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the other shoe has dropped

posted 12/15/2009 9:11:10 AM |
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most of us are old enough and experienced enough to know that our youth will catch up to us and bite a nice size chunk out of our butts. for those who are new or dont know me, i screwed the pooch by enterin a plea agreement in 1971, i had been accused of 1st degree assaultive rape.
i pled not guilty and after some investigation by the police and the da they felt they had no real case, but after me being in jail for six months i had to be found guilty of something (accordin to my lawyer). the deal was to plead guilty to aggravated assualt, i would get time served and leave the state.
at the time of seein the judge, i made the plea and admitted to havin sex with the woman. the judge went nuts and sentenced me to 20 years.
i appealed and lost and appealed ect. oh well, i was stupid.
any way bout 6 months ago i am informed that i have to rigester as a sex offender and leave the residence i was in because it was too close to a school..
this week i find that i have to re rigester every 6 months and that i am no longer allowed to attend church.
i have approched a number of attorneys and they all say the same thing. It is a civil law that has a criminal penalty. talk about mixin apples and oranges.
at any rate i am now wonderin what else they have in store for me. oh yes i know they are goin to try to take my pension. probly not but i dont think it is beneath them to try.
sorry bout the rant but i paid for my crime and i did the time. how many more times must i be reminded that i screwed up.
frank 74 7

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Dec 15 @ 9:27AM  
i had been accused of 1st degree assaultive rape
i paid for my crime and i did the time

No where in your blog do you actually tell us that you did or didn't rape the woman. I know you said you pled not guilty, and that they couldn't put up a case against you, but that you also admitted to the judge that you did in fact have sex with her, and that was the beginning of the end where the nightmare started for you.

i am no longer allowed to attend church
I don't feel this is right. They're infringing on your rights.


Dec 15 @ 10:32AM  
I don't understand why you plead not guilty knowing you had sex with her, and I don't understand the not guilty plea THEN the plea bargain. If they had no case, there was no reason to do a plea deal with them in my eyes. You have mentioned this problem before and you never once said what actually happened between you and her or her age or yours at the time. Not trying to put you down or anything , but this doesn't make sense to me.

Going from 1st degree assaultive rape to aggravated assualt charges, to me anyway means that you must have done something wrong. Do I agree that you shouldn't be allowed to go to church? No I don't. That isn't right. As far as regsictering, yes I think you should have to. Being a mother myself, I always check around our area BECAUSE my 14 yr old daughter walks back and forth to school daily and I worry. There are to many people who do thier time, get out, register or don't and STILL harm kids. Just my 2 cents worth.

Dec 15 @ 10:33AM  
Ops , meant register *

Dec 15 @ 11:00AM  
No where in your blog do you actually tell us that you did or didn't rape the woman

He has a blog titled "Holy shit batman" where he sort of explains what happened. A relationship with a girl went bad, and she cried "rape" basically. And before anyone points it out..I already know there are two sides to every story.

Now, if I take this from frank747's point of view, it's inconvenient, yes, but, the law is the law. It's not perfect, but, there it is. And like Taisen says, parent's want to know that their children are safe, and if there is a possible threat, they would like to know where it is. As I said, the law isn't perfect, and I'll take your word for it, for now, that you are not a threat. That this is just a "dumb thing" that happened way back. Chances are, you are a decent person who would never hurt anyone. You certainly seem to be.

These laws were put in place because people want to protect their children. I know you find it inconvenient, but, think about it. If you have young children, and there was a pedophile in the neighborhood...wouldn't you want to be aware of that? So you can tell your children to avoid that person? Like I said, the law itself isn't perfect, but, it's to help protect kids. As for the church, that isn't right. I think that is going too far.


Dec 15 @ 11:07AM  
sorry bout the non disclosure. yes we had had sex and had been for some time. i was young and stupid and married. refused to leave wife for her. revenge on her part. they did have a case because of the evidence left behind. i saw a way out but the judge refused to honor the plea agreement. his own thinkin

Dec 15 @ 11:07AM  
Considering I have a cousin who now must register as an offender because he was seeing a 17.5 YO girl, he was 21, at her MOTHERS house, WITH her blessing, but a busybody HAD to bitch and it was an election year...

I know it's a law that cuts both directions. But as sugar has said, it is for the most part effective where needed, particularly pedophiles.

Since you have bravely brought part of your particular experiences into the open however, I would strongly suggest you tell the whole story. Leaving it in just parts on such a volatile subject gives way too many people opportunity to let their minds wander and/or judge prematurely.

Dec 15 @ 11:13AM  
once more, i wish to commend all of you for your thoughts on the matter. but as i have stated befor, when is enough goin to be enough? i know in my heart that i am not a threat, if for no other reason i am up front with my mistakes and misdeeds.
the ones i am scared of are the ones who do not own up and are still lurkin thinkin that they are smarter than all of us. and o you can bet your bitty or what ever that there are a bunch more still on myspace and facebook that are usin different names and idinites (SP?) anyway they wont be caught till it is too late.
watch the dog that barks, be fearful of the one lurkin in the shadows.

Dec 15 @ 11:16AM  
Not to sound callous, but while you are certainly entitled to blog about almost anything you wish, it seems to me that this subject is almost always an underlying theme to every blog in one way or another.

Dec 15 @ 11:45AM  
There is always more to stories such as this one... and it isn't just the he said/she said issue. Personally, I don't need to know anything else and respectfully suggest not addressing this issue again. I'm not the paranoid type, but you don't know everyone here and snakes lurk where one least suspects it. Be careful!

The law will not allow you to forget your mistake. It's part of payment for committing a crime and an incentive not to do it again. It's time to move forward, but you will not ever be free from this stigma. All you can do is make today the best you can and find a positive outlet for a lesson learned.

Dec 15 @ 12:31PM  
I know someone who spent 15 years in prison because his ex girlfriend said he had touching her 5 year old daughter. This happened a few days after they broke up. Thing is her mother said that 4 more times over the years after men broke up with her and the police did not catch on that something was wrong with this picture? When the girl was 20 and out of her mother's house she went to the police herself and told them that her mother had been lying and wanted to get even because she got dumped. All these men were cleared at this point but had lost a lot of years of their lives. Apparently the mother had told her daughter if she did not go along with her she would have to go into a foster home. Happy to say that woman is in prison in Missouri now and won't be getting out anytime soon for other charges. I just consider that karma catching up with her. I agree with the sex offender laws, but they need to make sure someone is actually guilty before they ruin their lives. I know why no church. People have their kids there and I know from what has happened here in NC at a number of churches just because it is a church, it does not mean people will not use it to sexually abuse children.

That being said, if the girl was underage then yeah it was rape (even if she had agreed to having sex) if she was not underage and was lying then it will come back on her one of these days.

Dec 15 @ 5:33PM  
Unfortunately along with the having to register every 6 months, at least in my state if not in yours, you have the pleasure of paying a rather nice fee for the privilege of being on that registry. This applies whether or not you have the money or not, you have to find it. We have a patient or two and i've seen the forms, and was shocked at the amount they had to pay for this "privilege".

Dec 15 @ 6:39PM  
i had to be found guilty of something (accordin to my lawyer). the deal was to plead guilty to aggravated assualt, i would get time served and leave the state.
I've never heard of anyone having to move out of state due to aggravated assault.
And in 1971 the sexual offender registration had not become effective yet, so you should have grandfathered out of having to register.
Even if you pulled 20 years and got out in 91.
You should ask an attorney about this.

Dec 15 @ 9:15PM  
According to this NC publication, unless I am reading it wrong, offense registration only goes back to crivmes committed after 1996. So, maybe there is more to the story.

NC Sex Offender Registration requiements

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the other shoe has dropped