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How was everyone's Thanksgiving?

posted 11/27/2009 7:33:06 PM |
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tagged: fun, holiday

Mine wasn't too bad. Yeah, I had to work, but, I got done early and was able to get the dogs taken care of, take a quick check on my email and blogs, and then head over to my parents for dinner. Normally, when I go to my parents, I will take ONE of my dogs with me. Thursday, I got the bright idea to take 2 of them with me. Yeah, that was fun! First off, trying to get the leash on Sasah, she's jumping around and trying to wash my face. Finally get the leash on her collar, and what does this little monster do??? Slips out of her collar! So, here I am, stand with a leash and collar, and Sasha is standing by the door ready to go. So...slip collar back on her....turn around to put Tazzy's leash on her. Don't tell me dogs don't pay attention because Tazzy did a "instant replay" of what Sasha did in regards of slipping out of her collar too. Now, by this time, I'm between feeling frustrated with these two, and wanting to laugh at the silliness of it all. The laughing won out. So I'm laughing, and Sasha, she wants to get going, so she starts barking. Ok, Sasha is my "smallest" of the group at a whopping 42lbs, but yet, she's the loudest when it comes to barking. Go figure. And Tazzy, she just sits there and waits. At least one of them is sort of patient. So, get a good grip on the leashes, hang on tight, and open the door. DAMN!!! Those two have got some power! But, I kept a hold them and got them in the van with no incident. And, if you knew my dogs, that is an accomplishment.

So, on to to my parent's house. I had to tell Sasha a couple of times to not spill my soda. She about knocked it over a couple of times. We pull in the driveway, and I've got these 2 dogs just waiting for the door to open so they can jump out. And I thought then, NO WAY!!! Since Sasha listens better than Tazzy, I told Sasha to "stay"..and I took Tazzy in first. Well, she decides now she's clingy, and tries to not let me go out to get Sasha. My Dad finally had to grab her collar to hold her back. I get outside, walking up to the van, and there's Sasha, sitting in the driver's seat. I opened the door and told her "there is no way on this planet you are driving any vehicle doggy" She didn't care, she just wanted to get in the house. Sasha likes my Dad....she loves to jump all over him, and that was what she was eager to do. Yep, got her in, took the leash off her, and within a few seconds, I heard that familiar "omph" signaling that Sasha found her target. And of course at this time, I've got Tazzy all over me. She finally settled down after a few minutes.

Had a nice time sitting around, catching up with my sisters, one is taking classes, the other is working. And then finally, dinner was done. So everyone ate, then we had pumpkin or cherry pie. I took pumpkin. And then came the fun of driving home. Yep, I learned from earlier...take only one dog at a time. So, I took Tazzy out first, then went back in for Sasha, who, didn't want to go home. She slipped out her collar a couple of times, so I finally said, "fine! bye!" and walked out the door. I sat in the van for all of two minutes when the cell phone rang and it was Dad telling me to get my dog because she's whining and barking because she thought she was being left behind. Brat! Got home and got them in the house without incident.

So, that was my Thanksgiving day.

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Nov 27 @ 7:36PM  
this may be slightly off topic, but ive had my daughters two boxers for six fucking days....but she will be home tomorrow!

Nov 27 @ 7:47PM  
I feel for you comet!! I've had my daughter and her pitbull and chow for the last 5 months!!!!!!!

Otherwise! I had a great Thanksgiving!!! Got to spend time with family and then did a little shopping with my daughter! Then came home and watched football all afternoon!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day!! And enjoy the long weekend! I'm working this weekend but I don't have to drive all the way up to the middle of Knoxville!!


Nov 27 @ 7:56PM  
what no crates for da critters??

Nov 27 @ 7:57PM  
Wanna trade? LOL. Gladly will trade my 2 boys for 2 dogs. Ugh, they have been getting into EVERYTHING. Remember the cat incident? Welp now they got into WD-40 and Epoxy glue and won't tell us where the hell they put it or what they did with it !!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you had a nice family visit/Thanksgiving hun.

Nov 27 @ 8:01PM  
Gladly will trade my 2 boys for 2 dogs


do i hear 4 grandmonsters in trade for the 2 boys??

they're good kids i swear

Nov 27 @ 8:19PM  
SICK... since Tuesday night through today! Getting better- least I have the rest of the holidays to look forward too!


Nov 27 @ 8:26PM  
I had my Thanksgiving ..a Day Early! But I will say... it will be at the Top of my Memory Wagon..till I Die!!!
My Mom who has Alzheimer's...came...My Bro and Sis in-Law brought her...
We had a Good Time....and my Mom remembered it the Next day!!!!!!!! (She's in the Latter stages)
So My Thanksgiving Was ...very Good to say the Least!!!!!!!

Nov 27 @ 8:27PM  
Taisen...I need to hear the story of the WD-40 and Epoxy glue!! That oughta be good!! I went ot the in-laws for dinner, hubby aate and then went to work, I went with my step-daughter to her in-laws house, (she and hubby are living there for now, in the process of buying a house), had a few glasses of wine there, daughter drove me home, since I can't drive at night, we sat and talked for awhile, she left, I worked on the quilt, had a couple more glasses of wine, hubby came home from work and that was my day!! I know!! Boring!!

Nov 27 @ 8:31PM  
Ok, let me cook my brussel sprouts and bacon, eat and then I'll do a blog on my boys and what they have been up to. You all might get a kick out of it.

Nov 27 @ 9:20PM  
Yeah Sugar ..... Good blog .....

Nov 27 @ 9:25PM  
Ok, let me cook my brussel sprouts and bacon, eat and then I'll do a blog on my boys and what they have been up to. You all might get a kick out of it.

hey i'm all here for the story but i'd never eat the sprouts lol

Nov 28 @ 6:45AM  
I've been sick the last few days so my Thanksgiving was low key. Thanksgiving dinner was supposed to be at my house, but I changed venues when I got sick. I delegated my little ass off because the thought of cooking a big dinner was not appealing...especially when you're sick to your stomach.

Thankfully, dinner turned out better than I expected and I had a really good time. I'm finally beginning to feel a bit better today.

Sugar...your dogs sound adorable and very smart.

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How was everyone's Thanksgiving?