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What's your top 2 Robin Williams films?

posted 12/8/2009 6:28:45 PM |
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tagged: movies, comedy, entertainment, straddle

What are your top 2 Robin Williams movies? You can only pick two, and no more. I know it's going to be difficult to do, but please keep it at two. However, after you list your top 2 picks, you can give your honorable mention to another one of his movies below that.

Mine are....

1. The Best of Times (1986)

2. Survivors (1983)

Honorable mention:

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993 I believe)

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Dec 8 @ 6:37PM  
Does Mork and Mindy count?


I loved Mrs. Doubtfire and Good Morning Vietnam. his Mork appearances on Happy Days?


Dec 8 @ 6:38PM  
Now I know there's gotta be a lot of Robin Williams fans here...

Dec 8 @ 6:40PM  
Does Mork and Mindy count?
Sorry, Dawn, just his films, not sitcoms.

I loved Mrs. Doubtfire and Good Morning Vietnam.
See, now that was easy, wasn't it.

Dec 8 @ 6:40PM  
Good morning Vietnam and Jumanjii. Jumanjii might be his only action film. lol

Dec 8 @ 6:41PM  
I do want to see the one he has out now with John Travolta...looks to be hilarious.

Dec 8 @ 6:43PM  
I do want to see the one he has out now with John Travolta...looks to be hilarious.
Ah yes, "Old Dogs". That looks like it's going to be a good funny movie.

Dec 8 @ 6:57PM  
good morning vietnam and mrs.doubtfire
are great films. Personally I liked him in
Insomnia and
One hour photo
He plays a great crazy guy.


Dec 8 @ 7:05PM  
"Goodwill Hunting" and "Awakenings" for me. Both movies heavy in their own way.

The more you think about it, though, the more films you can easily name...

Dec 8 @ 7:12PM  
I am not a big fan of his and there are two films that I like the first half of but the second half are boring and lame to me; Mrs Doubtfire and Good Morning Viet Nam.

Now I must say that there was another flick that I feel he played a tremendous role in that I watched. It really showed his range but was not my kind of movie. I just can't recall the name of it though. It involved people reuniting after death.

Dec 8 @ 7:20PM  
well I love Mrs Doubtfire...I thought it was the Mary Poppins of the millineum...he had a movie that was based on a book called The World According to Garp. and it was great, but my favorite is Awakening! ....oh yeah...Birdcage was a riot!

Dec 8 @ 7:20PM  
I know you said only two..but, I LOVED Genie on the Disney movie Aladdin. And yep, Robin Williams did the voice. Then there was the movie Hook, another Disney movie.

Ok, I'm done now.

Dec 8 @ 7:29PM  
personally I thought mrs doubtfire was a very sad movie...that a man wold have to go to such lenghts to see his children....


Dec 8 @ 7:30PM  
Never heard of him!

Dec 8 @ 7:44PM  
I mainly like watching his stand up & just watched one he did this year today. He was in a good movie where he was not a main character just a mean old coot who swindled homeless kids for their money. The boy ( main character) had a gift for music & was searching for his parents.

Dec 8 @ 7:50PM  
1. World According to Garp

2. Good Morning Vietnam

Dec 8 @ 9:01PM  
Now I must say that there was another flick that I feel he played a tremendous role in that I watched. It really showed his range but was not my kind of movie. I just can't recall the name of it though. It involved people reuniting after death.

Bruce: I believe you're thinking of either 'What Dreams Are Made' Of which came out in 1998 or a supporting role in a 1991 film entitled 'Dead Again'.

My picks:

1. Good Will Hunting
2. Patch Adams.

Honerable Mentions: (Sorry Shawn...2 is not enough)

3. Nine Months
4. Dead Poets Society
5. Mrs. Doubtfire

Dec 8 @ 9:03PM  
Dead Poets Society and Bicentennial Man are my all time faves.. he wasn't funny in either of them.. but he was superb.

I still have to vote another vote for his funny films though.. I have two of those as well.

Birdcage and Good Morning Vietnam.

Dec 8 @ 9:25PM  
1 hour photo & Mrs. Doubtfire

Dec 8 @ 9:50PM  
World According to Garp

Mrs. Doubtfire

Dec 8 @ 10:46PM  
Never heard of him!

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! where have you been feather!!?!? Don't you remember Mork ... from Ork???


Dec 8 @ 10:47PM  

How about Flubber,



Honorable mention.

Fern Gully he was Batty. When I took my son and my niece to that movie they couldn't understand why I was laughing so hard. It was Robin Williams return and back with a force.
Fern Gully

Then Disney picked him up for Aladdin. Again I would have loved to be a fly in the recording studio.

Then Patch Adams, for real good humor and Awakenings was a good serious role I enjoyed him in.


Dec 8 @ 11:25PM  
From my comment earlier was the movie August Rush.

Dec 9 @ 12:07AM  

Dec 9 @ 12:45AM  
Gee Straddle did he ever make a bad film? I can't think of one. And he playes great Bit part/Character Actor as well.

The man is a genius, I'm glad he's clean and sober. He doesn't need the nose candy to be brilliant.

Dec 9 @ 3:55AM  
Patch Adams and Good Morning Vietnam !!!

Dec 9 @ 4:13PM  
Aladdin and Hook.

Big fan of his 2002 Live from Broadway special, if that counts for a movie.

I don't know, I just adore this man.

Dec 9 @ 4:23PM  
I'd rather jab a fork in my eye than watch anything with Robin Williams in it.

Dec 9 @ 4:40PM  
Never heard of him!
What rock do you live under? Certainly explains the lack of a sense of humor.

Good Morning Vietnam was the greatest. And all his comedies are pretty much second, and his dramas are third. He is a good drama actor, but unfortunately, just as with Jim Carrey, people will always expect him to be funny. Funny he is, and funny he should be. Just my opinion.

Dec 9 @ 5:11PM  
Dead Poets Society and The Fisher King.

Dec 9 @ 5:54PM  
I'll watch pretty much anything with Robin Williams in long as it's not a stage show where he is on stage with someone else. He tends to upstage others on stage.

Favorites off the top of my head:

Patch Adams
What Dreams May Come

Also liked:

Good Will Hunting
Mrs. Doubtfire
The World According To Garp (also a great book)

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What's your top 2 Robin Williams films?