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AMD Week in Review

posted 12/5/2009 5:52:54 PM |
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First of all, I would like to say thanks to all of you who have enjoyed my attempts at the Review. While I will say Dayna’s will always be the best…I’m proud to step in for her and keep the tradition going. Of course…if she ever came back and wanted to take this back up….I would GLADLY let her have at it!

Shewolf53 blogged about boring boring boring…all I can say is I totally, 100% agree with her on this blog. We need to reclaim Pervia with fun, fun,fun… bury the junk blogs.

Oh yeah, KitKat25 FINALLY gives us a blog us Pervians LOVE!!!! Sex and orgasms!!!!! Need I say more?

Max49 showed us the error of our ways in Not So Smart. Why try to improve a system that already worked perfectly?

RevDocLove offered up some Peace Plan Options. I can just imagine Statue of Liberty with a baseball bat with the saying “You want a piece of me?”

Sunshine79 passed along some sound advice from the cat…you want an accurate reading of the weather, leave the dog outside.

Dmb420 gave us the perfect set up to Catch an Elephant. Kick him in the ash hole. Good one!!!!!

select username gave us a good visual of how some are dealing with the recession. I knew someone that, if still here today, would probably have done the same thing.

flavor buster asked if “Your cat looks at you this way?”….flavor…gotta wonder about you sometimes.

Sunshine79 offered up some words of wisdom. I must say I totally agree with “It’s good to question authority, but not mine.” And then she told us about how Age Is A Funny Thing. Isn’t it amazing how a “few” years can “slightly” change appearances.

Sundance64 says “Let’s try this again”, very informative blog regarding the recession. Remember people, it isn’t just the government that has caused this, this is a problem cause by many years of abuse, neglect, and greed. Took a lot of years to get to this point, and it’s going to take a lot of years to get to a better place.

RevDocLove, Issued a “Product Warning For The Ladies” …..ummmm…yeah. What will he come up with next??? Do I even want to know?

Funnywhapper wrote about p-nut shells in artillery shells….all I know is the line about gore and Limbaugh was funny.

whispering comet shared with everyone her son’s new job. The pay is great …. Hopefully the job hazards are minimal to none.

Nsa101 wants a no strings attached sexcapade for December. Any willing out there to help him out?

continued in comments

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Dec 5 @ 5:57PM  
Soft_touch938 tells us “One more time”, she is still wanting photos for her friendship wall folks…help her out!!

3zcumpany asks “Why lie in your profile?”. Well, some people I guess feel they have to “expand” on how “wonderful” they are to make themselves more attractive than others? I don’t know..just a guess. But seriously, lying does nothing but bite you in the ass later when it catches up to you.

Tassie1 shared an obituary with us on Common Sense. Ok, that’s it, I’m in mourning. I was wondering why the world all of sudden seemed so selfish and rude….we lost Common Sense.

Justme4u let us know he’s not leaving. Don’t get me wrong, but, I didn’t know you were thinking of leaving, but, glad to see you’re going to stick around.

Max49, and WordsofWit both shared some penguin jokes. Honestly, I would have hated being the one cleaning up the theatre after 20 penguins were in there watching a movie. And, I learned that penguins will blow seals!! See? You can learn something about nature here in Pervia.

flavor buster shared his fantasy teacher with everyone. Imagine if all teachers were hot….at least the kids would be in school!

RevDocLove told us about the blind pilots in “Just a thought if you’re planning on flying for Xmas”. And like I said in his blog…I’m glad I can’t afford to fly! Maybe they were the pilots on the news a few weeks back that missed their landing by an hour?

Dmbchick420 asked about “Women with their thong hanging out--sexy or skanky?” I agree with the majority, some women can pull it off and make it look sexy, while others….don’t bother.

CasuallyLooking stopped in with some thoughts on “Some Loves Never Die”. Her ex father in law recently passed away, and is now reunited with the love of his wife who passed away 10 years earlier. My condolences to her and her family as they sound like they were wonderful people.


Dec 5 @ 6:02PM  
Borty asks, “Where is the justice?” I wish I knew. There are some in the criminal element that should be locked away permanently.

Soft_touch938 announced “That’s it…..I’m really retiring now!” I’m wondering how much begging, bribing, and more begging it would take to convince to trim my hair.

“and it begins” according to 3zcumpany who, like myself and some others, get a chuckle out of watching those with no experience trying to drive on snow covered roads for the first time. For those who have never driven on snowy’s the secret…….slow down! Oh, don’t brake hard, locks the tires and you will slide.

Kitkat25 asks us about our most unusual job and whether we liked or hated it. I have to agree with Max and comes down to whether you like or dislike your supervisor.

And poor Nathanial…that “gull darn fortune cookie” lied to him! He should sue it!

And Max49 told us “It’s simple” on how to build a nuclear reactor with wrist watches. Hey, I’ve got 2 wrist watches here….send me the directions!

Dmbchick420 filled us in with the “Dream Auction”….still wondering if that hubby’s black eye faded yet.

Wordsofwit..I can’t believe it…Dallas got “Snow!!!” before Michigan!!! That’s ok, they can keep it!

Desertsmile is “Almost embarrassed” to admit to liking LadyGaGa. Is this the new Madonna? Nah!!! There is only one Madonna.

Dmbchick420 is “Just thinking out loud” about her fan. Go dmb!!!!!

Nathaniel let us know that those couple of cups of coffee we enjoy will help prevent heart attacks. Makes one wonder if chocolate will increase sex appeal.

Dec 5 @ 6:07PM  
[QUOTE]Cootiesprayer stopped in to let us know she is having a test run to see if she has uterine cancer. Thoughts and prayers with you dear.

NightOfOld shared his poem “The month after Thanksgiving” with us. Diet? What the hell for? You only live once, enjoy it!

Christmas is sneaking up on us…got a couple of blogs about holiday decorating. Shewolf53 asks how far do you go on decorating. Softie has given us some giggles on her adventures of decorating for the holidays.

RevDocLov blogged about the Salvation Army’s not giving gifts to children of illegal immigrants. My opinion is this, it’s not the kids fault that the families are here illegally, and I can’t help but feel bad for those kids to be denied the joy of one gift because of the decision of the parents. Christmas is a time of giving, not a time to be “mean”, or “scrooge like”. That’s just MHO.

And lets welcome a new blogger, speedball, who gave us a few chuck Norris facts and some great one liners.

Needsomenow789 told about the dangers of talking too slow when talking about marriage in “After many years, two guys meet again.” Hopefully the guy was able to convince his lady to forgive him.

Sunshine79 let us all know the benefits of chocolate while dieting. Whew! Now I don’t feel so guilty about that candy bar last night! She also provided a link later on that allows people to chose Christmas cards for our troops to send through Xerox. Thanks Sunshine!

Taisen, she did a BWI and Rant blog. Hopefully she gets to the doc and gets the antibiotics she needs for what sounds like an ear infection.

Whisperingcomet made it fun with “Next Line” where she starts off with the opening line of “Joy to the World” and members filled in what line comes next. That was a fun blog to read. Hopefully there will be more like that.

Sundance64 let us have a peek into her family with “Real conversations at my house”….What can I say? They sound like a family that has a lot of love and a lot fun.

Soft_touch938 is “Kinda cheating and ect.” She’s offering hair cuts on the second Tuesday of next week everyone! Get in line. Of course, I asked for 1pm on the first Tuesday of next week. Wonder if I’ll get it. Oh, and Softie, the kitties eating icicles, when I go to work, my two little “darlings” get locked up in the bedroom for the day till I get home.

RevDocLove gave two separate “sermons” on sex….all I can say is….interesting.

Wordsofwit wrote of liquors and cordials. Left me out…lol I don’t know about that
stuff. Lol



Dec 5 @ 6:13PM  
Good you keep notes all week......

Dec 5 @ 6:14PM  
DarkKnightWalking in “I’m sure this has been discussed before” shared an interesting article about the cost of illegal immigration. I firmly believe people have a right to better their lives, but I really wish they would do so legally. Also, I really wish the government would stop “rewarding” them for being here illegally. Which leads to 40DWM’s “Just to fekkin cheer you up…$16.7 billion to pay employees” a blog about how badly taxpayers were ripped off by Goldman&Sachs. Really sucks.

Ok, onto to brighter things thanks to Sunshine79 and her joke “A man and his Ass”. That boy had it really bad for that poor donkey if he was going to choose it over some hot nekkid babe standing in front of him!

BlueEyes708 gave us a chuckle with sex and an egg timer in “Morning Sex”

Maxman41 asked if “You would ever go out with someone who changed their mind about dating you?”..hmmmmm…..Don’t know… I haven’t made up my mind yet.

WordsofWit let those of us who have pick ups know of a “Christmas money idea”. Delivering trees and helping with set up to earn a little extra cash is a good idea. Makes me wish I still had my little S10

Max49, along with dmb420, gave us some “advice” in the blog “For Northerners moving South”, Max gave us northerners advice on how to survive the south, and dmb gave southerners advice on how to survive the north. Gotta love the diversity of this country!

Don’t know about the rest of you, but I discovered there is more than just Pearl Harbor Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas day as holiday’s in December thanks to Nathanial’s blog “December Holidays”.

Taisen asks “Should I or shouldn’t I?” in her blog about her ex wanting her to drop the child support. All I got to say to that is, he needs to step up and be responsible, and that means paying his child support.

Sunshine79 blogged “If”…about Santa brought just one gift, what everyone would ask for. There was some really good answers.

KitKat25 let everyone know that Bigotry is not the answer. I wonder what the answer is then? Let’s look behind door number 2. Ok, seriously though, hate is such a wasted emotion. Would be great if the world wasn’t so hostile.

flavor buster got snow!!!!!

PinkToeNails had “Fucking Headache”[B]….Ok, anyone ever see a headache fuck? If so, what did it look like?

And, on a sad note….to end the week…we learned that Softie’s Mom passed away on 12/4/09 at 5:30pm. Softie, all knew that you were expecting this, but still, she was your Mom, my heart and my condolences to you and your family.

And that ends this week's Week in Review. Thank you to all who enjoy them.

Dec 5 @ 6:29PM  
*standing ovation*

You're doing one hell of a job! Dayna would be so proud of you!! We sure are!!!


Dec 5 @ 7:04PM  
very well done! bravo! bravo! good job

Dec 5 @ 7:21PM  
well said.... ... I don't always leave comments, but I've been trying to keep up with reading the blogs and I must say, definitely more interesting then my mail.

Dec 5 @ 8:12PM  
Wow........What An Awesome Job!!! Very...... Well Done!!!
Thx for your time!!!!!

Dec 5 @ 8:14PM  
Wow Sugar...I'm in awe!

You did an awesome you a standing O...and leaving you a kudo.


Dec 5 @ 8:21PM  
Kudos to Sugar
Very good job

Dec 5 @ 9:16PM  
...... Good review blog. ......

Dec 5 @ 9:25PM  
Thank you everyone.

Dec 5 @ 11:56PM  

Dec 6 @ 2:46AM  
Great review

Dec 6 @ 5:50PM  
Alright, Dawn, where are my two blogs from yesterday?


Dec 7 @ 9:59AM  
great job!!!!

pss thanks to you and Belle for the cards

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AMD Week in Review