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How my Christmas Eve Drama went

posted 12/25/2006 2:19:55 PM |
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tagged: daughter, straddle

At 4:15pm on Christmas eve yesterday afternoon my Bengals came on and were playing Denver. We started screwing up when we got the ball and handing Denver a victory slowly along the way. My family was suppose to have Christmas eve dinner sometime after 4pm but as I was about to leave here at 4:59pm I decided to call Natasha since I hadn't heard from her all day. The pervious night I had left her grandma's at 6:35pm after visiting with her there for over two hours. She didn't want to eat anything because she wanted to drink later that night on an empty stomach. Anyway, getting back to me making that phone call to yesterday afternoon, I got to talk with her. What she told me after I asked about last night was she did get totally drunk and passed out, and then woke up the next day at 3:30pm with a HUGE hangover. Sure, I wasn't too happy about that. She also told me that on her way home her car broke down in the northern party of my county (11 miles away) and her cousin (the 41 year old guy that's silly that I mentioned the night before where Tash got him good with whip cream in his face. lol) went to pick her up and take her back home to the next county. She had $58 with her when she left and she came her cousin $10 for helping her out, spect $15 on gas for her car, spent money on some oil for the car, had her cousin by all that beer for her and her 4 other friends, and she bouth those cancer sticks they call cigaretts (love to flush those down the toilet). She told me that her car was still along the side of the road broke down and she asked me if I would go pick her up and bring her down here, and then also help her out with her car. I told her that I was on my way out for Christmas eve dinner with the family up at my grandma's and I couldn't do that right now. She mentioned that she would get her uncle "Peanut ( I know, another funny name) to try to get her car towed for her. I'm not sure she was a little put off with me for not coming through and when I finally did get up there for that dinner I kept thinking about it most of that time and was bothered that I couldn't help her out. But I also thought while on the phone with her that she had no problem leaving her car there and deciding to get drunk anyway, and then had all day yesterday to take care of her car but didn't get up until 3:30pm that afternoon, so if she wasn't concerened why should I be and miss my Christams dinner with with my side of the family? After I got home I made my way back up to my grandma's about 3 hours later and she called me on my cell phone while I was up there. Talked with her and she still hadn't taken care of her car yet. She told me that she was hungry and hadn't eaten anything since the day before at her grandma's (because she wanted to drink later that night) and only had $3 on her. She's staying with her friend Tiffany and her family again (she couldn't get along with Tiffany not too long ago, remember?) and Tiffany has a little bit of money and she was wanting to order a pizza, but Tiffany wanted to save her money. She told me they had a Christmas dinner there at the house, but it was for tomorrow (today now) and couldn't eat it. lol Anyway, that's how it went. Oh, and my Bengals lost my botching an extra point field goal with only 50 seconds left in the game and we lost 24-23. My Bengals found another way to lose. I didn't make it to bed till 5am this morning and I just got up like 30 minutes ago. After being up for like 10 minutes Natasha called and both of my cordless phones that I have downstairs were out and I couldn't answer them. I went upstairs to get two more phones and I heard my cell phone music going off and didn't make it to that. lol I tried calling Natasha back and got no answer. Oh well, I'm sure I'll hear back from her again soon.

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Dec 25 @ 2:28PM  
that game was disgusting, especially losing it in the last few seconds on that bad snap.

Dec 25 @ 2:32PM  
Thanks for sharing, I watched that bengels game, how could they lose like that, I felt bad for the team even though I am a viks fan.....but we really suck this year, bring back Mike Tice, He is way better then Brad Childress....sry just had to rant a little...

Dec 25 @ 3:51PM  
You directed me to a blog about FOOTBALL??? Ugh!

Well, I say good for you for not changing your dinner plans to accommodate Tash's drama and bad decisions! They call it tough love...oh well, perhaps she'll rethink decisions and make better ones next time :) All in all, though, it sounds like you had an okay holiday weekend - thanks for sharing!

P.S. My niece/daughter got a flat on the way home from work last night; my son took my car to rescue her. Put her donut on her car and he came back here. Then, she picked him up and they headed over to an old friend's for a while...about 11:30 last night I get a call..."Nomi? donut went flat. Can you come get us?" Grrrrr! But what's a mom/aunt to do? :)

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

Dec 25 @ 5:23PM  
Hmmm, what is it with Christmas and car problems? I noticed that mine was making some strange sounds yesterday (I thought I was hearing things the day before but wasn't too sure...faint sounds). Called my son-in-law (mechanic) to ask about whether or not I should drive to their place last night. He says to come out and he'll take a look.'s the brake caliper. Yeahaw. Get to spend money. Love that. Of course, it's Christmas and I have to wait to get the part. Wish I could call my daddy to come help me. But, I don't see him traveling 1000 miles for that.

As a parent, I think we always want to solve our kids' problems and don't want to make them suffer but we have to let them make their mistakes and grow up from those experiences.

Dec 25 @ 8:54PM  
The Bears won!

Dec 25 @ 11:23PM  
Sorry to hear about the drama.... Hope the famoly meal was good.

Had a decent Christmas. Food was good. But With all the talent of pee wee
football players, my cowboys managed a spectacular loss to the Eagles,
blowing the division title along the way......

there is always next year.

Dec 25 @ 11:55PM  
GO JETS !!! (9-6-0

Dec 25 @ 11:57PM  
And by the way Strad....SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YO MOMMA .....HEHE

Dec 26 @ 1:52PM  
He said it J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS

online now!
Dec 26 @ 2:03PM  
Geez, how did my blog get hijacked with all these football comments???! I'm afraid it's overshadowed my family dinner and what happened with Natasha.

Dec 26 @ 4:50PM  
I detest televised sporting event, just ask my b/f he'll tell ya! Still have to root for the home team though!

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How my Christmas Eve Drama went