. Now MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY AND PEACEFUL NEW YEAR.

Dec 24 @ 5:52PM  
Obama will set this country back hundreds of years

And you know this as a fact? How???

Dec 24 @ 6:05PM  
fuck XMAS.............lets talk politics

Dec 24 @ 7:49PM  
According to the news, 13 senators have their states exempt from the health care bill (in order to get there vote) That means 13 out of 50 states or 26 %

Dec 25 @ 2:06PM  
People, do you think we can stay out of politics until after the holidays?

Nobody is forcing you to read this so kindly refrain from telling me what I should or shouldn't be thinking.

Dec 25 @ 3:39PM  
most people let the government think for them

That's voting by proxy. Thinking without knowing the candidate, just reading media clips, TV promos, and networks that pick the candidate for you is not doing your best for this country/yourself. It's the easy road.

Dec 28 @ 10:50AM  
Harry Ried says an American dies every 10 mins because this Health Care bill is not being passed.

This bill will be Harry Reid's parting shot. He's behind by double digits in polls regarding his chance for re-election.

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Moron Democrats