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I Hear Footsteps!

posted 12/5/2009 3:43:57 PM |
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...and isn't Santa arriving early to whip his wiener out and fuck me down!...Did I say "wiener"?. ..cause we all know I love "THE COCK"!. ..but really...there is something in my house. It doesn't really sound like footsteps. more like scratching around and rummaging in between the ceiling and the floor boards upstairs! Should I be alarmed? Should I do something about it?
I am down stairs in the kitchen. There is no voices, or music, or anything that could distract me from hearing this rustling. Just me and Talulah and the clickety clack of my keys being pecked on by my fingers as I write this blog....oooppsss.. .I think IT is playing a tossing game, but with what? What would it have in between the ceiling and the floor boards to be busying itself with? where is my ya think IT confiscated my it just fuckin around up there cause it doesn't know where to go or how it got there? it sounds like a foot step???? wtf should I do?????
....murph....has calmly gone up the stairs to investigate and I haven't found anything or anyone....down the stairs and back on th pc....posting and being very cool calm and collected...... ....

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Dec 5 @ 3:48PM  
*twilight zone music playing in the background*

Dec 5 @ 4:11PM  
The People Under the Stairs ... or this STIFFY

Dec 5 @ 4:24PM  
This happened to me in one of a few houses I rented in Mobile, AL, years ago!

Look around the baseboard moldings for rat holes in your house on the 1st floor! Especially look behind your appliances in the kitchen and utility room if you have one! If you see any, then it's most likely rats of different sizes, grabbing food of some type (potatoes in a cupboard sitting near the floor, was what they were getting at) and taking the potatoes with them in between the walls and up between the ceiling and attic floor! Sometimes, they let go of the potatoes and the potatoes, would drop down between the walls!

I found a rat hole behind the fridge (rat holes can be deceptively small holes, much like mouse holes but rats can get into them) and set a rat trap using a gob of peanut butter! Just watch it when setting the trap or have someone do it for you- they're pretty strong traps! Or have an exterminator do it for you! The biggest ones got nailed first (about one each night) and worked down to what looked like mice but were probably young rats- finally, they were gone, end of weird noises! What you describe, sounds awful familiar to me!


Dec 5 @ 4:35PM  
Straddle....hehehehe....I hear the music....HA! LOL! you just cracked me the fuck up! No...I am being real...there are noises and it isn't the twilight kind...I am not psycho! HA!....everything upstairs is workin fine!

Flavor....are you sure all these things you expose us to don't hae viruses????

Som....I know all about rats.....I have no it with an E or Not???

Dec 5 @ 4:45PM  
I'm thinking, its You... thinking like Me!.......Well, I Live in "Hope" .... and you are a Doll ...but........
You were only worried about your "BOB".....Just saying!!!

Cute...thx for sharing!!! Greenie!!!

Dec 5 @ 4:45PM  
is it with an E or Not???
Guess it just depends on who's typing! Potatoe- potato! Tomatoe- tomato! Who knows?


Dec 5 @ 4:50PM  
??????...I don't get it???? What is in your coffee Toad???

But...Som....I mean plural??? toe to toes....or to to tos????

Dec 5 @ 4:55PM  
my blog made Horny.....horny....or is it with an E????

Dec 5 @ 4:56PM  
You were only worried about your "BOB".....'s Big Pink....and don't forget it!

Dec 5 @ 5:05PM  
who gave me a Kudo???? I mean this the kinda blog ya get a Kudo for???

Dec 5 @ 5:14PM  
shit...fuck this topic...I just had a vision of a double cocked know...kinda like a two headed horse or conjoined twins...the doudble dick bus..... I have a fever????

Dec 5 @ 5:19PM  
Me thinks you have a mouse in your house.

Good gosh, if I'm this goofy is gonna be one hell of a silly day cuz I haven't even touched an alcholic beverage...yet.

*I can almost hear the theme from Jaws playing in the background*

Dec 5 @ 5:37PM  
Yo Kit....what time is it there???? music is playing here, but you and Straddle are crackin me up!

Dec 5 @ 6:11PM  
....or a possum...they are pesky critters and can get in as well.

Dec 5 @ 6:11PM  
What about a two-headed match to find the two clitted vagina.

Dec 5 @ 6:25PM  
Desert...I wonder how an animal that big would get in? I javen't seen any possums in my neighborhood. Right now the noise is gone, but I do have the TV on. I am horny....where is that Toad????

Dec 5 @ 7:08PM  
Here I Is!!!
I told ya sooooooooo

Dec 5 @ 7:10PM  
You crack me up Toad!

Dec 5 @ 7:21PM  
Maybe it found a comfortable spot and is watching the tube with ya .....

Dec 5 @ 7:28PM  
...,,,maybe I better look under the covers??!!! Even my pup Talulah is acting wierd. She is snuggled in the bed in her sweater and rolled up in my down jacket. I don't know what is goin on around here, but somethin is wierd..... ...good to see ya Griz! I hope your honey is well!

Dec 5 @ 8:21PM  
Sounds like rats.

Dec 5 @ 8:22PM  
That's too funny! What if a little creature really is snuggled up and watching T.V. with you bunny? Hmmm...your little dog isn't gonna like the competition.

Dec 5 @ 8:31PM  
I had a noise in my bathroom..I was scared..I found out that somehow birds got in the wall from the outside when they had babies this spring..

Dec 6 @ 6:15AM  
Could be a ghost......

Dec 6 @ 2:11PM  
The birds in the walls sounds familiar. After my divorce my ex finally moved out of the house and moved across the street.... ...he called me one day to ask what I thought the noise was he was hearing thru the laudry room walls, putting the phone up against the wall. Shit if I know, so I went over there. After a good listen, and a decision, I got my crowbar and dismantled an area behind the washer and dryer. He was too big of a wieney to do it hisself. There comes 3 kittens n a momma kitty...a couple landed in the washer...ouch the fucker bit me....then they go flying out of the house cause the door was open. HA! What a sight! The cat had kittens in the attic and a couple of them had crawlwd threw the insulation and fallen inbetween the wall a whole floor down!....end of story...left the hole in the wall for him to fix...and I went on my merry way!

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I Hear Footsteps!