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I'm sure it has been discussed before, but...

posted 12/3/2009 10:16:40 AM |
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In order to avoid the Rev's other blog getting hijacked, I thought I would start one here concerning illegal aliens. Especially since I just found this article.

Article Here

***Note: I want to commend EVERYONE on the other blog for their wonderful insightful input and also their very VERY respectful and constructive debates. I enjoyed hell out of it and hope no one thought I was "picking on them" in any form, I am just a passionate debater when the mood strikes. Like any of my blogs, anyone flaming or otherwise disrespecting others views will be dealt with...*Evil Smile*

SEVENTY billion dollars?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Who here thinks this is a problem?

Should they get federal Aid of any sort?

What would YOU do, if you had the say so in this?

And I ask again...when did the word illegal become so embraced. Meaning it's ok to get aid, grants, housing,etc etc etc.....and actually not long ago, a bill was considered to allow illegal aliens to receive ADC aid, food stamps and money. It got hushed up QUICK.

Thoughts. Pretty please.

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Dec 3 @ 10:32AM  
Especially when people like me who are fighting to get our citizenship we still have to pay taxes & go through tons of paperwork just to sit & wait for the testing because they keep backing it up for the "illegal immigrants" to be able to go through & they get help in taking the damn test....god this ticks me off thanks Rod very informative.

Dec 3 @ 10:36AM  
Illegals get federal aid of any sort? No. They are here illegally, last I knew "illegal" meant breaking the law.

As to employers who hire illegals because it's "cheaper", therefore causing loss of tax revenue, hike up their business tax then. Isn't that what happens to us little people when state and local governments need more money?

I don't begrudge anyone wanting to improve their life, but, do it legally. Is that really too much to ask for?

Dec 3 @ 10:39AM  
Unfortunately, as we can do is talk about it. The Supreme Court ruled in
Plyler v Doe, and there ain't a damn thing we can do otherwise.

We can learn how 'our' politicians lie to us...even the 'Fibber in Chief'.
One thing that can make it easier, instead of an income tax, a 'user' tax instead,
where items bought are the only thing that's taxed.
Early November, there was a really good post about "Joe Legal and Jose Illegal".

And, YES, it's a big problem.

No, there should not be any Federal Aid to anyone that has not contributed.

IMHO, if neither you, nor your ancestors have pulled/pushed the wagon, then NO right to the free ride on it.


Dec 3 @ 11:11AM  
ANYONE who wants to come here, get their citizenship, get a job and speak English are more than welcome in my house anytime. And I have a VERY good close personal friend in Chicago that DID do all that who will tell you I mean every word. And that he himself despises illegals himself, to the point that he refused to let a close family member come in and "hide" in his house. Best of luck and have patience cootie, it will get through eventually.

I hear ya loud and clear, sugarnspice.

You're right DWM, all we can do is talk. Kinda the point of these blogs.
Nothing wrong with a little animated debate to pass the time, although some like this are sore points and aggravating to say the least.

Dec 3 @ 11:39AM  
I am on board with you on this issue philosophically, let me start with that. However, I clicked on your link and was extremely disappointed that you chose it to make your point. Citing research from 11 years ago is of no value. Additionally the Web site is hardly unbiased. There are a lot of sites that are much more trustworthy as well as very valid research available that is recent to support your case.

Dec 3 @ 11:46AM  
That was just an opening point, Bro. I had no wish to monopolize the discussion right off. Also you should note that at the bottom, it was updated Feb. 2004. By all means present other views or data.

Dec 3 @ 12:05PM  
Ok, in all fairness, how about these tidbits?

Center for Immigration Studies, Nov. 2009

Another recent report:
Right Side News

Admittedly, these are not from the big boy news channels. But most have said time and again just how unbiased they are as well. Or factual. *Sarcasm intended*

Just stimulating the discussion here.

Dec 3 @ 12:15PM  
The PEW Research Center is probably the most respected, reliable source for statistics out there on something like this. They have many sites and you can search them to find what you want. I don't have the time myself to do this right now.

Dec 3 @ 12:41PM  
This may be the ex-military in me saying this but...This is the United States of America. I was trained to defend it's borders. Cross the borders you get shot until dead. No ifs, ands, or buts. And dead people can't get any aide. Well most can't, but that's another story.

If that's disrespectful then so be it.

Now as far as entering my country legally, I'm all for it. I'm open arms.

If any of you didn't know I met my wife in the Philippines and I brought her over legally. I knew her for three years and had her and her family investigated prior to her coming over. I didn't want to bring a threat into my country. That's just how I feel.

God bless you guys and God Bless America

Thank you DKW for the opportunity to speak out on this matter.

...and Cootie you know I live you.


Dec 3 @ 2:23PM  
Pfft.. Sugar.. AIG got federal bailout money too.. and they were illegal as hell.

I want my chunk of the bailout.. I better learn to speak another language real quick.

Dec 3 @ 6:17PM  
Who here thinks this is a problem?

Should they get federal Aid of any sort?

What would YOU do, if you had the say so in this?

Absolutely it's a problem.

I wouldn't give any federal aid. However, I personally don't think denial of federal aid is going to keep them from coming. They aren't coming here for aid, whether you want to believe that or not. They're coming here because even low pay in the US is better than what they can make at home.

What would I do? I'd start to severely prosecute employers who hire illegal aliens. I read some of these comments, and there seems to be a real lack of understanding that (a) it is already illegal to hire illegal aliens, and (b) it is already required by law that proof of legal residency be obtained prior to hiring anyone.

The comment in the Rev's blog that said employers are just following orders when they hire illegal workers shows me just how successful the wealthy interests who hire illegal workers have been in avoiding accountablity. No, they aren't following orders. They're committing a crime, and they're betraying their countrymen. We need to put the blame were it belongs.

Take away the employment prospects for illegal workers and they won't come here.


Dec 3 @ 7:54PM  
Well said.

Jan 7 @ 2:43AM  
I agree with everything you have said, as well as everyone's comments. Personnely, I experienced the real effect it is having on our economy. A local company I was working for hired me as a shift supervisor. I work there for 8 months, cleaned out trouble makers, and made the 2nd shift 30% more effecient than our first shift, which had 5 more operators on it than I had. I was working 2 shifts, getting about 4 hours sleep, and still supervising both shifts. After all my hard work, and building a compatent crew, which was producing our products, and shipping them out on time, I was Terminated. One of my operators let me know they had promoted a guy with no manufacturing experience to my position. He lasted all of 2 months. Then they offered the job to my co-worker, wouldn't give him a raise, and fired the rest of the crew. They then brought in illegal workers, who couldn't speak any english, and did not have any real right to work there. My friend overheard a conversation with the plant manager, about how much the plant manager was saving the company by doing this. James(my friend who worked there) asked around if anyone knew why the plant manager had done this, and he confirmed that when he got rid of all of us, he got a 38000 bonus from the company. I went to visit James on the 2nd shift one night, and used my cell phone camera, and got proof of the illegal laborers, and dropped the pictures to the Office of Senator Jeff Sessions with a letter detailing my time at the company,my termination, and the rumor of the bonus paid to the plant manager. In short, Sen Sessions called INS on the plant and they were shut down.

Jan 7 @ 9:27PM  
Yeah, I have some friends who own a Mexican resturant, and they immigrated here, and he has turned in people who have used false documentation to enter the country and gain employment here. He hates more than anything that the laws he swore to uphold as a citizen are being ignored and trampled on. Unfortunantly, we have such poor, corrupt leaders, who don't have the courage, or the good sense to realize they are selling out their own country. I'm not Republican, or Democrat, I am a registered Independent. The fact is, if an American Citizen crosses the border and tried to do this in Mexico, or Canada, without proper documentation, we'd be arrested, and thrown in Jail Immediatly, not left alone to recieve unofficial amnesty.

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I'm sure it has been discussed before, but...