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So what exactly do you consider blog material

posted 12/22/2009 3:31:51 PM |
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I'm not a newbie by any stretch of the imagination, but I haven't been here as long as Borty, Softie, Skwirl, DKW, and a few others.

I've seen some great bloggers and their very interesting writings come and go for various reasons. We have a couple professional writers here and I know my humble words will never compare to the professional out-pouring they provide.

But in the last few days I've been reading and what I have found is some of you saying that the following is not blog material

1; Personal hardship and your personal life
2: Jokes, whether old or new
3: Politics because it always becomes a very heated discussion
4; religion: that's one taboo nobody gets into here, and I don't blame you at all
5 Anything re-posted - why would those who have been here forever want to read it again. but maybe I haven't read it before.
6: I've even been asked in a private message NOT to write one of my stories because it might stir up trouble.

So unless you want a 3 page dissertation on how to balance a glaze that will fire to cone 10 reduction to give you a beautiful Copper Red Glaze. I guess I have nothing to say.

Have a great Holiday everyone.

Now play nice. I control the delete key, if you disagree that's fine, if you get ugly about it you'll get deleted.

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Dec 22 @ 3:35PM  
Well said.

Of course I am biased, but anyone that has an issue with it, BITE ME.

Dec 22 @ 3:57PM  
It dont say any where in the rules you cant blog jokes! if people dont like to read them dont read them! I dont like blogs that talk about thier personal lifes! i dont read them! i pass on them thats there thing, well others like telling jokes so be it!

Dec 22 @ 3:58PM  
opps I mean see!

Dec 22 @ 4:03PM  
Beyond the subjects that you cite, it is a challenge to write something new that is "good". Many people simply don't have interesting anecdotes from their past and even those that do don't have all that many.

Secondarily, taking time to actually write something as a story or op-ed piece, takes a lot of time and effort unless you are in rant mode with machine gunning fingers.

Many time I have blown off doing something because the time and effort it would take would not be worth it. Posts today don't get near the reads and comments today that they would have, say two or three years ago. It is just a simple fact. You can go into anyone's blogs that has been here for a few years and examine the number of views and comments and find that the number from three years ago is triple of what it is today.

Good blog.

Dec 22 @ 4:12PM  
- I figure if I post things like jokes it's something that is neutral and not about my personal life, which I don't really care to share on a public forum.

That's from another blog, but it's also my belief..
I can't even imagine telling people I've never met or seen
all of my problems and shit I've gone through in my life..
I'm not one for seeking sympathy or pity..
My way of coping is with jokes, copy/pasted or not..
If I can make one person a day smile or laugh, that's worth it to me..
It's a hell of a lot smarter to do that than try to remember
everyone you've heard....
Hell, Einstein didn't even know his own phone number..
Why remember stuff that's easily referenced?

Dec 22 @ 4:37PM  
Subject Matter - You may blog about any subject you like, perhaps a current event or an epiphany you had today. Keep it interesting. Don't just describe what you did today. Talk about ideas, thoughts, or things you might have learned for example.

I'ma keep on blogging whatever the fuck I wanna blog as long as it doesn't break TOS.. people got problems with it? They can skip my blog.

You wanna blog about BDSM? Do it.. so what if a few narrow bigoted fools cannot handle the subject matter? Again, they control what they do and don't read.

You wanna blog a stale ol rerun joke? Go for it.

Broadcasting is against TOS so that's a no no... advertising is against TOS so that's a no no.. so is targeting, unless you have the person's permission, threats and or offensive behavior (which is a big ol can of worms on any site let alone a sex site)

Basically.. say what's on your mind.. if they don't wanna read it, they don't have to.

Dec 22 @ 4:37PM  
for ME ?? ANYTHING BUT....''help help AMD doesn't work i'm not gettin sex and i bee here 2 days ''

i fuckin HATE THOSE BLOGS and i use the term blog loosely...VERY loosely ..

ohh wait ...also hate

'' I'm board anyone one cyber!?!??! hit yo boy up here"

gimmee a fuckin break......

after gettin those OFF the list called blogs ...sry but i''m ok with most others ...if i don't like the topic i move on ..

examp and WOW and i have alot of respect for eachother tho sometimes in our conversations it might not show lol

he'll blog some political stuff or something else i'm not into ...i just move on ... sometimes i expand my horizons and read it anyway lol

kudos to ya.....

*sits n watches to see what happens next *

Dec 22 @ 4:38PM  
Oh and before anyone asked about the 3 page dissertation, I charge $75.00 as a consultant. That's what you get for 30 years in the business. LOL

Dec 22 @ 4:39PM  
Blogs don't come with a set of rules to abide by! Blogging is anything someone wants it to be IMO! Someone had a thought behind it in the first place to craft his or her's blog, whether it was personal, jokes or just some thoughts rattling around in their head or even to pass on some information about an up coming party!

Blogs are even used by professionals in any field you care to pick! They're used by groups of physicists, to pass theories amongst themselves for example! Or for a company to inform their customers of an up coming event!

Blogs are for passing on information- that's their basic use- they are simply a shared on-line journal of one's present thoughts! They're not really meant to be literary works of art but, they can be!

They can be abused however, as I've seen several times on AMD in the form of sarcasm and outright attacks- but for what purpose... what does anyone gain from commenting on someone's blog in a negative way? Nothing that I can see! If you're not interested in a particular blog... then move on! If it's not up to your 'standards'... then move on! If you don't like jokes... then move on... simple!

If used properly, they're a wonderful media for exchanging ideas- if they aren't used properly, then their point of use is moot!



Dec 22 @ 4:46PM  
My first sentence "Blogs don't come with a set of rules to abide by!" is true but should have added 'by themselves'! A website with blog option, does have the right to set rules to abide by such as AMD's TOS rules! Just so you understand what I meant!


Dec 22 @ 4:52PM  
Of course all of this rhetorical. It is what it is and that is what it will continue to be. People will come and go. Some post "good" blogs and the views and comments reflect it. Some don't post "good" blogs and usually fade away or only comment. Some people are missed, others are missing and more than a few people are glad. Then there is the vast majority that nobody notices is gone or cares.

It does go through phases from energetic dynamic posts or those that are fun, to the ho hum and snoozers, and yes, the flame wars. It is what it is and will continue to be. After all, it is a collection of people in all of their diveristy.

Dec 22 @ 4:59PM  
I like blogs that give me a glimpse into the person writing it. I don't care much for cut and paste jokes and the like. But you know what, nobody is holding a gun to my head and making me read things here. I think people should blog about whatever they want to, and if people don't like it move on and read something else.

Dec 22 @ 5:12PM  
*knock knock knock* *answers door* It's the postman! I scramble to unwrap what I already know will be an amazing gastronomical delight of epic proportions..

Ohh yeah, there it is.. come to mama! I peel back the first layer of foil, then the second and then lay the parchment paper open and slice off a nice thick slab.. my mouth waters in anticipation... I inhale the fragrance, savoring the different notes between spicy sweet and alcohol. Mmm then I take that first anticipated bite.

Joy, rapture, mouthgasms! I has fruit cake and it's YUMMMMMMY good! Thanks Blue Eyes and DKW... that's the besterest stuffs in the whole widey world.

Dec 22 @ 5:15PM  
I gived you kudzoo for froooootcaaaaaaaake!

Dec 22 @ 5:16PM  
We knowz how to bribe Skwirls......*Wicked Smile*

Welcome hun.

Dec 22 @ 5:17PM  
I'ma stay bribed and well behaved for at least two weeks from teh size of that loaf!!!

Dec 22 @ 5:19PM  
I gived you kudzoo for froooootcaaaaaaaake!

Sorry it didn't make it in time for YULE, Now save G some.

Glad you liked it and it lived up to it past. I have some legendary shoes to fill seeing where I got the recipe. It's great with Vanilla custard on top, that's how I'm serving mine Christmas day.

Gee I just hi-jacked my own thread LOL


Dec 22 @ 5:24PM  
Yours is every bit as good as Moms. It's truly a treat.. unlike that crap you get at the stores with all the plastic food in it.

Good Evening, my name is Skwirl, I'll be your hijacker tonight, the exits are nowhere, sit down and put your seat-belt on, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Dec 22 @ 5:26PM  
Well ..I could blog about falling off my electric bike going 40mph yesterday. Fuck...did that hurt...landed on my shoulder and pulled a groin muscle...nothing what happened to you Blue...but now I can't use my right arm and I can hardly walk. The guy that picked me up said...shit man....we gotta be careful at our age ....I want sympathy ...shit I can't even shower properly and washing the dishes is a painful excersize... Hey ...maybe the skwirl will come to Calgary and do my laundry and stuff..if I talks really perdy to her...

Dec 22 @ 5:31PM  
Depends, do I has to share my frootcake wif ya?

but seriously, damnit Borty.. no breakin da merchandise!! Pervia needs you! Who else can we call when our panty bushes spontaneously combust?

Dec 22 @ 5:38PM  
Ya ...I know...and I been taking really good care of myself...lifting weights..gettn lots of excersize...and this happens ...awww come on ...somebody say ..poor Bort...fuck I'm shamless when it comes to sympathy...

Dec 22 @ 5:44PM  
All together now....


"Sympathy Huggz*

(Just don't ask me to be applyin no liniment, dammit )

Dec 22 @ 5:49PM  
Poor Borty.. where do you want the liniment?

Dec 22 @ 6:01PM  
Thanks folks ...didn't mean to hijack the blog with my bike crash.

And's can spread it all over my muscular frame ..if you's desire...

Dec 22 @ 6:35PM  
back to the topic...

After reading around some and looking at some input around the blogs...

Looks like the only allowable topics are:

How droll.

(yes Borty...panties infers sex, so you're safe. )

Dec 22 @ 7:00PM  
Ya know borty... the extension cords for those cheap electric bikes, only go so far before they yank you off the bike like that! Think battery operated!


Dec 22 @ 8:01PM  
I'ma keep on blogging whatever the fuck I wanna blog as long as it doesn't break TOS.. people got problems with it? They can skip my blog.

Exactly. The Mods are the ones who really determine what is "blog material". When they're here that is.

Like Skwirl says, if it doesn't break TOS, blog away. If people don't like it, then maybe they should blog about what they like.

Dec 22 @ 8:40PM  
Droppin a greenie

Oh...what do I consider blog material? Whatever strikes the author to blog

Dec 22 @ 9:45PM  
I've even been asked in a private message NOT to write one of my stories because it might stir up trouble.

I'm afraid there are no definitions, Blue. They post whatever pops into their little heads. They've named their NeverEver Land and react vehemently to whoever posts something contrary to the chapter and verse of their imaginary I got the same warning in an email from a number of them telling me it was easier to conform. I for one will not go 'gently into their night'.


Dec 23 @ 12:30PM  
I would love to here more sbout your lifestyle Blue! I can't imagine anyone having the balls to slip you an email suggesting you do otherwise. How rude is that? I have always felt that the group has diversity and that is what makes us a great neighborhood. If you hadn't written this blog, I would have never known you were a
potter. I went to art school, and my emphasis was in clay. For my work study I made all the clays, all the glazes, and fired all the kilns. My preference is slab building, and my favorite firing method is Raku. I like salt glazing and firing too. I was really good at throwing pots, and my professor wanted me to be a production potter. Like I said...I loved to build, so free form was my fortee. took all this time to find out we have something in common. Hugs, M

Dec 24 @ 10:46AM  
i'm a little late getting to this blog, but what the heck do which ever idiots think we are going to blog about. i haven't read all the comments, guilty, but oh well. here is mine, for good or bad.

as long as the blog falls under the general rules that have been laid out, blog about what ever the hell you want to. or in my case need to. it was only by blogging i managed to get part of what i needed out and delt with. and i received a lot of support from a few people here that understood why. scratch the personal loss bit, if you need to say something, say it. as for the rest of what not to blog about, bull. if the pea brained easily offended idiots don't like blogs as they are, then DON'T READ THEM. AND DON'T TELL ANYONE WHAT NOT TO BLOG ABOUT. or is that too damned simple for you to understand.

guess you can see my dandruff is ruffled a bit about this.

Dec 26 @ 2:23PM  
They're getting dumber and dumber, but read what you want, blog what you want. Nothing wrong with the site, some can still get laid. I've seen it evolve from a 'young wanna try lesbian' site to the recently added blogs featuring 'old wanna try lesbian' women, or women who's husbands have convinced them to pimp a 3some. The blogs aren't by definition blogs, just Anne Landers drivel amongst the old folks. No younger blood whatsoever. They come and usually stay away from the forums or blogs because it holds no interest for them. The blogs are about as stale as the crowd that inhabits it, and anyone younger quickly disappears.


Dec 26 @ 9:03PM  
i have not been involved in any of the bashing that tends to go on here, so i have no idea who you are, and don't give a flying fuck. all i'm saying is you idiots, morons, imbeciles, and other such creatures, get a life, get out of the blogs and keep your misery to yourselves

A Farewell blog.....the last words before he was captured, welcomed and initiated into NeverEver Land, never to speak to another human being again.......

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So what exactly do you consider blog material