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The last fuck fantasy of the year

posted 12/25/2006 6:58:58 PM |
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I saw her over there by the tree. Well I saw a bunch of her on the tree she was sparkling and reflecting off all the Christmas decorations. Red, blue, green, white did not matter to me wanted to fuck them all. What do you know true equality. She had a glass of red wine in her right hand as she mingled with the crowd. Amber was quite a gal, looking real good in that sparkling New Years Eve dress. Even through the music I could her talking to her friend Nora. It was about Nora’s baby, she had had just two weeks before Christmas. Amber was in love with babies, should could sit enthralled by the most boring of baby stories for hours. There was a huge smile gracing Amber’s cheeks as Nora showed her pictures of her little boy. I don’t know what was glowing more the Christmas tree or Amber’s face. I have seen that glow before in bed after I got done fucking her. Just the thought of that red hot glow of after sex mélange was giving me an erection. I loved Amber even planned on wedding her. I was still in college and not at the grad level either. I was still trying to bang out the 4 year degree. Amber at 28 had all her shit together a big house, nice car and a great career to boot. I being 30 on the other hand was still being shit on but, things were changing. Amber, I knew didn’t care about me being stable, she would have tied the knot anytime. However, I did. The conversation ended with a big hug as Nora left no doubt to gain more praise and accolade for having pumped out a baby. Amber saw me and came running up. “Oh honey I am so glad to see you I thought you had to work.” I hugged her poking her generously with my erection. A small light came into her eyes, but I could see the baby story would have to come first. “Yeah I did work but Mark took pity and decided to come in early so he is covering the late part of the evening shift.” With a huge smile and glowing eyes Amber spoke “I just got done speaking to Nora, you know Nora she was one of my friends who worked in accounting until she switched departments.” I said yes but really only remembered the name and had no idea who she was. “Well she just had a baby and he is the cutest little thing too. You should see his pictures, his toes and fingers are so short and plump and his face is round and chubby just like a cherub all he needs is the wings to be an adorable angel.“ I want one so bad she said at last looking up at me. The earnest expression she was displaying was painful, she really loved babies and I knew she wanted one. For most of her life she had been working on her career but she had made it. We had talked about kids and I was not against it we both agreed we would after we had been married at least a year. God Amber was looking good and if anything my erection only got stiffer after poking her. I leaned close and told her I wanted to fuck her like my whore. I heard her moan in my ear “Yess baby.” I knew just where too. It was a mild New Years Eve night and I thought fucking her up on the roof would be just perfect. Before we left the apartment we grabbed our coats. I was right the air was crisp but not cold. The sky was studded with thousands of diamonds as our breath puffed out of our mouths. I reached up stripping her out of her dress, it slid like silk down her body. Ambers nipples were pink and hard. I bit down hard on the right one and she moaned loudly opening her mouth and licking her lush full lips. I wanted to fuck her to have those tight pink pussy lips around my cock. “You want to be my whore don’t you” I said in a cloud of vapor. She responded loudly “Yes I want you to take me and fuck me.” I threw my coat down on a pool chair and pushed Amber down to lay on it. Sliding down with nothing on but her high heels she stood warm and inviting with her legs spread. She was shaved and I could see her lips cracked open ready to fuck. The wind blew tickling my raging erection as I dropped my pants. I saw her looking at me, the need the hunger to get fucked. My shirt crashed down right next to my pants as I moved to take Amber. This time I was not going to fuck around either I was going to take and use her the way a man should. Did you bring one I heard her ask, a condom was what she meant. Amber had been in the middle of switching birth control and was not protected. I thought about this and my balls literally spasmed, god I wanted to dump my cum in her to take make her except everything. She was vulnerable and open to my power and I was going to fuck her like that, if she was to get pregnant so the fuck what she was mine. I told her no and she just told me to be careful. I slipped in pushing down deep, immediately I was surrounded by a tight wall of warmth. Amber screamed as I shoved in penetrating her. I grabbed her legs and spread them out as I pounded her mound. Her lips spread without mercy grabbing me. I could feel her juices running down by cock and balls. I picked up my pace and Amber cam loudly screaming into the night as I fucked her. The condensation from her breath was like a thought bubble in the comics. After the elation of the exploding orgasm Amber came back reminding me to pull out when I was ready. I told her no, “You’re my fucking whore my slut your going to take my fucking cum into your body and deal with it” I grabbed her tits and squeezed them forcefully using them as leverage to batter her tight fucking pussy. Amber sucking in air breathed through clench teeth “Yeah baby I’m your fucking whore and your going to fill me up with your cum baby?” I could feel her skin tight around me, trying to tease the cum from my balls. Electricity arched from my nuts to my cock. I knew I was going to fill her fucking slit up. “You ready for some fucking cum whore” I yelled down. Amber chased my cock lifting up wanting to be creamed. She started to scream as I felt her pussy twitch violently around me. Amber was cumming severely her vibrating lips stole my fucking seed as I shoved down deep. Cum came out squirting everywhere. Amber was soaked with it and when I pulled my cock out I still had a wad of it around my head. She bent down sticking her delicious red lips around my cock and with her tight little mouth cleaned me up good. There was no such hope for Amber a perfect white line of cum was already dripping from her drenched pussy.

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The last fuck fantasy of the year