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AMD Week in Review

posted 12/12/2009 5:53:34 PM |
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Well, to start of this weeks review, we found out that “Santa Is Pissed Off” and has canceled Christmas. Now how am I going to get that new and improved vibrator that I asked for? And in that blog, DarkKightWalking told us how the tradition of putting angels on top of the tree started. And who would have thought that Santa could be so ornery? OK! Here we go:

StraddleMyNose is ecstatic that it’s finally snowing in Southern Ohio. Ya know, somehow, someway, I’m going to figure out a way to have all of the snow we get here in Michigan land in his front yard.

Funnywhapper told “Welcome To My Nightmare” and blogged about the song Dancing in the streets by Martha and the Vandelles. Damn!! I thought Welcome To My Nightmare was an Alice Cooper classic.

Flavorbuster shared some “HOLIDAY PICTURES”. Flavor……don’t know about you man.

1bunny629 said “I Hear Footsteps”. She has a visitor in her house, but can figure if it’s Santa with a cock for her, or if it’s some rodent that got in her attic. Do we have any volunteers to help her out?

StraddlyMyNose is cheering “Cincinnati: Big East Champs!…He’s hoping his Bengals will go to the Superbowl I think.

Whisperingcomet asked, “Meet Me Later”. She was inviting everyone over for drinks and caroling. The lady knows how to party! Later on, she said “Let’s Get The Party Started” and everyone had a blast trying to sing Frosty the Snowman, Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer, and I think 1bunny629 gave us her version of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.

Akrongirl14 said “Press 1 For English”…yep Akron girl, you aren’t the only one fed up with the “press 1 for English” prompt on the phone.

Soft_touch938 stopped in with “A big “I love ya’ll”. What can I say? We love ya too Softie.

And Nathaniel is “Learning to let go”…let go of the grudge if you can. It’s hard, but, it can be done.

And desertsmile shared “Trois” with us…a seductive dance video.

Continued in comments..........

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Dec 12 @ 5:59PM  
Fordman [/B]asked us “How Much” is too much to spend on one’s kid for a Christmas present. It’s a personal choice, but, there was some good advice given by the members of Pervia…and hey fordman!! You got an offer for a mistress!! Talk about a Merry Christmas!!!!!

WordsofWit did an “Ode To Ewe_Wish”…what can I say? I LOVED the video!!!

Somnium gave us two parts of “A Large Collage of Strange Info Taken off the Internet. And I learned that “no va” in Spanish is “it doesn’t go”. Now I know why I never cared for the Chevy Nova. I always liked the camaro line.

TheSkwirl shared “Best Christmas Ever”. Walk down memory lane for our beloved Skwirl. Just goes to show, Christmas is more about family than it is about commercialism. See? I can use big words sometimes.

Whisperingcomet introduced us to “Vodka thirty”. Which reminds me, I’ve got to get my new clock with vodka thirty on it.

Borty293 gave us “Some thoughts on Copenhagen”. Yes, Borty took a break from panties to remind us of the mess people are making of the environment. Pssst! Borty….I could care less about that golfer’s personal life!

“Well, the Mod’s have come through again” for fordman09.…seems they sent his “matches” and, well, 2 matches are looking for women, and one too young. Don’t know, maybe the Mod’s have a sense of humor?

Onehornytoad69 asks the question of “Who are the “Regulars” on here? ME!! I am. Personally, don’t know about the rest of you…but, when sh*t hit’s the fan around here, and someone gets their account canceled because THEY don’t follow the rules set forth by the Mod’s, why do remarks like: “the regs don’t like newbies, blah blah” start flying? Seriously? I love seeing new bloggers, and I hope they stick around. Isn’t up to me, or anyone else, whether they stay or go. It’s up to THEM. Or, if they break rules, then it’s up to the Mod’s if they stay or go. I’m sorry for the mini rant here folks, but I get so tired of “the regs chase off the newbies” line. Yes, it’s a free site, yes, we have a choice between free memberships or paying. Whether a free member or a paying member, neither is more important than the other. Ok, that ends my mini rant. (maybe I should have blogged this instead?)

BlueEyes708 gave us a “Bowl Lineup” of the college Bowl games. I put in my guesses. Does this mean I have to watch ALL of those games to see if I’m right? I have to work…so, someone will have to watch them for me and let me know if I was right.


Dec 12 @ 6:06PM  
And ShadowMale…I’m beginning to think he’s bragging in “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Saints”. Just cause his team is 12-0. Hey, my Lions are 2-10.…goooo Lions!!! I still think there should be a losers hall of fame made just special for them.

Shewolf53 asks “What is your best Christmas memory”. I just love these types of blogs. Gives members small peeks into each others lives.

Max49 told us the tale about the “Packers Fan”. Need I say more?

Wordsofwit gave us a “Rude Political Joke For Rude Political Pundits”. He’s right, couldn’t say it was a “stale rerun”.

Soft_touch938 said “Ho ho ho… comes da snow!”. She’s done it!! She kicked the smoking habit!!!!!! Looks like she’s ready to get back into her writings and other things she’s been wanting to do. And she’s going to “get back into shape”. Watch out guys! You think she’s hot now…wait till she knocks your socks off in a few months.

Straddlemynose writes about “Don’t blame email’s for Copenhagan’s failure”. All I’ve got to say is it’s scary that those in power would play such petty games with the well being of the planet. Excellent blog Straddle.

And now Straddle asks, “What are some of the gifts you plan on buying this Christmas”. I'm still trying to work on that.

Borty293 had a “Confession”….he said he had an affair with Tiger Woods. Whoever let Borty out of the closet better not let Skwirl know. She might have to steal your nuts.

Featherone wrote about “TIGER WOODS” and the affairs he’s had. Fame, and good looks…yep, usually leads to affairs. To me, it shows he’s human. He should have behave more responsibly, but, that’s water under the bridge now.

Soft_touch938 wrote about “Today’s blunders……..well, so far”. I have a feeling “M”s law is working over time in Indiana.

RevDocLov showed everyone how gullible some can be in his “Old Blue, The College Educated Smart Dog” So that is how law school is paid for? Nah! Wouldn’t Dad isn’t that gullible.

DesertSmile returned from her R&R. Welcome back!!!!

Fordman69 “I want to comment on Tiger Woods but I’m blocked, I forgot”. Well, hopefully fordman feels much better now that he got to comment on the news story of the day.

Casuallylooking talked about “Sexual Addiction”. Is she trying to tell us something? out!!! Just kidding CL…………………..maybe.

Dec 12 @ 6:14PM  
ShadowMale[/B] asks, “What makes you say OH?” a question about what turns you on sexually. See, Pervians will talk about sex. Who says we don’t?

whispering comet had “Two questions?” One was about a book reader. Never heard of them. And then she asked everyone what she should say or do in regards to an email she got from a man in her age group who is 30 miles away. I say answer his email and see where it leads to. Go for it!

Onehornytoad had an interesting question in “When in a relationship”. He asked how often do/did you have sex with your partner? While the census agreed it isn’t every day, the majority agreed it was often. I’m sensing a sexual theme in this review….WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!

casuallylooking wrote “Before Tattletales Get Me In Trouble”…What? Tattletales get you in trouble? Don’t know what you’re talking about.

Sunshine79 gave a big cheer for Soft_touch938 in “For The Soft Lady” .

Frank747 returned for a blog about “our glorious government at work”. Yep, our government, got to wonder what’s in the water, errrr, wine, champagne…oh whatever it is they drink up there in D.C.!!!

Max49 gave us a “WARNING” about a carjacking scam where they stick a paper on the back of your vehicle and wait for when you see it, to get out of your running vehicle. Bottom line folks, if you see it, just drive off. Get rid of it when you get home.

Surv6969 gave us “Week 13 in the NFL”. A run down of scores of the weekends games. My Lions, no comment.

Somnium had a “Couple of questions for the dudes and dudettes”. important is satisfying your partner? Hmmmm? Well? Ok, don’t answer then. Oh yeah! We did in the blog. How could I forget.

And if you missed this, you missed a good snowball fight in Wordsofwit’s blog “Liberals Versus Conservatives-The Showdown-Humor. It was great!

RevDocLov showed how being politically correct is hard on “Poor Old Santa”

Sunshine79 shared some Performance Reviews. I wonder if I have “Great Presentation Skills”.

ThePurpleProphet asked “What’s changed it the last 18 years”. A death row inmate who had been in prison for 18 years was executed, and PP was wondering why it took 18 years after the sentencing. There were some very good answers in that blog. Prophet later said “I need some help Borty”[B], he wants Borty to make jeans with the underwear (for the men) already sewn inside. For us ladies, it would be the “panties”.


Dec 12 @ 6:17PM  
You really do a good job with this!

Very well done,....again

Dec 12 @ 6:20PM  
StraddleMyNose[/B] asked What’s your top 2 Robin Williams films?. Just reading the response, I saw movies mentioned that I loved and forgot that he starred in. Of course, I loved the Mork and Mindy sitcom..and I’m still voting for it!

Borty293 asks us to wish him luck sneaking back into the closet. He’s trying to sneak by Skwirl, sorry Borty, but Skwirl is on top of things… .you should know that by now.

Taisen wrote a “Depressed Blog”…honey…I know what you’re feeling . And you will find there are more of us here in Pervia who also know. You’re among friends who care.

Dominus!! Wooohooo!!!!! Dropped in to let everyone know “Why I’m not here”. Speedy recovery Dominus. Hope to see you come back when you’re feeling better.

NightofOld wrote a beautiful poem “A Christmas Wish”. Thank you Night.

Wordsofwit had an excellent blog asking “Have you ever had to bail your kid out of jail?” I don’t have kids, but, I remember my Dad having to get my youngest sister out a couple of times. Myself, I was a total “angel” as a teen.

Fordman09 gave us an “Ewe Update”. Sorry folks, she has no plans on returning. I miss her like crazy too, but she’s happy with what she’s doing now, and that’s what is important.

Lets welcome Leonidas100, who asks, “To Wink or Not To Wink-That Is The Question”. Yep, a new blogger folks, let’s give him a warm welcome.

KitKat25 asks “Would you give up your worst bad habit or vice so you could live 5 more years” Yep, you betcha! I already did when I quit smoking about 4 or 5 years back.

Max49 showed us some “Strange animal laws” Damn! I didn’t know bullfrog hunting season got canceled. Might as well cancel that trip to Arizona

Sunshine79 gave us some giggles with “Contact Lens” (NEVER underestimate the power of looking for $150)), and “Necessary Info for the 40&Older Crowd”. A must read is all I’m going to say . The comments were great.

Soft_touch938 is going to “Let Freedom Ring”. This lady is getting ready to let loose with this free time she now has… you suppose she will write some of her stories for us?

LilGriz shared some “Redneck Jokes” with us. You know, I’ve never found a car after cutting my grass. But I have found some, ummm,errrrr…never mind. Hey! I’ve got 5 dogs…figure it out!

3zcumpany gave us some “Mood Changing Music” Now that’s a fun blog where everyone shares music. [B]

Dec 12 @ 6:20PM  
Yes comet! She most certainly does!

The lady doesn't miss a beat!

Kudo to ya sugar!

Dec 12 @ 6:24PM  

Great job again miss.
[QUOTE] You’re among friends who care. [QUOTE]

Thank you sweetie. Tossing you a greenie

Dec 12 @ 6:25PM  
Needsomenow789 shared a humorous story with us in “Deer season, lessons from a cattleman”. Yep, let that be a warning, that gentle looking “Bambi” becomes an overgrown “Thumper” as soon as you put a rope on it.

Soft_touch938 gave us “A Christmas Love Story”. Yay!!!! She’s writing again!!!!! Looks to be another Softie classic.

Max49 gave us a little lesson on the differences in “North vs. South”. You're just going to have to read it to enjoy it.

Somnium gave us a site to “Test Your Handwriting Skills”. If you missed this one...go check it out.

And that wraps up this weeks AMD Week in Review.

Dec 12 @ 6:28PM  
Good Job, Greenie!!

Dec 12 @ 7:04PM  
Congrats on a job well done!!!


Dec 12 @ 7:10PM  
Hey methinks writing a week in review would be hard but you sure make it look easy. Excellent job, well done, good show and all that good stuff....

A Christmas cookie for your stockin' ma'm....Merry Christmas!

Dec 12 @ 7:23PM  
Well Damn.....!
My Hats off to You lady...
Awesome ......Job!!!!!!!
THX ....for your Time and Effort!!!

Dec 12 @ 8:34PM  

And once again Greenie

Dec 12 @ 10:38PM  
Great review!

Dec 12 @ 11:18PM  
I love your W.I.R. almost as much as I love you.

1bunny629 said “I Hear Footsteps”. She has a visitor in her house, but can figure if it’s Santa with a cock for her, or if it’s some rodent that got in her attic. Do we have any volunteers to help her out?

I'd be happy to be Santa for Bunny.

Dec 13 @ 3:10AM  
....ha....I had forgotten all about that??....until now...but there was another moment this moning and I had thought someone had moved in?? I wonder what the hell is going on upstairs when I am down and don't here it when I come up?

Dec 13 @ 3:10AM  
....ha....I had forgotten all about that??....until now...but there was another moment this moning and I had thought someone had moved in?? I wonder what the hell is going on upstairs when I am down and don't here it when I come up?

Dec 13 @ 3:36AM  
Good job Sugar!

Leaving you a greenie.

Dec 13 @ 8:12AM  
Most excellent Sugar
Green cookie comin' at ya'

Dec 13 @ 9:47AM  
The Slapping Lady usually comes over on Wednesday to make toast in the kitchen and too straighten my thinking out.

Dec 13 @ 10:00AM  
Well done!

Dec 13 @ 8:37PM  
Very good job, Dawn.

Btw, your Detroit let me down today. I was hoping you would pull the upset against Baltimore, but instead you guys got your asses handed to you on a silver platter, 48-3.

With a Baltimore loss, my Bengals would have clinched the north division today. We lost against Minnesota today, so we need to beat San Diego next Sunday.

Dec 13 @ 9:58PM  

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