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Would you walk around nude often in your house around your s/o?

posted 12/14/2009 9:26:17 PM |
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tagged: nude, couples, people, straddle

Would you walk around the house nude quite often around your s/o because it was comfortable to you, and not just because this would turn your s/o on? How many of you actually do this that are currently in a relationship? When you are nude, do you sit on any of the furniture without giving it any thought?

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Dec 14 @ 9:40PM  
Well, when I lived alone, it wasn't nothing for me to sit around naked or at least half naked.... but, since my daughter lives here again, I can't do that.......................FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss my privacy and did NOT have any empty nest syndrome going on here!!!!
If I was in a relationship (and the kid didn't live here) I'd be naked all the time!!!

Dec 14 @ 9:42PM  
My house is small I get naked in the bedroom and walk thru the house to get my shower and so forth. In the summer I usually start stripping as soon as I hit the door. Hey I live alone what does it matter if I walk around nude?

Dec 14 @ 9:44PM  
My next blog topic should be asking anyone who does this around the house while sitting on their furniture if they leave skidmarks on their sofas...


Dec 14 @ 9:48PM  
Geez Shawn....... you can be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love your honesty though!

Dec 14 @ 9:52PM  
while sitting on their furniture if they leave skidmarks on their sofas...
I posted a comment similar to this on someone's blog a long time ago & I'm thinking one of Cooties blogs .

Dec 14 @ 9:52PM  
Just me, like Lisa says:
Hey I live alone what does it matter if I walk around nude?

Dec 14 @ 9:56PM  
If it weren't for the kids it wouldn't bother me. Can't go around nude with 4 kids 14 and under here. Our main bathroom has 2 doors, one to our bedroom and then to the hallway. Alot of times I will leave our bedroom door open and walk back and forth. I always seem to forget to grab something from our bedroom, either a towel, washcloth or one of my soaps. Plus I get dressed in the bedroom , not the bathroom. Only thing I sit on nude is hubby or the bed, and nope no skid marks.

Dec 14 @ 9:59PM  
Definately lol. I walk around nude all the time, like as soon as I get in. Hopefully I'll get to live with a woman sometime that enjoys it as much as I do

Dec 14 @ 10:13PM  
Yeah... I Do it..! (when the Ladies,Kids are not around)......(If I had a Lady )

Dec 14 @ 10:31PM  
Never a problem if the kid wasn't around.

Dec 14 @ 10:59PM  
I walk around my house nude all the time when the curtains are closed. My boyfriend likes it too.

Sometimes If the curtains are open and I have something out in the living room I want I will walk out to get it and not worry too much as no one can really see into my house that much.


Dec 14 @ 11:12PM  

Guilty on all charges. greenie.

Dec 14 @ 11:35PM  
Its not as taboo as its made out to be, just saying

Dec 15 @ 12:28AM  
I am always house is on a hill and no one can see in unless they are 10 feet tall.But...I wouldn't care anyway. My house is my space for me to be the way I want to be. Sit on furniture naked??? I usually put down a towel or wrap up in a bathrobe for the furniture really doesn't need to be exposed to my puss on a regular basis...ya can't throw it in the washing machine that easy can you???

Dec 15 @ 1:41AM  
Have walked around naked when my kids were not around. Don't do it here, might send my 89 year old mother into shock. I did sit on the furniture in my bedroom usually. Never found skid marks on any of it.

Dec 15 @ 1:55AM  
<<< on his way to Bunny's yard with a stepladder!


Dec 15 @ 2:23AM  
I'm still working on how to take a shower without being naked....does that answer your question???

Dec 15 @ 2:49AM  
@ Softie...and Select!

Dec 15 @ 4:13AM  
me too, i walk around naked all the time, in the summer, right now I keep my house kinda cool, so I wear jamies.

but I always paint naked.

Dec 15 @ 6:50AM  
Clothes???? I am whenever I have no place to go. I live in the city, and yes my blinds are open a ways. When CL is here I don't usually put on clothes ..... unless I have to. Now that I'm not working, my laundry is a lot less... go figure

Dec 15 @ 7:54AM  
When the Kids aren't there I do all the time.
I walk around my house nude all the time when the curtains are closed.
I don't care if the curtains or blinds are open and they almost always are.

Dec 15 @ 8:24AM  

Dec 15 @ 12:26PM  
Used to when I was younger and had a better looking body.....age frikkin' SUCKS!!!!

Dec 15 @ 12:37PM  
Always just in my panties here......

Dec 15 @ 2:13PM  
Always just in my panties here......

thats how my day starts

Dec 15 @ 2:26PM  
What do you mean WOULD you...???

Personal opinion, I think if one was not "comfortable" doing pretty much anything in the presence of a S/O, someone needs to re-evaluate the situation and themselves.

Dec 15 @ 3:06PM  
We have 4 boys and a girl here. No time to walk around naked or privacy.

Dec 15 @ 4:24PM  
I had an apartment with my ex, and I would walk around in the nude just for comfort. I wasn't naked for hours at a time or anything like that, but it wasn't a big deal, and she enjoyed it....As for furniture, I wouldn't think twice about sitting in a chair or on the couch naked.

But I never sat on top of the dinner table indian style or straddled the coffee table in the

Dec 20 @ 7:47AM  
Yep...I love to walk around in my birthday takes less time to do the nasty if you know what I mean.

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Would you walk around nude often in your house around your s/o?