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posted 12/7/2009 12:40:31 PM |
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What do you think about the tiger drama? Do you think the matter should of been private. between his wife and himself? I think those woman are bad for comming down on him as they did! they are just about the money! they dont care who they hurt! i feel for his wife! and i think tiger earned that wack on the head from her! if thats what happen! I think they should leave it alone! what you think?

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Dec 7 @ 12:47PM  
Well, let's see. Tiger Woods is young, and he's so well known that one would have to be a hermit to not know who he is. With that said, he's on the road a lot. And obviously his wife isn't with him. Then add into the mix beautiful women flirting with him, throwing themselves at was a matter of time before he cheated.

Do I care? No. It's none of my business what goes on his private life. Did he deserve to have his wife get pissed of at him? Most definitely. Again, do I really care? No. And in watching the news coverage about him being "someone to look up to"...excuse me? He's a sports start, yes. But, he's also human, with human flaws. Seriously, society needs to stop putting these stars on such high pedestals...they almost always seem to fall off of them.

Dec 7 @ 12:50PM  
I agree with you surgar!! its none of our bussiness! he is a man! I think i blame those woman! they did it for the money!

Dec 7 @ 1:13PM  
Typical sports figure where fame and fortune went to his head! It was just a matter of time! Does that make it mine or anyone else's business to know- no!!! But, being the news media as it is, it's forced upon us anyway, whether we like it or not!

As far as Tiger getting what he deserves when it comes to his cheating on his wife... he gets what he gets, as a result of his own actions!


Dec 7 @ 1:26PM  
they oughta just legalize polygamy the way things are going.
and polygny too. women with more than one husband. make him pay
palimony and child support to his wives and lovers its like the marriage
olympics. should sex be an olympic sport at the london olympics in 2012?
all these people sneaking around behind each others back. all the backstabbing
and double dealing, and conspiracies. its very unnerving. its been the era
of glasnost for so long now. openess, a free and open society. let it all hang
out etc. that's my 25 cents worth. it used to be two cents, but ya know inflation.

Dec 7 @ 1:50PM  
When I first heard the news break, I was concerned for Tiger's condition. If you're an avid golfer you're aware of the place he already holds in golf's history, as well as his run to break Jack Nicklaus' major titles record (and numerous others). No current golfer has had a greater impact on the game so it was just a matter of time before the blood hunt began by the media and the women smelled the money. Tiger's life, as he knew it, will be altered. Does he deserve the scrutiny? I'm afaid it goes with the name. Will it run its course, yes, effect his endorsement earnings, no, lessen his popularity, not much, change his personal and private life, yes and no. One thing is certain, the media will bleed it for all it's worth regardless of the truth.

Dec 7 @ 1:52PM  
(Is it just me or is funnywhapper starting to make sense....*S*)

Dec 7 @ 2:24PM  
When you are a sports superstar you have no privacy. But above all you are someone the youth of america (especially for young black men) looks up too. It doesn't matter if anyone thinks its his deal and none of our business. Like what was already said the media will find something and milk it dry all for the money. Remember he as a sports figure not only owes it to is wife but to all the people that are fans. He has taken the money for years now. The money generated by the fans, his fans or others. They wouldn't have the life they have if it weren't for us. I personally find golf boring as all hell, but there are tons of people out there that do look up to him. It will all go away soon enough and hopefully those who did look up to him will learn from his mistakes.

Dec 7 @ 2:46PM  
Im already tired of hearing it all's sooooo played out ...there won't be any end in the women coming forward now that Tiger's digging in his deep pockets...

Dec 7 @ 6:26PM  
(Is it just me or is funnywhapper starting to make sense....*S*)

Funnywhapper always has made sense. Enough sense for me to know he almost never agrees with anything I write. It's sort of like listening to an unfamiliar accent -you have to make an effort to hear it.

I do like the stream of consciousness thing, FW.

Dec 7 @ 7:22PM  
I think these women coming forward now are merely gold diggers!! And as for Tiger or any other celebrity....don't they think they should watch what they do cause eventually someone is going to try to profit on their "transgressions" or whatever!! I have no sympathy for him and no respect for the women coming forward.... they're all a bunch of cheap shots!!

Dec 7 @ 7:38PM  
He isn't the first, and he won't be the last, to play that game. It is my opinion, that I have never quite understood the whole infidelity thing, my wives did it, but I just don't get it. For starters, by the time you get married, shouldn't you all ready know if you are done fucking around and bed hoping ? And if your not , go for it, and don't get married. Fuck who you want, when you want, where you want. The divorce rate in this country is ridiculous. It's all about poor choices, not being in touch with what you really want and a bunch of fucked up hindsight, and not thinking a decision that serious through. And if that is where you find yourself, GET DIVORCED, don't go behind our spouses back, humiliate them, be little them, hurt them in court and get it the fuck over with. Don't wait until you've destroyed who knows how many other lives because of your raggitty way of making decisions, five kids later. When it comes to the sanctity of marriage in this country, it 's a cold , and fucking callous world out there, it's all about them and there fucking lebedo's! Fuck the kids, ME, ME, I , I!!!

Dec 7 @ 11:55PM  
And I care what some overpaid sports star does in his private life why? I don't care who they are, I just do not care. I am not happy with the news media though. I am very sure there are more important issues out there they should be covering instead of this crap.

Dec 8 @ 4:02AM  
Actually DR. Dropsthesoap! Again you have no clue what you are talking about. The more you write the dumber you sound. Cause there was anything racial in my post. Like your dad said he can buy you books and more books but you still turned out to be a dumbass!

Dec 9 @ 2:16PM  
Tiger is no longer a "Tiger"....he's a Cheetah. LOL

Apr 15 @ 9:25AM  
I think the whole media thing is a joke. They should be focusing on the Americans who lost their jobs and are living out of cardboard boxing not what billionaire is cheating on their wife. If his fans do not like his actions sales will show, it is not Americas life to live in another man or womans life.

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