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Do You Peek?

posted 12/20/2009 7:13:20 AM |
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tagged: christmas, family

I’ve never been one to sneak-a-peek at my presents. My brother was not like me. Wrapped presents under the Christmas tree drove him crazy...whether they were his presents...or someone else’s presents. The “not knowing” got to him every time. So much so that he actually would unwrap and then rewrap his presents because he simply could not wait until Christmas Day.

When we reached our teen years, his curiosity level hit an all time high. He began to sneak-a-peek at my presents as well. That’s right…my brother would actually unwrap my presents…and then bribe me by saying he wouldn’t tell me what was in the different packages…for the right price. Well, I didn’t believe he would actually tell me…but I was so wrong. He proceeded to tell me everything I got the year I was 15 simply because I would not agree to pay for his silence. I then sat there completely miserable on Christmas Day when I proceeded to open one gift after another…unsurprised by any of the packages I opened.

Now you maybe wondering why I didn’t tell on him. Well…because I had a plan (wicked laugh). The next year when Christmastime rolled around, I waited until the bulk of the Christmas presents were under the tree...and then proceeded to hide ALL of my brother’s presents when he was out of the house. When he got home and discovered what I had done, he was furious. I told him I would tell him where his presents were...for a price.

I know…I was bad…but it felt so freakin' good at the time.

After that year, my brother stopped peeking at my presents…and we never did tell my mom what happened. I also walked away with my brother’s entire allowance for the month of December...and the knowledge that I had beat him at his own game.

So Pervia…Do you peek? Can you let a pretty wrapped package sit undisturbed under the Christmas tree…or does it drive you crazy?

Me: I love the surprise so I never sneak-a-peek…I might shake a little…but I never ever peek.

Your turn…

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Dec 20 @ 8:49AM  
I don't even remember the last time I got a present or what it was

I was wondering where you went..Haven't seen you on for a long time

Dec 20 @ 8:58AM  
I'd set booby-traps ith my sister to try & catch Santa. Yes, I've peeked. I've actually fullly unwrapped and rewrapped a toy once!!

Dec 20 @ 9:36AM  
I'd set booby-traps
I love getting caught in booby traps!


Dec 20 @ 11:15AM  
Doc: This is my busy time of year. I've been stuck in my art studio handling client orders and finishing last minute projects. I have been lurking this week...I've just been very quiet.

Sunshine: You and my brother should compare notes. I can't believe you couldn't wait until Christmas...that's so funny. Btw...what kind of booby traps would you set? You never know when you might need to catch someone.

Som: Hmm...

*Runs out to buy lots of booby traps...and a plane ticket to Michigan*

Dec 20 @ 11:27AM  
My parents were smarter than we 7 kids. Even after we stopped believing in Santa my parents would not put the presents under the tree until Christmas Eve when we kids went for our traditional walk through the neighorhood to see the houses that were decorated.

When we came back, as always Santa had mysteriously appeared.

Damn !!

Dec 20 @ 12:13PM  
*Runs out to buy lots of booby traps...and a plane ticket to Michigan*
Kewl- I only live six miles from the airport! Your bewbies- errr... booby traps are graciously welcomed!!


Dec 20 @ 12:39PM  
It sounds like your parents didn't pay much attention what was going on. I peeked once and broke the ribbon. I got a good scolding. To add insult to injury, box had socks and underwear in it!

Our packages appeared appeared over time, but the big ticket items were put out after we went to bed Christmas Eve.

Dec 20 @ 12:51PM  
Everyone always wondered why I didn't get up early Christmas morning to see what had come....I stayed up the night before and checked it all out so I could sleep in....used to make my Mom so mad....sorry....I don't do it anymore. Now I love surprises!

Dec 20 @ 12:54PM  
One thing about being cash poor, you learn to leave it all alone so you do have something to look forward to. I'm not even remotely tempted to peek or even ask what my gifts are.. I'm grateful to be getting one.

Dec 20 @ 6:15PM  
I remember when I was younger I used to poke a hole or two in the package to try to see what it was. of course i would use the same kind of paper to cover it up and tape it to where no one would notice.

Dec 20 @ 6:24PM  
I was bad about it when I was kid.... just couldn't stand the anticipation!!! And I haven't changed a bit.... just don't peek now!!

Dec 20 @ 6:27PM  
of course i would use the same kind of paper to cover it up and tape it to where no one would notice.

My mom had the paper hidden to negate that ploy. She let us pick out one roll of wrapping paper for our gifts. In many ways, God rest her soul, she wasn't all that bright, In others, she was brilliant and savvy.

Dec 20 @ 7:46PM  
does shaking gifts count.....

Dec 20 @ 8:03PM  
Me? Take a peek?

Yup! I've been known to do that, and I ain't ashamed to admit it. Then my parents caught on, and pulled a mean trick. They would lock the presents in the trunk of the car, and Dad always has the keys on his belt loop. Kind of hard to get them.

Dec 20 @ 8:50PM  
I remember when I was younger I used to poke a hole or two in the package to try to see what it was. of course i would use the same kind of paper to cover it up and tape it to where no one would notice.

The hell? Me too!

Oh and its better to use those sticky bows, so if you do manage to peek, you can just smack it right back over so no one will be any the wiser.

Dec 20 @ 9:21PM  
You all are the biggest bunch of peekers I ever have seen. Don't you want to be surprised on Christmas Day?! one has any patience anymore. I can understand when you were kids...but you're still doing it! So much for surprising Pervians at Christmastime.

DesertSmile: I've heard about the parents who wait until Christmas Eve to put out any presents. That would definitely help curb any peeking.

Sugar: I've also heard of parents driving around the whole month of December with gifts in their car just to keep prying eyes from seeing the goods.

ynot: Nope...shaking is allowed and I'm guilty of doing this from time to time.

WoW: By this time, my mom was the only one in the house and she was working two jobs so she was gone a lot more than the average parent I suppose. She didn't neglect us, we just go away with more than the average kid I guess.
Btw...your mom was quite smart indeed. She came up with a great idea.

Sunshine, bunny, Straddle, Pink, Sugar, & Luna: What a bunch of peekers! I'll bet you still peek now doncha?

It looks like DesertSmile, WoW, Skwirl and KitKat are the angels of the group when it comes to peeking at presents. Holy crap! How the hell did that happen?! Very scary indeed.

Som: It looks like I won't be able to fly to Michigan just yet. It appears I need to set up a few booby traps in Pervia to keep the peeps honest until Christmas.

Thanks for all your comments peeps. I really enjoyed reading them.

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Years too.

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