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Would You Give Up Your Worst Bad Habit or Vice so You Could Live 5 More Years?

posted 12/9/2009 10:38:08 PM |
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We all have bad habits or vices and this got me to thinking...what would make a person give up a really bad habit...especially if that bad habit was enjoyable? I think most of us would be inclined to give up a bad habit if it was detrimental to our health, but since we are all different and have different priorities, this may not be the case for every person. The more I thought about this...the more curious I became. So I thought I would pose this question in Pervia...with a bit of a twist.

Would you give up your worst bad habit/vice so you could live 5 more years?

If your answer is yes...please share your bad habit/vice.

If your answer is no...please share why you would be unwilling to give up your bad habit/vice.

What's my worst bad habit? I procrastinate when I really shouldn't. I've done this since I was a teen and I still do it to this day. I know without this habit I would have a lot less stress in my life...but old habits die hard.

My worst vice would have to be my flavored coffee cream. Yummy. I love this stuff in my coffee so much, but I know even the fat free version isn't the best thing for me. Would I be willing to give up my bad habit or my bad vice if I gained an additional 5 years on my life? Abso-fucking-lutely!

Your turn...

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Dec 9 @ 10:43PM  
I've already done it. I used to smoke. I quit about 5 years ago. Of course, another one I would like to give up is procrastinating. I'm always putting things off.

Dec 9 @ 11:39PM  

No, Never. Don't want to live 5 more years in pain.

Dec 9 @ 11:53PM  
I smoke maybe a 1/3 pack a day- sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less! Weird thing is, I quit in '95 for 10 years, then started up again in '05 but getting to the point I want to quit again! Can I? Sure! Will I? Sure- especially if I knew I'd get another five years out of it!

I procrastinate too! Why do something today, that can be done tomorrow??? Things get done anyway!


Dec 10 @ 12:00AM  
What's life without a good fucking cussword?

Dec 10 @ 12:02AM  
Evidently not. Back in the end of March 2008 my doctor said change my eating habits and start execising or I'd be gone in a year. Well I haven't changed anything and I'm still here. I keep telling myself I'll change, but I never do.

Maybe I'll change tomorrow.

Dec 10 @ 1:16AM  
Before i Cum: I'm a sex addict what's another 5 years compared to the feeling of climax.

5 seconds after i cum: I'll give it up it's not that important that i put off 5 years of experiencing life

10 seconds after i cum: I'm a sex addict what's another 5 years compared to the feeling of climax.

Dec 10 @ 2:30AM  
I don't smoke, I rarely drink, I eat low fat foods except for one, Frybread. And I know since I make it for my kids on holidays I will be eating too much of it. Would I give it up to live five extra years? More than likely I would if a doctor told me it was going to kill me.

Dec 10 @ 5:47AM  
wouldn't the extra time just feel like 5 years

Dec 10 @ 8:18AM  
If I had to, I am not sure I could do it. Hubby is trying to get me to quit smoking and it is hard. Not sure I even want to, but I do know it would be better for me in the long run to quit. I seem to have 2 very bad vices and one I don't discuss with everyone. Only few people know and that is because they are trusted friends.

Putting things off.. Oh yea, I do that daily !!

Dec 10 @ 8:18AM  
Forgot to add, slipping ya a greenie

Dec 10 @ 8:30AM  
If giving up a bad habit would add five years to my life..........let me think.

If that bad habit is detrimental to my health, and somehow became unenjoyable, sure, I'd try.

I'm reminded of my uncle. He had a heart transplant back in 1998. To begin with, he didn't get a good tissue match. He didn't take his medicine as good as he should have. He died in 2003.

He never stopped drinking his beer and smoking his weed. His wife and daughter were always on his case about it, but I finally had to set em straight. They'd argue..."He could live another 10 years if he would just stop this." I told em...."If he's enjoying himself, leave him alone. Why would he want to hang around this shitty world NOT enjoying the extra 10 years of living? That's not living. That's existing."

So I don't think I would readily give up something I enjoyed doing if it meant another 5 years NOT doing the things I enjoy.

Green guy comin at ya KitKat!

Dec 10 @ 8:32AM  
Some of these so called vices people cite are extremely tame. I wish I could cite them and keep my major vices I enjoy and still get the five extra years. Now that would be a win/win scenario!!!

For me smoking is the big gorilla. I will eventually get around to it but tend to fear that I'll put it off too long and quit smoking about a half hour after the crematorium is shut down.

Dec 10 @ 8:33AM  
Well I quit fucking smoking about 5 years ago so I guess I don't have any other fucking bad habits. I guess that makes me fucking perfect. Of course like luna said if I fucking cussed then maybe I would fucking give that up but since I fucking don't then I guess I will just have to stick with being fucking perfect. Oh yeah...I have some fucking ocean front property in Arizona as well damn it.

Dec 10 @ 8:39AM  
I gave up a job/career about 25 years ago so
I'd have the chance to live longer...

Dec 10 @ 8:47AM  
Nope. That's 5 more years of bills I gotta pay! FUck that!

Dec 10 @ 6:42PM  
I am thinking of taking up some new vices because I just realized my life has become too damn tame.

Dec 10 @ 7:46PM  
I've given up most of them. Haven't smoked cigarettes in 26 years, no pot in 15 years, if I have three drinks a month it's a lot (and I used to love to go out drinking), and my diet is reasonably healthy. So I guess that means if I had some other vice that I had to give up to live 5 more years, I probably would. But I kind of agree with the comment about needing another vice to spice up my life.

Dec 10 @ 8:20PM  
Some of these so called vices people cite are extremely tame.

I gave up some of my bad vices years ago. I have been eating much healthier over the last decade, but it's a struggle sometimes because I grew up around all the great Midwest and Southern style of cooking. I also cut down on drinking Pepsi, which I used to drink daily, and now only drink maybe 10 times a year. It was hard, but I knew it was good for me to make these lifestyle changes.

I agree with WoW. I wish I could have a win/win scenario. If I could, I would so be eating my mom's peach cobbler everyday.

I also agree with DWB34 comment. If it's the difference between existing and it really worth it? I guess we are the only ones who can answer this question.

What's life without a good fucking cussword?

Well shit cussing has gotten worse since I've been in Pervia. You all are a bad influence! I know what you mean though...sometimes you just gotta say fuck or shit...nothing else will suffice.

Some days I think I'm way too Disney for AMD.

Thanks so much for all your comments peeps.

Dec 10 @ 10:04PM  
Very interesting topic. I guess it would depend on when the 5 years started. If it was today - Hell yes. But, if giving up a bad habit or vice is going to allow me to live from 93 to 98? Wow, I honestly don't know if it would be worth the trade off.

I don't drink, use drugs, or smoke. So, I'd have to say that my daily 2 cups of coffee is my biggest vice.

My pop used to say that quitting smoking was easy - he'd done it several times!

Oh by the way Kat - just remember that persistence and hard work may pay off over the long term, but procrastination always pays off right now!

Dec 11 @ 4:34AM  
Would you give up your worst bad habit/vice so you could live 5 more years?
No way! Well, actually I don't think I have any bad habits other than getting stressed out too easily at times. So I guess I would get rid of the stress.

Dec 11 @ 9:16AM  
very doubful. have a number of bad habits, but to pick one that is the worst is nearly impossible. already know that no matter what i do, when it is my time to go. hey kiddo i am so out of here. i guess the real question should have been would i do it over again, knowin what i know now. most likely no i would not.

May 10 @ 10:40PM  
Nope, I've only got one really bad habit/vice left.. ok two.. and neither one of em is gonna buy me an extra five years if I give em up.. maybe an extra 20 seconds.. so .. no. I'm gonna smoke and fuck til I'm done.

May 10 @ 11:33PM  
Thx Skwirl for bringing this up again!!! I must have missed it!!!
I have many bad habits...!!! Can I stop them? I'm sure I could....!!!!
But...Whats a bad habit?
Is it...Being an Ass Hole? Is it being rude?
Is it Picking your nose in Public?
Is it....blah blah blah!!!
I'm me..I Smoke and Drink Beer and Coffee...and with the right one..I fuck like a champ!!!
Would I give 5 years of my life for what made me Happy? Yeah..probably so!
Everyone thinks that they are gonna Live forever.....I have learned... We don't/wont!!!! many have deleted their profiles!!! WTF?

Nov 14 @ 4:44PM  
hell no !
its only feel like 5 extra years.
wanna fuck ?
I'm gonna die 5 yrs early now , don't ya feel the least bit sorry for me ?
sympathy sex is good y'know

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Would You Give Up Your Worst Bad Habit or Vice so You Could Live 5 More Years?