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Am i wasting my time here?

posted 12/12/2009 5:09:47 PM |
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I can't help but notice the number of ladies who have so many demands and prerequisites for a NSA encounter...i'm beginning to wonder do a lot of these less than attractive women REALLY think they can be that picky with hotter men or are they just playing games for their own entertainment with no intention of meeting anyone in the first place? There seem to be a lot of ppl on this site who either are bots or just really misadvertise theirselves as something they're not...I mean I've gotten laid more through myspace and my girlfriend's /my mutual friends than this site or adultfriendfinder...or any other dating site for that matter...can someone hit me with a reasonable answer?

P.S....i'm not a brad pitt or anything but i'd like to think i'm reasonably attractive, well endowed, and the ladies really think they have gold between their legs? or are they just posers who want to seem naughty cuz it's the newest fad or are they afraid of the nervous feeling beforehand and whether or not they'll regret some strictly physical pleasure.

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Am i wasting my time here?


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Dec 12 @ 5:29PM  
1st you MIGHT get more replies IF you set this to AUTO APPROVE....

odds?? at your age? NORMALY poor....but..

and the ladies really think they have gold between their legs?

my guess is most of the women reading this are thinkin 2 things more now...
A) you couldn't have THAT much experience at your age...

B) coulda left out the part bout women THINKING they got gold tween their legs..

now whadda i know?? hell i'm a newbie too...................NOT ..

try less n just have fun.....or your screwed and NOT in the way your wanting....

Dec 12 @ 6:05PM  
Just like yourself I am probably waisting my time with this comment but I am curious to ask why you believe this site to be strictly for NSA friendships. I can't seem to recall that mission statement anywhere. The purpose of this site, as with other adult sites, is so that people who share the feeling that sexual intimacy is an important role in a relationship, can meet and mingle.

Did you ever stop to think that ladies give some thought to their choices and do not merely jump at every proposal to rumple the sheets?

Give it time, listen and learn and see where it takes you.


Dec 12 @ 6:15PM  
Well good luck with that! Keep looking you will find someone....welcome to the blogs!

Dec 12 @ 6:21PM  
I'd say you're probably wasting your time here.

Dec 12 @ 6:29PM  
i'm aware it's not strictly for NSA...the women i'm referring to are the ones who advertise that's they're looking for NSA only...i do not message women looking for committed relationships as I will never marry or have children. I mean I am in a relationship but a very open minded one with an amazing woman. I probably should have specified that the ones I'm really referring to are the ones who either A) advertise for NSA--i msg very respectfully--my message is tagged as read a couple days later but I get not even a courtesy response saying Not interested or anything...and I know it's been read because the messages are tagged as they're opened..and I'm not saying a day or 2 for a response is bad..i'm saying NEVER receiving a response at all yes, no, maybe, i don't know..nothing..why claim your looking for something and leave a guy hanging with not even so much as a response...i've always believed a response is just common courtesy...maybe it isn't anymore. As far as experience is concerned age has very little to do with it in my opinion...i've met middle aged women who completely failed on every level at sexual encounters, and girls in there early 20s who rocked my although age is a good basis for time you've had to doesn't really show how many times a person has had a meaningful and safe encounter (i test with my partners beforehand over the weekend)....I'm 27 yea...but thus far I've had more than my fair share of name it...many different races and many different age ranges...many different places as well from my home to the outdoors, to a greyhound bus with 30 other ppl from 2-20 feet from me...on the hood of my car...on an airplane..i guess i'm just trying to say that i still have a lot to learn WE ALL DO...if you think you don't you have limited yourself in a very bad way because there is always someone out there either better at it or at least just as good on their good days and your bad ones i am not rich either...however i do have enough money put away to be able to live for the rest of my life without worrying about how i'm going to pay my bills or see doctor's, surgeries, etc as long as I don't blow it on ignorant superifical things like overpriced commodities who's function does nothing more than the next...merely an improvement in form. If there is one thing we should all have learned in is that nothing is EVER as it seems..and that's basically why i posted this see if I'm missing something... I am fallible and I understand a man's limitations in perspective...the wise choose to with this new knowledge assuming that i'm only messaging people interested in NSA's etc and being quite respectful...why is noone replying? Fake profiles? Rude people? Or am I just flat out bugly hahaha
If i've offended anyone with my questions/statements I apologize...I forget sometimes that not everyone thinks the same way I do and accepts the same amount of things I if I have offended I genuinely apologize...I want your wisdom men and women of AMD....among other things

Dec 12 @ 6:43PM  
I don't believe you are wasting your time, you just have to be patient. There are alot of people I've noticed to, that want that NSA fun....well, probably because they're married or in a relationship and aren't happy or getting what they want in myself ...I've even had people ask me if I'm not interested in meeting anybody, "why are you here then?"....well me personaly, I like to read the blogs and comments. It's sorta like a coffee shop, mingling and having a good laugh. sounds good right about now, think I'll go make, I just made myself sound old...

Dec 12 @ 8:10PM  
You have a right to your own opinion and I have to agree that you need to have some patience. It isn't going to happen over night. There are alot of fake profiles and scammers on here. There are also alot of real people to. You just have to figure out who is who and blogs are a great way to get involved here with others.

As long as your respectful in messages, you shouldn't have a problem. If they don't respond, then don't worry about it. Someone who doesn't respond obviously isn't worth the time to write again or worry over. You say you have an amazing woman in your life, so it isn't like you can't get laid if you don't find someone here.

Small piece of advice and not trying to be mean, but when you type alot and long, try to put some spacing because it makes it hard to read.

Dec 12 @ 8:58PM  
Simple: Yep!

Dec 12 @ 10:24PM  
Are you writing to women around your own age? I get mail from a lot of 18 to 30 year old kids wanting a NSA relationship and they don't understand why I don't jump at the chance. If they are outside my age range I don't answer them because it says on my profile that I am looking for a LTR and have age limits. Be sure to read the whole profile before you send a message to someone and make sure you do not put a Yahoo messenger ID on there as most of those are spam and con artist and women getting that in a message think you are up to no good. Do you at least say hello in the first e-mail and talk to the person a little before you suggest a NSA meeting? People have to be careful and a lot of women are not going to meet and jump in bed with someone they don't even know NSA or not. Don't be in such a hurry. You have to have a little patience and sort of feel out the place. Anyway welcome to the blogs.

Dec 13 @ 4:19AM  
First of all guys YES i read the essays...basically everything on the profile if I find the person attractive and they have pics otherwise I don't even look. And yes I always start with hi or hello.

As for LTR's I never message people looking for those as I already have a beautiful partner who isn't square and doesn't confine my sexual energy or free spirit..if she did I wouldn't be in a relationship at all..(i personally find monogamous relationships to be dull and a bit self-deceiving...a socially learned habit that really has no place in the natural world)..let's be honest with each other love and sex are two totally different things...and quite frankly whether we love each other or not we're both open enough to admit we like to have a little strange every once in a while (my girl is bi)...and i am VERY thankful for marriage and one woman just isn't for me...never was..never will be...

So far the most common response seems to be patience and making sure I read the profile etc..the only thing I can see from the advice given that I haven't been doing so much is being patient I guess...but where does patience become folly is my real question.

On a second note I do not appreciate 18-30 year old's being referred to as kids.
Physical age has very little to do with maturity regardless of what most think...mental age is much more accurate. I've met 14 year olds more mature than 50 year olds and 50 year olds more mature than 14 year olds. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm not a big fan of discrimination based on age, race, religion, national origin, musical taste, sexual orientation..I believe judging a book by ANY cover is outright foolish and shows a certain level of disrespect and ignorance...for nothing in this world is EVER as it seems..I mean no disrespect it just seems wrong to me that's all. I've been mature enough to keep out of any trouble my entire life, I've made enough to retire at 25, and I never quit at school or anything I decided to start..I don't do drugs...I have safe sex..and I try my best to keep an open mind and to understand others and learn from those experiences...this age thing seems to be a big deal to a lot of ppl and it could be costing some of you a lot of good lays or relationships (whatever your search may be for). Just thought I'd get that out there...there I said it

Dec 13 @ 4:27AM  
on a seperate note you guys nailed it on the head when you said patience's becoming apparent to me that I won't be able to get what I need/want out of this site without investing a lot of time that may be better off spent just taking regular trips to Nevada to pay for it. I guess we pay for it in one form or another anyway if it's not time and patience it's money...and on second thought it would be more enjoyable to not know the person I'm sleeping with..much more exciting and animal that way. That being said thank you for helping me out all...I think you've answered my question for me.

Dec 13 @ 8:09PM  
Meh. You say you messages women that didn't have kids or were looking for NSA relationships. You messaged me - with kids and only looking for friendship.
I, for one, didn't message you back because you have a girlfriend and with girlfriends comes drama.

Good luck on your quest.

Oct 21 @ 9:47AM  
forgot all about this post...i've had a lot of luck since but through different mediums...and i'm afraid there is no drama in my home (my girlfriend is bisexual) and i don't take kindly to being's very rude...many of you could use some basic manners.

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Am i wasting my time here?