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What's Your Most Unusual Job...Did You Love It Or Did You Hate It?

posted 12/1/2009 11:41:14 PM |
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tagged: fun, job, work, questions

I was reading the comments on WhisperingComet's latest blog entitled "Softie's Turn" in which she asked Pervia which occupations they had spent most of their career in.

This blog got me thinking and inadvertently took me back to a multitude of different times, places and occupations I had held over the years. Some jobs I loved and some I hated...and some I even returned to after decades in another profession.

So here's my questions...

What's the most unusual job you've ever had?

What did it entail and did you love it or hate it?

For me, it would have to be the time when I was teenager in Oklahoma City working at C.R. Anthonys. I was hired to work the Christmas Season as a Christmas wrapper. I was responsible for wrapping any type of item a customer would purchase at the store. That means I wrapped anything from boots to umbrellas. Some of the items were a pain to wrap but I loved this job! I met a lot of wonderful people and had so much fun doing it. To this day, I can wrap a present like a pro and I know I wouldn't be able to do it without my on the job experience.

Your turn...

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Dec 2 @ 12:29AM  
While I was in the Navy I did a multitude of jobs. Some of them related to my Navy schooling and others had nothing to do with it.

At one particular time I was in charge of the all the aircraft maintenance publications and manuals in the squadron. I was a glorified librarian. Technology caught up with us and it was time to put everything on computers. We had a full 10MB hardrive.

Well one night "intelligence" comes through and put a menu program with top notch security onto all the computers in the command. Well "intelligence" forgot to give us our passwords to get into our systems. Silly me I just had to play around until I accidently broke through their security.

For the next 3 months I was with operations while I showed everyone and their cousin how I did it and try to develop the program so others couldn't crack it. It was a couple days into the 4 month when a bunch of guys came in and secured the operation and took all the equipment.

I really enjoyed it because I was treated like a king and given all the knowledge you'd ever want to know about a computer.

Dec 2 @ 12:39AM  
I measured was sad, it was fun, it was awe inspiring, it was scarey, it was sad....the hardest part was telling the truth, and the most fun was seeing the truth!

Dec 2 @ 12:53AM  
I would tell ya, but it involves being called a cocksucker by the boss and gettin paid for it...not paid for the to get outtta this one ummm..well, yeah anyways, have a nice Christmas.

Dec 2 @ 1:19AM  
PurpleProphet: I've never been able to crack someone else's password. I'm so jealous. You deserved to be treated like a king.

bunny: Did you get paid for this job...or were you a volunteer?

Nathaniel: I'm so confused...

Alright...Me and Purple Prophet can't be the only people here who have had unusual jobs. Come on peeps...gimme the scoop.

Dec 2 @ 2:19AM  
Well, I love my current job. Actually, I love my profession. I'm a vascular tech, I use ultrasound to find blocked arteries and veins. A common study I do is to scan patients' legs for blood clots in their veins.

Recently, while I was about to scan a 60 y.o. woman's legs, she said to me, "If my crotch smells, I'm sorry." I responded with, "Don't worry about it, I've smelled worse."

Dec 2 @ 3:58AM  
Can't say it was a unusual job but I think the hardest work I have ever done was helping a farmer that lived up the hill from my parents house when I was in my early teens. He was an older man and though most farmers were taking up hay in bails he was not up with the times and couldn't afford to buy that kind of machinery and was just taking in feed for his two horses and a few head of cattle he had. To make along story shorter the way he did it was to cut it with a cycle cutter which just laid it over then come back with a rake that put it in rows. He used his plow team for that! Then we came back with a tractor and trailer and he would use a pitch fork to throw it up on the trailer and my job was to stomp it down so that more could be loaded and once loaded I road on top to insure the load didn't shift. Of course you started at dawn and didn't stop untill the field was in the barn. It wasn't the best hay so there was thorns at times and of course the occasional snake and the man could burry you with hay if you didn't move fast enough! Never been so tired and hot since and never hope to be! But that was the easy part when we got to the barn he put me in the loft and threw the hay up and I had to try and throw it back so that we could fill the loft. No way I could handle the amount on a fork he would and the dust and the heat was next to hell! Then when we were done most times just before dark I got paid three maybe four dollars if he thought I worked hard enough. That doesn't seem like much to pay a kid for working like that but he didn't have much and neither did we so it helped us all out! I'll never forget it and it helped me understand and respect how hard people before us worked to get by so it really was worth it! Theres a whole lot of young people out there that would benift from one day like that!

Dec 2 @ 4:14AM  
The most unusual was an unpaid job I did one summer, working with orphaned wolves. I loved it and missed my "babies" when it was time to head back to college in the fall. The most unusual paid job was working for the Dept of Sanitation as the only female on the crew. It was fun because of the guys I worked with, but the job was nasty and the summer heat kind of got to me along with the smells.

Dec 2 @ 6:07AM  
I spend a week delivering phone books....reaaly sucked...oh, I also sold olan mills photo packages over the phone, back in the 70's....that really sucked too

Dec 2 @ 7:13AM  
I'd have to boil it down to two - one that I loved and one that I hated.

I spent a couple years as a gravedigger. I loved that job. Spent most of the day tending the grounds, then stopped a couple times a day to either dig (with a backhoe) or fill in (with a shovel and a tamp) a grave. It was peaceful, and the death aspect of it never freaked me out.

I spent a couple weeks hanging paper on billboards, and I'd never do that again. Up 30 feet on a ladder in high winds, covered in paste, feet on the rungs and both hands smoothing out the paper so you can't hang on to the ladder. After two weeks, I decided not to risk my life for advertising and quit.

Dec 2 @ 7:19AM  
My most unusual job???
I guess it would have to be when I operated a school for wannabe lesbians
teaching them the proper way to eat pussy n' stuff

Dec 2 @ 8:00AM  
and autumn...i help; a local farmer strip tobacco....shewwww

Dec 2 @ 8:37AM  
I measured was sad, it was fun, it was awe inspiring, it was scarey, it was sad....the hardest part was telling the truth, and the most fun was seeing the truth!

That's a bad job?

Worst job I had was being a clerk/cashier at a gas station. That job sucked! The customers were always assholes bitching about the gas prices and this was back in 1993/1994 when gas was .99/gallon! I would hate to work at a gas station nowadays....I can't even imagine what those poor clerks have to listen to. The funny thing is....just because you work at a gas station doesn't mean you get some "secret discount" or that you have any control over the price of gasoline. You pay the same price as the customer!

Dec 2 @ 8:44AM  
Almost all of my jobs were unusual compared to other people's. The jobs I tended to hate were not unusual and generally menial with low pay. I didn't keep those long.

Dec 2 @ 8:46AM  
I would hate to work at a gas station nowadays

You were born in the US, so you aren't qualified for that job.

Dec 2 @ 8:46AM  
Okay...I said worst job and you asked about unusual job....sorry

I really haven't had anything "unusual" and I guess my answer to still applies since I've only worked at a pizza place, a gas station, and then the rest of my work history has been in the medical field

Dec 2 @ 8:51AM  
Hey Murph you can measure my cock anytime. My worst job was while I was working in construction. We usually went down for the winter in late November or early December depending on the weather. I got a job at a local Hardee's for minimum wage. It was better than nothing. I had to be there at 5:00 every morning to put the beef in the oven for the roast beef sandwiches and then whatever needed to be done I did until about 10:00 then the roast beef would come out of the oven and just set to finish cooking. By that time the lunch rush was starting and my job was roast beef sandwiches and french fries. I would usually get off about 1 or 2 in the afternoon but I hated that job. More than the job I think I hated the manager even worse. I couldn't wait to tell her to kiss my ass when the spring thaw came and we went back to work in construction.

Dec 2 @ 9:10AM  
I don't know if this would really count as when it came time for lunch break, I hated it so much, I walked and didn't go back. I was 17 at the time, and a local pickle factory by my parents house was hiring. Vlasic actually. I applied for a packer. It SUCKED!!! They want you to stand in one spot, grabbing pickle spears and jam them into a jar. I made it through the first 3 hours and was BORED TO TEARS. We weren't allowed to get wrote up for that. That was my "shortest" period of employment. The I worked at a Papa John's for a year as a delivery driver. Did pretty good. I liked the job, got to meet people, could talk with co workers, and I got to "get away" from the store on runs. Tips were great, I would average $103 a night. Then, they went and hired this bitch as a manager trainee, and when she was counting out my runs etc at the end of the night, I only ended up with $5. I reported it to both the manager and owner, and all I asked since I couldn't prove she had ripped me off, was to not schedule me working with her again as a closer. Well, they did. And she ripped me off again, and I told the manager then that was it..I've got bills to pay, and I can't afford being ripped off by this bitch anymore.

Dec 2 @ 9:11AM  
Max makes a good point. Often when you hate a job it is because of the supervisor or coworkers, not the job duties in and of themselves.

When I graduated college, to a pretty good extent, I was all dressed up with no place to go so to speak. Times got tough and I had to take any jobs I could get including one in the evening as a telemarketer. I don't even recall what was being peddled.

The supervisor was a real bitch and at the end of my third night, she gathered the half dozen of us together as usual, bitching as usual. In the middle of her ranting, I stood up and said, "You can replace me and I can replace you. Have a nice I life, I hope you get one, and fuck you!" I then walked out.

Dec 2 @ 9:24AM  
I must have led a boring life ...I didn't have jobs that could be considered unusual....

Dec 2 @ 9:58AM  
The worst job I ever had, was thankfully a very short one. I was working on my aunt and uncles farm one summer while my Mother went to summer school. My uncle raised cattle and hogs to be slaughtered for their freezer. One of the hogs had given birth to a litter of little pigs. When they were about 3 or 4 weeks old, my uncle and I went out to the hog pen and castrated them. It was early August (meaning HOT) we were in the hog house with no breeze. My job was to hold the pigs while my uncle wielded the knife. That was the first and LAST time I ever did that.

Dec 2 @ 1:06PM  
The job that most people that know me get a good laugh from is Rent a Cop. I worked as a security guard for a few years after high school. It was the easiest job ever. Since I was dating the boss I got the easy account. I sat in a company car all night watching a travel trailer lot. They never went anywhere and my friends would hang out on the lot with me all the time.

Dec 2 @ 1:17PM  

I was a comparrison shopper in a red light district.

Dec 2 @ 2:21PM  
Toll collector. I loved to see all the different & strange people!

Dec 2 @ 9:04PM  
and autumn...i help; a local farmer strip tobacco....shewwww

Dec 2 @ 10:00PM  
One of my first jobs was at a clutch shop...I had to clean the bearings. That's all I did all day long, take one barrell after another and clean all the bearings inside them. It was dirty, greasy and nasty...and since it was summer it was also hot. But the pay was I stayed for almost the whole summer. And it was right around the corner from where I lived so I was able to spend all my money on things besides gas and lunch.

I worked as a telemarketer for about 3 months...hated it! Favorite unusual job was cleaning stalls for a barn that bred and showed Saddlebred horses. The pay was 300 a week...but the work was like 10 hours a day. To me it was worth it since I got to work some with the horses too.

Dec 2 @ 11:53PM  
I was a titty dancer once for almost 3 days. I walked out (more like BROKE out; they locked us IN) after feeling degraded and dehumanized by drooling oglers

Dec 5 @ 4:34AM  
Holy smokes! A lot of you peeps have had some very unusual jobs.

Shewolf: Your job working with orphaned wolves sounds like it was a lot of fun.

WhisperingComet: Yanno...I seem to recall a couple of opportunities where I could've done both of these jobs...and I declined. I'm so glad I did.

Avatar: Who knew being a grave digger could be so peaceful? I sure didn't.

Sugar: A packer at a pickle factory Eh? Now that's an unusual job! I would've quit too.

Sunshine: Being a toll collector sounds really fun.

Sundance: I think your clutch shop job was very unusual, as well as when you helped your friend clean up the horse stalls.

Thanks so much for commenting.

Dec 23 @ 4:28PM  
i was a police sgt


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What's Your Most Unusual Job...Did You Love It Or Did You Hate It?