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What changed it the last 18 years?

posted 12/8/2009 4:06:07 PM |
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This morning, here in my home state, a prison inmate was executed. In 1991 this guy robbed a girl, attempted rape, killed her and them dismembered her body.

I'm not trying to start an argument over whether it is right or wrong to execute. We all have our beliefs and we're not going to change...are we?

The question I have is what changed during these 18 years for this guy to put to sleep now. Nothing. If we are going to execute people why spend the tax payer money for 18 years. Why not execute him 18 years ago?

That just doesn't make sense to me.

For those that do want to argue...I think we should have desmembered his body while still alive. That would be just punishment.

cnn execution story

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Dec 8 @ 4:22PM  
Nothing like homicide for the holidays.

Dec 8 @ 4:28PM  
One of the possible reasons that it took 18 years is most likely appeals. I don't know how busy the dockets are in your area, but, if it took that long, they are probably full of appeals.

Dec 8 @ 5:15PM  
Just had this discussion on another blog...and yes, it's the appeals that take so long. There have been several capital cases where after 10 or more years the convicted was proven innocent by new (usually DNA) evidence. So, in a way I don't begrudge the appeals if it means that an innocent person gets another chance to prove their innocence.

What I do begrudge are the ones who are obviously guilty, proven beyond a reasonable doubt, yet they spend years and millions of tax-payer dollars still trying to get aquitted. Or at least have their death sentence commuted to life w/o parole.

Our system is flawed...but it's flawed in order to protect the innocent.

Personally I believe that anyone found guilty of murder should just be shot in the head...immediately following the trial.

Dec 8 @ 5:24PM  

Texas death penalty cases cost more than non-capital cases
That is about three times the cost of imprisoning someone in a single cell at the highest security level for 40 years. ("Executions Cost Texas Millions," Dallas Morning News, March 8, 1992)
Isn't the first time this subject has come up, but 'sugar' has the correct answer.

Trial: Death penalty trials can last over four times longer, requiring juror and attorney compensation, in addition to court personnel and other related costs. In my state they estimate "Maryland Pays $37 Million for One Execution".
I know you're not concerned with costs, or arguing the death penalty debate, but why does it take so long?
Capital offenders seldom have the money to hire attorneys so the state appoints them and therein lies the answer. ATTORNEYS, the ACLU and the liberal justice system just feasts off the whole process.

Me, I just wish we'd turn 'em and burn 'em.

Dec 8 @ 5:31PM  
Well if all the evidence is in ..including DNA ...then what is there to appeal?

Maybe the judge made a legal error or didn't have the right color of panties on.

Or the prosecution farted during sentencing or one of the jurors dribbled on their Ipod and electricuted themself....could be a miriad of reasons...lets hear them..

Dec 8 @ 5:53PM  
I am in full agreement with you, dismemberment would be ideal. BUT, that would be cruel and unusual punishment and violate his constitutional rights. Never mind about the victims constitutional rights. Thank you ACLU.

Dec 8 @ 5:55PM  
About time they got rid of this piece of shit this morning.

Dec 8 @ 6:00PM  
dismemberment would be ideal

Just his nuts and d***.

Dec 8 @ 6:24PM  
I believe in Dexter.....

Dec 8 @ 7:51PM  
used to have some similar views as alot here.....'fuck em' shoot em'

BUT then found a few friends of friends who were locked up and INNOCENT......and later it was found out n they were set free soo i'll ask you THIS

what if YOU LOOKED LIKE the killer...wouldn't you want time to prove yourself innocent more then ONCE?? for all you that just watch tv to understand court ...TRUST ME>.its NOT what your watching in real life....not even close

Dec 9 @ 8:46AM  
There is a guy in my home town in Indiana that killed a whole family a few days before Christmas. I am sorry to say that I went to school with him and know him well. I actually kept him from killing a guy he got into a fight with after school one day. The reason he killed this family supposedly was because the man was his boss where he worked and he did something that pissed him off. This guy broke into their house while they were out Christmas shopping and jumped them as they came into the house. He tied the man up first then his wife. They had a little girl that was 5 and a little boy that was 3. He tied them up as well. Then he pulls out a 357 magnum and makes the guy watch as he started with the little boy shooting him in the head, then he shoots the little girl in the head, then the wife. Then he goes over to the man and finishes unloading the gun into him. To top it all off with he took all the Christmas presents that they had bought and passed them out amoungst his family as if he had bought the gifts for them. He was caught a couple of weeks later and sentenced to death. This was about 35 years ago and while sitting on death row he studied law and became his own attorney. I don't know what kind of legal bullshit he has came up with but along with that and his appeals he is still sitting on death row in Indiana with no execution date planned. I say when someone kills someone and is convicted of it then they should be killed the same way. If they shoot someone shoot them. If they stab someone stab them. If they dismember someone they should be dismembered. Years ago it was very possible for the wrong person to be arrested for a crime but with the technology and DNA these days it's highly unlikely.

Dec 9 @ 10:03AM  
Executing an innocent person is the real problem with capital punishment and the only reason why I don't mind if a convicted murderer gets a life sentence.
Unfortunately a huge number of murders, rapes, assaults and other violent crimes are committed by paroled felons and murderers sometimes get paroled.
So until they ban parole I won't object if career violent felons are executed for murder.
Now your never-been-in-trouble-with-the-law-before, first time killer, crime of passion or went off the deep end type is probably not going to be paroled or kill again so why execute them.
For some reason it's the career felons that get out.

Dec 9 @ 10:38AM  
I don't know what kind of legal bullshit he has came up with but along with that and his appeals he is still sitting on death row in Indiana with no execution date planned.

He's most likely angling for an insanity defense. It's hard to execute someone if they "don't understand" the crime.


Dec 9 @ 1:00PM  
More and more cases are being dismissed in light of new evidence ( such as DNA ) and other factors.

Much as it IS aggravating to me personally to have so many living off the taxpayers money, such laws are in effect to try to fairly let the accused have every possible opportunity to prove their innocence. However in cases like this, unscrupulous lawyers pull every single loophole they can find to extend it out and therefore make more money from those who can pay.

Just a personal view, but this is yet another in a long list of situations where the system tries to be as fair as possible, yet there will always be those who will play the system and there is little chance of finding a "perfect" solution.

Just my nickel.

(NOW, if I was a cop...and found someone standing over a body...knife or smoking gun in their hand, etc...there would be NO trial... )

Dec 10 @ 6:10AM  
too many times you hear of criminals wanting to be treated leniant when they have been caught after raping or murdering someone, if the dna evidence is there as proof I say they should suffer the same fate as their victims, they don't get a second chance to re-live their life so why should they, the criminal who has caused all the grief in the first place ?
but as usual, if they had a bad hair day, got yelled at when they were a kid, etc , its ok to let them off cos everyone is supposed to feel sorry for them, they have a brain btwn their ears, if they haven't got the sense to use it why should that become our problem ..

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What changed it the last 18 years?