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Why I don't try to pick up girls at bars/clubs

posted 12/21/2009 6:38:21 PM |
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Nothing really special, just a nifty story that I felt like sharing. Hopefully, a few sould will gain some knowlege from it.

This incident takes place a few months ago. I had just gotten off of work and did not in any way feel like going back home to have to put up with my room mate's shenanigans. I decide to go to a bar and simply relax for a bit.

On this particular Friday night, I end up at a place known as the RooBar. it's a nice upbeat place. well decorated, and a tad on the pricey side... attracts the yuppie crowd, so I generally feel like the black sheep.

I sit down. order myself a drink, and begin to scope out the bar for people I may know. 4 or 5 minutes go by and an attractive black haired woman sits down next to me. She had a few friends with her (1 guy roughly my age. and a woman, a little on the heavy side, but friendly nonetheless) so, I started the conversation with her.

Me: "Don't I know you from somewhere?" (If you're from where I'm from, or anywhere which the population rarely changes, this is a great pick up line. Even if you've never seen them before in your life. It works)

Black Haired Girl: *giggles* Maybe, what school did you go to?
Me: University High.
Black Haired Girl: Oh... I went to Hagerty.
Me: Well, where do you work?
Black Haired Girl: I work at a clothing store at the mall.
Me: Ah, so I've probably seen you around in there at some point.

(amature tip: once you make a connection with someone for the first time, build upon it, in the dating world, it's all about what you like, not what you are like. so as long as you keep the conversation to music, movies, hobbies, interests, your going to be in good shape.)

Black Haired Girl: Yeah I work in (insert random store)
Me: Oh! I go into that place all the time! I think this shirt I'm wearing is from there. (see tip above.)
Me: What's your Name?
Black Haired Girl: Tanya.

Ok, I got a name. now I can continue a conversation without hesitation.

We talked for about 10 minutes, covered all the usual topics, and from what I can tell, we have a lot on common and she seems genuinely interested in me, which is always a good thing... she introduces me to the 2 friends she was with and we all start talking, drinking, and generally have a good time. I start pulling out all the classics, I buy her a drink, compliment her randomly, tell jokes, etc. So I'm pretty much thinking I'm in here. We all walk outside smoke a cig, and just before we go back in, the guy friend she was with stops me for a second.

Guy: Hey, are you into tanya?
Me: Yeah man, she's great. She's not your girlfriend is she?
Guy: Haha nooooo.... in fact, that's what I wanted to talk to you about.
Me: What's up?
Guy: Well... I'll let you in on something about tanya.
Me: mmm?
Guy: Well you see... She... wasn't always... a She...
Me: ...!?
Guy: Yeah, she does this to people all the time, and you seem like a decent enough guy. Just wanted to let you in on it.
Me: Thanks, bro...

Ok... so, the "chick" I was hitting on all night wasn't actually a chick. Good thing I didn't take him/her home.

So I walk back in and Tanya's already giving me the "my place or yours" look.

I immediately start acting like I'm sick (well lets face it, I kinda was) and tell them I have to leave. Her guy friend starts chuckling to himself knowing exactly why.

I pay my tab and leave. Good thing I never gave her/him my number.

So yeah. Let this serve as a warning to all. This could have gotten much worse. but I am thankful everyday that it didn't.

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Dec 21 @ 6:47PM  
You think you know someone; good cautionary tale, dude.

Dec 21 @ 6:49PM  
MAYBE he's fuckin with you ?? yano some bullshit game they run on people ?? yet one MORE thought of what might have been up

pstt set comments to auto approve ..more comments that way

Dec 21 @ 6:53PM  
MAYBE he's fuckin with you ?? yano some bullshit game they run on people ?? yet one MORE thought of what might have been up
Trust me, I did think about that but it was already too late. When my friends got here to take me and my car home (don't drink and drive kiddies) I already saw him/her with some other dude so I believed the guy. But I still couldn't help but wonder....

Dec 21 @ 7:15PM  
Wow glad you weren't fooled dude.
But thanks for the tips on pickups, "Don't I know you from somewhere"? Thats a new one...thanks dude, yeah aight dude, cool!

Dec 22 @ 3:15AM  
Shit would have handled that a little different! Kick their fucking ass only kidding! Realy not sure why a lot of people are the way they are but if they are not trying to hurt me or fuck me or mine over then they are ok! Never know who might get your back!

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Why I don't try to pick up girls at bars/clubs