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What did you get for Christmas?

posted 12/26/2006 5:18:49 PM |
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tagged: christmas, straddle

I thought that this blog would be a good way to share with one another about what each of us got for Christmas. The best gift I got was Natasha entering my life and her being my daughter. Ya can't beat that! Okay, some of the stuff I got from family was about 10 shirts, socks. 4 pairs of color underwear, $50, $40 in McDonald's coupons, a box of those turtle doves candy. And a dud gift this year was a black shirt that had some polyester in it and ugly as hell. lol I was talking with a friend last night through msn messenger last night and told him what I got and he pretty much much made fun of a few of my gifts that I got from some of my family members like the McDonalds coupons calling it a "lame gift" and it was a redneck kind of gift. I told him that I had a very good Christmas and enjoy pretty much all of what I got and that it's also about spending it with family and I spent some time with my daughter over the weekend. I told him that I didn't appreciate the snotty attitude and had a pretty good Christmas and that he was the only negative feedback I got. He then said that maybe it's just the difference in cultures and I said no, it's actually not, he was being an ass about this. He then tried to pass it off as joking and I brought up the fact that I didn't think he was and since I called him on it and he's now backpaddling from it trying to pass it off with me about "lightning up" I told him that he was serious and not joking since he mentioned about difference of culture. it got a little ugly after that. The guy in anti- social and him being 28 years old and still a virgin and can't find a woman, and him resenting his parents so much and blames people with how he's treated. I can't help but think of the term that "Raven" said about her roommate being an "emo". He stated that he's going to hang with friends last night for Chritsmas and to him that's his family. Well, that's good to have friends like that, but the guy seems to not have it together in so many areas. He finally tried to guilt trip after all this and told me to go enjoy life and then ran offline like he's done a few other times. During that concersation he ask at that one time after I mentioned to him that I get along with so many people and have some good friends over on AMD and talk with a lot of friends over the phone and he wanted to know why I'm still friends with him. I told him that I have been pondering that myself for some time now and then said that I guess it's because I have known him for 5 years now. That guy I swear acts like a emo in my opinion. Anyway, getting back to positive things again, what did all of you get for Christmas this year?

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Dec 26 @ 5:37PM  
I got the LOTR Trilogy some clothes and got to watch my kids open their presents. All in all it was a good day.

Dec 26 @ 5:40PM  
Fantasy perfume by Brittany Spears. Since putting a little on, my tits are falling outta my shirt and I can't find my panties!

Oh yeah, other girlie stuff too. Was a great day. Glad yours was too.

Dec 26 @ 5:48PM  
Well I got a few gift cards, one of them for Albertsons. Nice, practical, compact and mailable gifts. Ya know Straddle, in all fairness, while your friend did make some unflattering remarks about the gifts you got, you too mentioned here about receiving a "dud" and "ugly as hell" gift didn't you?

Dec 26 @ 5:54PM  
That's true, I did. But lets be honest, most of us get a dud gift every year for Christmas, and I'm sure people can relate to this. lol It was a dud, but I love my aunt that got me that shirt nevertheless. I would never throw it out. What I said about that guy and how he goes about saying things to people, I stand behind that!

Dec 26 @ 5:55PM  
I can't answer that, let's just say, I won't open that drama filled can of worms here.

Dec 26 @ 6:07PM  
Well, I don't even celebrate Christmas but one of My subs sent Me a gift certificate to Fredericks of Hollywood.

Dec 26 @ 6:12PM  
Mmmm...LadyM, I wouldn't mind seeing you model them for me sometime. Haha

Dec 26 @ 6:12PM  
Polyester Bad; Egyptian Cotton Very Good!. Lets see,I got some guitar strings, A Bullseye laser level, A bottle of Brandy V.S.O.P. More DVD'S, and a digital camera. All this and I wasn't even good this year.

Dec 26 @ 6:24PM  
Well, I probably would mind myself. I'm quite the exhibitionist. Thanks to their sale I got all My goodies for over 40% off!

Dec 26 @ 6:33PM  
i got the support of all of you fine folk!!!! GREAT GIFT !!

Dec 26 @ 6:35PM  

Dec 26 @ 6:37PM  
Thank you for both comments, Hrrr!

Dec 26 @ 6:38PM  
I got to talk to my Gramma who is my hero, my mom and my very fave uncle for xmas. That was a good gift.

Dec 26 @ 7:31PM  
I got my daughter, something I didn't think I would get, and definately better than anything else that could have been purchased. Other than her, I got bupkas!!

Dec 26 @ 8:21PM  
I got two gift cards (which will come in super handy this week when I shop for new duds for the new job I start on January 2!), several pairs of socks that were hand-picked for me by my ten year old son, some Bath-n-Body Works Pearberry scent shower gel, perfume and lotion, money from my Dad, and the greatest gift- time spent with my family!

Dec 26 @ 8:39PM  
The one thing i wanted the most i didn't get ! I did get to spend time with my extended family, and some friends. I got a necklace and ankle bracelet, new jeans, pj's, a new purse, some bath-n-body works, earrings, money, a gift card for Target, oh and an instant lotto ticket i won 50$ on. It was a wonderful xmas, my family is like fudge, sweet with a few nuts!

Dec 27 @ 12:17AM  
I got a book called La Moustache from my ex. Good stuff.

Dec 27 @ 1:32AM  
can't beat princesses gift, but i got new bed sheets pillows comfortor,
who wants to help me break them in?

Dec 27 @ 7:17AM  
Lol, sounds like he could have an emo streak and feels he has to put down others to make himself feel better...

For christmas, i wasn't expecting to get alot but was pleasantly surprised
Got two wal-mart gift cards for 50.00 (used to buy me clothes i needed)
a visa gift card for 50.00 (which went to some shirts at hot topic and some stuff online)
50.00 from my dad (which i blew on food and stuff)
Pictures and picture frames of my girls
a pair of crocs (odd foam rubber clogs. i see alot of nurses wear them but i'd be afraid to when i get a new nursing home job cuz i know my luck, i'd spill pee in them)
and the best present of all
I got to spend christmas with my girls!!!


Dec 27 @ 9:40AM  
No mistletoe belt buckle yet. Been waiting over ten years for one too :(

Dec 27 @ 10:46AM  
Candy, shirts, a calendar, money, a new Barbie, bubble bath, and a new DVD.

Dec 27 @ 12:22PM  
Ooh, crocs, Raven. The best thing about those is you can go from the ocean to land without getting bacteria in them, because they're constantly 'airing out' ... Good gift!

Dec 27 @ 4:12PM  
I got a box of CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES!! My favorite!! My daughter and I had pictures of ourselves taken and I got an 11X18 framed one of my favorite shot of us hugging.....I got a phone call I was hoping to get and now I have the pleasure of having my brother and his kids here for a few days!! Not to mention Xmas eve with family and Xmas day with wonderful friends! Plus I am on VACATION !!

Dec 28 @ 5:19AM  
I'll have to remember the ocean to land thing LadyM, unfortunately (fortunately for some, there are no oceans on Kansas :(

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What did you get for Christmas?