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Ok, I don't get it.

posted 12/1/2009 10:51:37 PM |
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tagged: confused

Went up to the store today, and on the street I saw some protesters against sending troops to Afghanistan. Am I missing something? I mean, on 9/11/01 all of America sat in horror watching the Twin Towers burn, the Pentagon burn, wonder where a missing jet was...then we all saw the Towers fall, watched the Pentagon burning, heard about the plane that crashed. We were under attack. Week or more later, Bush tells the Nation that the attackers were part of a terrorist organization called Al Qaeda, and announces that The War On Terror has commenced in Afghanistan. I seem to remember during that speech that he said this war will not be won in a "few years", but is a war that could last many years. Last I knew, Osama Bin Laden is still out there, free, most likely laughing at the strike he managed to land on America. Our troops managed to chase the Taliban out of Afghanistan fairly quickly, and we ALMOST had Bin Laden in Tora Bora...but, let him get away. Not too long into The War on Terror, Bush set's his sights on Iraq, claimed there was "proof" of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Turns out there were no WMD's, but hey, they caught Saddam. And somewhere in all the news reporting...Iraq changed from being about WMD's to being a hide out for Al Qaeda. Whatever. Well, since our focus went from Afghanistan to Iraq, the Taliban has been fighting their way back into Afghanistan. So, for the Iraq war, whenever Bush wanted more was ok. Now, the General over in Afghanistan is asking for more troops to fight the War on Terror, and Obama is going to send them, it's not good? Why? Last I knew, it was Hussein who attacked us, it was Bin Laden, yet Hussein is dead, and Bin Laden is still out there. Oh I know..there's speculation he's died and all..but, Al Qaeda is still out there...waiting to strike again. All they need is to get an ally, the Taliban, to secure Afghanistan again, and we will be back to square one.

So, I guess we just bring the troops home, forget about the War on Terror, and let Al Qaeda, or some other terrorist organization, have the room to plot and strike again?

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Dec 1 @ 11:18PM  
Probelm is we can't invade every country where the terrorists train. Heck they found a training camp here in Johnston County in NC. We can spend the next hundred years chasing these people from country to country. When you get one a dozen will pop up in their place. Afghanistan is more of a symbol now. How many lives and how much money are we going to spend over there? They either need to get a plan that works fast or come home before it turns into another Viet Nam.
That is just my opinion but since both of my sons are the ones who will be sent to fight over there it is the way I feel about it. How long should we stay over there? 1 year, 10 years, the next 100 years?

Dec 1 @ 11:18PM  
It doesn't matter what anyone does right now. There is always a group ready to protest either way. Frankly, there is no easy answer to the situtation over there, but plenty of people think they know better then anyone else.

My only opinion on it, is those people have been fighting for thousands of years in that sand, and I don't see it coming to an end anytime soon, no matter who is or isn't involved. We might as well try to keep them there, rather then let them run all over. As far as the best way to do that? I think it's best left up to the military. It's what they get paid for.

Dec 1 @ 11:21PM  
Some people figure that if you can't get Bin Laden and eliminate the Taliban in over eight years, to hell with it. If you haven't won that war by now, you never will. When the country's number one export is heroin, it doesn't provide much hope for a positive outcome as the Soviet's discovered.

For my part, I support the surge. Kill off Bin Laden and the Taliban and get the fuck out of there. That country has proven to be a turd in the global toilet that never goes down no matter how much you flush it.

Dec 1 @ 11:41PM  
We are right where we need to be. What these pinecone cruching bunnyfuckn hippies don't get is right now the bombs and war is on the other side of the world not NYC! Sure we've been there a long time but that's what happens in a double front war against coward chickenshit ragheads.

Dec 2 @ 12:27AM  
There are just some groups in america that have short attention spans....heck, some americans were tired of world war 2 after only 2 years......just think of what would have happened if our military quit just because some americans were put off by the fact that it was taking longer than a year or two to take care of business. Eh...anyway, this is america...they are free to protest...its what we are all about...freedom . Just because they are idiots that have a severe case of add and need some ritalin or a good reality check don't mean a thing...they're just exercising their rights...I guess. For the first time in a long time, the military is havin to turn away new recruits because they have too many applicants, and not a big enough budget to hire them that in itself should say something about the patriotism of the majority of americans...And God bless. And that is nice to see...that america is still strong in that area anyway.

Dec 2 @ 5:51AM  
We've been there with inadequate resources for eight years, which has resulted in the mess we now face. I agree with making a last attempt to shore up an Afghan force that can take over in a relatively short time.

Would I sacrifice my 19 year old son in that effort? Would you sacrifice your children? If you're under 40 are you ready to join up and go fight? When you think of it in those terms, it's not so difficult to understand why many people oppose expanding the war.

What bothers me is that we go to war and place the burden squarely on a few hundred thousand young men and women, with no sharing of the pain. Some of the same people who demand that we send more of our kids to war piss and moan about paying taxes (taxes which are lower today than they were under Reagan). Some of the same politicians who were most gung-ho about sending them to war voted against increasing the VA budget and refused to enhance the GI Bill. We're asking young people to risk their lives and their futures. Then we bitch about the cost of helping those that pay the price.

Dec 2 @ 7:25AM  
Nuke the Taliban and Al Qaeda camps and their poppy fields
And get the fuck out!

As far as protesters go, Throw their asses in with 'em
I've been in well over 50 countries and the USA
still beats the hell out of them all

Dec 2 @ 8:40AM  
I agree with Doc. Nuck'em and forget'em. Just like you said sugar there have been many times that Bin Laden COULD have been caught but wasn't. I say with the economy the way it is Nuke the bastards, cut our losses and get the fuck out. That whole region of the world are nothing but cut throat, back stabbing bastards. If the little sissy mother fuckers would get their panties off of their heads and fight face to face they know they would lose. It don't take much of a person to back stab someone. Just my worthless opinion.

Dec 2 @ 8:49AM  
I gave up understanding society a long time ago.

Don't get me booted this time, I'm only here to jack off to the pretty women pictures.

Treat people with respect and don't use the N word and maybe we'll let you stay

Dec 2 @ 9:06AM  
Saddam DID have WMD's, he just sent everything to Syria a few days before the last start-up.
Afghanistan should have been more of a priority, as there has NEVER been
an adequate number of U.S. Troops there. Back when Osama Bin was in
Tora Bora, there were not enough U.S. forces to contain them, much less
win the battle.
Hussain Obama has 'dithered' on it for at least 3 months, probably just another politician playing politics with the lives of U.S. Military personel....not to mention the potential civilians that might be murdered if the Taliban and Al Qaeda are allowed to regain their former power.

This is mostly a mute question, as Iran is just inches from getting their own Nukes....and everyone knows who pulls the strings and supplies arms to Hamas. Can you imagine what they would do to Israel with a few Nukes? The Isralis have, and when their Prime Minister was in Russia talking to Putins' people, their ambassador was telling the U.N., "In the words of Obama, 'Yes we can, Yes we will". I think the time frame they gave the international community is they'd best take care of Iran by late December.....or the IDF WILL.

Israel has had Nukes since at least '67 (Samson Option) and I'm sure they
have only improved them.

Dec 2 @ 11:08AM  
We're asking young people to risk their lives and their futures. Then we bitch about the cost of helping those that pay the price.

For the first time in a long time, the military is havin to turn away new recruits because they have too many applicants, and not a big enough budget to hire them that in itself should say something about the patriotism of the majority of americans..
Yes and No. Unfortunately, many are joining because it is the only way they can find to support their families due to our economy and lack of jobs.

Dec 2 @ 1:43PM

The facts are all laid out here for you 50% who still believe Bush

Dec 3 @ 5:14PM  
I think it's best left up to the military. It's what they get paid for

What a CALLOUS, SHALLOW, and COWARDLY remark!!! This coming from a self proclaimed ANARCHIST. How much time did you spend serving your country? Were you ever in the service? I was.

What bothers me is that we go to war and place the burden squarely on a few hundred thousand young men and women, with no sharing of the pain.

Now his statements reflects a heart, a sensibility, someone who shows concern and care, not some casual dismissal of the price our young men and women pay so you can stuff a Big Mac down your throat, relegating it to a paycheck. This is not the comment of some meathead crying and espousing ANARCHY all the while quoting from the Constitution, the very fabric and foundation of our country. HOW DARE YOU reduce the contributions and the life's blood of our young men and women to just dollars and cents. HOW DARE YOU dismiss them so casually, HOW DARE YOU not acknowledge the bravery, the sacrifice and dedication, as well as the pride and fears of so many American families. "It's what they get paid for". You
I'm gratified to see that so many of the comments on this blog have been positive in regards to the vital national security interests of our country. I'm gratified the author of the blog considered it a worthwhile topic, and took the time and thought to voice her opinion. I'm ashamed of those who dismissed it so lightly, or relegated it to inane commentary.
The long term consequences of the actions currently taken by the President HOPEFULLY, will be just the first step in protecting the real threat that faces this country. Those small minds that believe the solution requires us to stick our heads in that very sand that the above individual will never venture onto, and ignore the problem, are truly NAIVE. It is my hope that our resolve will remain steadfast, and this country will see it to it's conclusion.

Dec 3 @ 5:19PM  
Sorry about the double post sugar, but I'm angry. Please delete the first posting.

Dec 3 @ 7:47PM  
Wrong one deleted sugar so allow me to edit:

It's what they get paid for.YOU cretin.

and at the end: May God protect them as they protect YOU.

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Ok, I don't get it.