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I am almost embarrassed....

posted 12/2/2009 9:23:06 AM |
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tagged: music
  DesertSmile say I enjoy Lady GaGa....

Lady GaGa

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Dec 2 @ 9:28AM  
I cannot stand her!! My daughters think she is the best thing since sliced bread....I think she is horrible I have heard some people say she is the new NOT

Dec 2 @ 9:31AM  
You know who I like that I'm kinda embarrassed to admit about liking? Justin Timberlake. That boy can move and sing and he is HAWT

Dec 2 @ 9:32AM  
Paparazzi is a good song. I've heard a couple other songs of hers that I actually liked. She reminds me of Madonna in her early days.

Dec 2 @ 9:32AM  
I have heard some people say she is the new NOT


Dec 2 @ 9:40AM  
LOL!! I don't think anybody could ever be like Madonna. She is a rock icon and ranks up there with Michael Jackson in my opinion.

Dec 2 @ 9:42AM  
rock icon

I meant music icon.

Dec 2 @ 9:46AM  
I'm not saying she is like Madonna, but she reminds me of Madonna in her early days. Not afraid to flaunt her sexuality, pop music, blonde....wait a minute!! Maybe she's trying to imitate Madonna??

Dec 2 @ 9:51AM  
I know what you meant Sugar She probably is trying to be like her.....who wouldn't want to be like Madonna?

Dec 2 @ 10:00AM  
Who the hell is she or it? I have heard of it but that's about all. If I dance around in my panties like that will ya'll like me too?

Dec 2 @ 10:00AM  
I am SO sick of hearing her music. I can't stand her and my 14 yr old daughter likes her. She will go in her room, and we on demand music videos. She turns her tv up as loud as she can and plays the songs over and over like a damn broken record. I don't think this woman is anywhere close to being another Madonna, but it does seem like she is trying to be or trying to be better.

My personal opnion...It is women like Lady GaGa, Brittney Spears, Christina Aguilera and others like them that make younger girls want to dress so sleazy and be like them. I don't feel they are good role models for the younger girls. Music aside, but the clothes/sleazy outfits shouldn't be there for the younger ones.


Dec 2 @ 10:01AM  
Somebody at one of those bar and grill things last spring to find a song from her on YouTube for them. I did. Not my kind of music. I heard some bantering on the radio and a couple of radio rats were debating as to whether she was a woman or not.

Dec 2 @ 10:01AM  
Ops , meant " we have on demand " . lol

Dec 2 @ 10:09AM  
Teenager seem to like music/artists that drive their parents crazy. My mom couldn't stand KISS, Alice Cooper, and Ted Nugent. Don't know why. My sister is lucky, both her kids like the same music as she does, Guns N Roses, Metallica, Queen, etc...Same with my best friend, her oldest son is even in a local band that plays thrash/speed metal. Pretty good too.

Dec 2 @ 10:11AM  
Her song 'Paparazzi' might sound OK....but her video of it is fekked up...

(from the perspective of a male) When she was on Leno the other
night, she attempted to show that she is a 'good Italian girl'....Yeah, right.

Dec 2 @ 11:00AM  
This is almost like arguing politics. I personally do not like her or her music. My 9 year old daughter likes her which means I'm going to listen and make sure it's appropiate for her ipod.

Dec 2 @ 11:04AM might wanna listen to the song Love Games. It talks about her wanting to ride a disco stick. I about shit when I heard my daughter listening to that.

Dec 2 @ 11:33AM  
well that was my first and LAST exposer to 'her'...thank you very much ..i'm DONE lol

Dec 2 @ 12:43PM  
Remind to put a password on my daughters tv now. Yep. I can and will if I have to. Gotta love the parent controls. Thankfully, there is ALOT more bands that I like and so does my daughter. She actually has alot of the same taste in music as I do with a few exceptions.

Dec 2 @ 12:57PM  
well that was my first and LAST exposer to 'her'...thank you very much ..i'm DONE

What? Too tame?

I do agree that her music probably isn't appropriate for really young kids.

Now this is my type of music

Shook Me All Night Long

Saw them numerous times live...well worth the money spent.


Dec 2 @ 1:06PM  

You should be bareassed,.... i mean, um,uh, oh you know.

Dec 2 @ 1:07PM  
That is embarrassing....not that you like her, but that she even tries....It is a spoof on Madonna if ya ask my opinion....kinda sad....

Dec 2 @ 1:11PM  
I dont mind her music but I am bored with it. I have a friend that does way to many drag shows to her songs and my mans mother listens to her all the time.

Dec 2 @ 1:12PM  
She is so NO talent..Her clothes and make up are atrocious
Reminds me of a poorly put together clown

Dec 2 @ 1:12PM  
That's good music right there Sugar

Dec 2 @ 8:29PM  
Wow....general concensus is against her. I am not crazy about her theatrics but I do like her voice, so I have to close my eyes to listen.

I am certain there is just as much untapped talen on YouTube but as they say, "you gotta have a hook to reel em in" and she found the hook.

I know a lot of parents are in a frwnzy over her but then I remember my parents during the many changes to the music of their kids; from Elvis and his hips to Bob Dylan and mouth full of cotton to the Beatles and heaven forbid LONG HAIR.

As long as she is not preaching death and destruction I am OK with her.

Thanks for all the comments, it was fun.

Dec 2 @ 11:46PM  
She is SOOOoooo artsy, theatrical & talented! She has ALL the ingrediants to be as big as Madonna or Spears. MARK MY WORDS....

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I am almost embarrassed....