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I have a fucking headache!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted 12/4/2009 6:36:11 PM |
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Okay... so I'm not one to sit here and bellyache and blog about my personal problems, But I'm going to tonight.!
I'm diabetic and right now on steroids and they are wreaking havoc on me. My blood sugar was 491 today and I ended up at the ER on fluids to bring it down, it never got below 300... and I have 29 days of steroids left. They have me shaking like a leaf, and you can even hear it in my voice!
But my thing is, I'm stressed as a mofo! My daughter lost her mind, car and jobs back in early July and she's been here with those two fucking dogs of hers all this time, one being a chow that is mean and viscious!! The girl is doing nothing to look for work, mind you (and me) she has been a great help to my mother who has been going thru chemotherapy! But that's not helping me pay my bills! I try to help my mom when I can but working 2 jobs is tying up alot of mine time. I've tried to make time to see my friend Mitzi who is still in the hospital..
I absolutely hate my FT job... dread going there everyday and after Christmas, I will be looking for new FT employment unless my PT job goes FT *cross your fingers for me*
I've spent alot more money than I've had in the past couple of weeks to do so... copays and meds.. it's killling me, another thing my daughter doesn't understand. And right now she doesn't even have a car but if she could just find a job, arrangements of some sort could be made for her to work!! On a good note, she's got a boyfriend that is cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute as he could be... he hates when I say that cause he's this thrash metal drummer that only wears black and has the earlobe stretchy thingies... ick!
Okay, so my dang house is falling apart too! leaks here and there and the floor in my bathroom is giving way, but it's not wet... I need a handyman.. any takers!??! LOL
Okay sorry... I just had to bitch for a minute... so now I'll just kick back and for a little while!!
Ya'll have a great weekend!!

Love you all!

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Dec 4 @ 6:42PM  
I have about 30 seconds to write a response, so I am sending you hugs and hopes that your sugar will come down soon and your headache will ease.
I'll get back about the rest later...... in the meantime, don't choke anyone... lol

Dec 4 @ 6:53PM  
Bless yor Heart!!!
Life happens.... dont it? This Reminds me of my X GF!!! But her's Story is at least 10 time Worse!!! And it STAYS that WAY!!!
Yeah, I can fix your Floor...but I need to fix the "Leak" 1st!!!
Honestly...I Can/Will do it!!! And I'm CHEAP!!! How does You pay for the parts..and the Labor is Free!!!

But plz... let me know Quick..cause I am "Advertising"!!! I Even have Cards,a Door decal for my truck.....etc.!!!

Dec 4 @ 6:58PM  
PS: No... I Wont Expect/DECLINE..any Booty Rewards!!!

Dec 4 @ 7:02PM  

Silly man! we'll talk!!

Dec 4 @ 7:30PM  
I have a co worker who is diabetic, so, this will probably be a "done that already" question, but, she has told me when her sugar gets high, she drinks orange juice and that sometimes helps. Anyway, I hope your sugar comes down, and that your headache eases up.

I'll say this, if either of my sisters or myself was sitting at my parents house without trying to find a job...our Dad would be on our asses day and night until we got moving. He can be a persistent cuss too. I don't know if your daughter has thought of this or not, but, with the chow, when she's not around, she should put the dog in her room. My German shepherd, when I was staying at my parents house after Mick's death, started getting an alpha attitude going. One day I came home from work and my Mom told me to do something about him because she said she was laying on the couch watching tv..went to get up and noticed my dog looking at her weird, and then he growled. She was afraid to move until I got home. So, every time after that, when I would go to work, he got locked up in my room until I got home. And yes, I took care of his "alpha" attitude. Let's just say he can't make puppies anymore. Of course, I wish I had done that a little sooner, than maybe I wouldn't have 5 dogs. But, now he's just a lovable goofball.

Hopefully the job situation for you works out in your favor. And your daughter should really make an effort to get a job so she can help you out. And your friends, if they know what's going on, they will know and understand. Take yourself a few minutes to give them a call.

Hope things get better soon.

Dec 4 @ 8:47PM  
I can only say, screw everyone else at the moment and get the blood sugar down before you stroke out!!!!

You tell everyone you are simplfying your life until you are well and if they are not part of the solution then they are part of the problem and "off with their heads".

You have to come first my dear!!!!

Dec 4 @ 9:19PM  
I'ma just blow you a and back slowly away from the blog.

Dec 4 @ 9:35PM  

Wish I was there to hold your hand and wait on you sweety.

Dec 4 @ 9:46PM  
wow n i read the title and thought you fucked so much you gotta headache.....silly me huh ?

to think they took Quaaludes off the market...too bad...

Dec 4 @ 9:59PM  
ahhhh... the quaalude....

I haven't had one of those in years! They should be on the market and legal.....last time I did ludes, I went to see Iron Maiden! Great fucking show!!

Dec 4 @ 10:35PM  

Dec 4 @ 10:53PM  
Dammit!!!!!!!!! I just took my blood sugar... 579!!!!!!!!! I have never been that high.... but feel alright right now amazingly... I guess I'll shoot up and pop some pills and then go to bed!

Ya'll have a good night!

Dec 5 @ 12:11AM  
Hey pink, I didn't know you were a diebetic, I am to, type 2. I'm on Metformin and Glipizide. Now, if you have a FUCKING headache, stop fucking!

Dec 5 @ 12:21AM're scaring me a bit Darling. Take care of you and I will send good thoughts your way. just reminded me of a dear friend who has diabetes. She is a nutbar, but so fun and loveable. Anyway...we used to work at a local hospital together and whenever someone would have a birthday she would want a piece of cake...which she was not allowed to have. She would even say, "Its eyesight will only be blurry for an hour or so." Good gosh!

Well, I would go by her desk and swipe her cake and then give it to someone else, or throw it in the garbage just so she wouldn't eat it. I was pretty successful at it too. So if you have any sweets that come up missing...well...I'm just sayin'...

Dec 5 @ 8:02AM  
You need to take care of yourself..

Dec 5 @ 8:43AM  
I just took my blood sugar... 579!!!!!!!!!

Holy shit girl !!!! Mine never goes over 300 and that's AFTER a meal..
You get that shit taken care of NOW..

BTW, none of my ex's had headaches after fuckin'...Just before

Dec 5 @ 11:24AM  
Hey pink....I haven't been on here much lately, so I'm just now catching up on the blogs.

I have to agree with what Desert said....take care of yourself, sweetie!! I like ya too much to see ya like this!!

Dec 5 @ 4:50PM  
Lady.... I personally.. have been worried about ya... All dang Day!!!
Thats Past the Danger area!!!!!! (Your Sugar count)
I hope you have someone with Ya at all times!!! Be careful Lady!!!

Dec 5 @ 6:51PM  
I just want to thank everyone for their concern... it means alot to me... I didn't post this blog for attention... just needed to rant! And I did!
I'm better today.... the blood sugar is more like bottoming out today... not sure which feels worse.... the bottoming out is pretty rought!
But thanks to each and everyone of you! You guys are the best!!

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I have a fucking headache!!!!!!!!!!!!