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AMD Week in Review

posted 11/25/2009 9:36:53 PM |
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tagged: review

With this being a holiday weekend, and most people going out of town for family gatherings, it seems only natural to do a week in review today rather than waiting until Saturday. Reason being that there is a possibility of a lot of members being busy with family and not as many blogs will be posted. we go:

Ladybootscooter: His and Hers….Cute little story showing that even after 60 years of marriage, the woman will still win the debate.

Ynot7769: Good Old Dad……Just think, if the Indians had given the Pilgrims a donkey instead of turkey, we would be having a piece of ass. Ya know….don’t need Thanksgiving to get a piece of ass.

Ladybootscooter: But Officer……A CIA opening for 3 assassins, 2 men and 1 women. Yep, the men can’t do the job, but the woman will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Just goes to show us ladies are more thorough.

Ynot7769: The Dry Drunk….Moral of this story… careful what you wish for. Especially when out in the middle of the ocean in a little boat with a bunch of drunks.

bust bliss: PSO…..She’s letting ya she want intelligent conversation. Geez! Is that too much to ask for?

Ynot7769: Teachers….No Sense of Humor: The teacher did ask Little Johnny to use his brain when excusing himself on a date to use the bathroom. I thought he was very polite, he didn’t say he had to use the bathroom. Rather, he said he had to shake hands with a “very dear friend”.

Nathaniel: Women’s fashion: Don’t know about the rest of you ladies out there, but I think he would make a superb women’s fashion designer.

Sundance64: Saying Goodbye: A sad time for those of us in Pervia who remember asnet, aka Art Springer. R.I.P asnet/Art, you will be missed by those of us who were fortunate to have you cross our blogs. And thank you Sundance for all of Art’s updates.

Sunshine79: Female Hormones In Beer: Well I’ll be, ladies, you want your man to understand you…give him some beer and then film him when he wants to argue over nothing, not admit when he’s wrong, gains weight, talks nonstop without making sense, and gets emotional.

RevDocLove: Sunday Funnies: We learned that Marmaduke goes to the pound to get his nails trimmed. That we are lucky Jack mows the lawn while clothed. That “Ohio State” is not directions to how to wash a sweatshirt…c’mon guys!!! And finally, we met B.J. Titsengolf.

whispering comet: WoW The New Muse reminded her of how her grandson helps his daddy cook. Question is……who does the prep work, and who does the cooking? Mom?

SpunkyRed: Shares a news story about an eye doctor who could lose his medical license after telling a patient she is fat. Come on, a little tact would have been nice. Don’t they teach that in med school?

Nightofold charmed us with You Came Along. His poetry on AMD is like a song for everyone who appreciates it. Keep it rolling Night.

continued in comments

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Nov 25 @ 9:41PM  
girl country: Just one of those nice, peaceful, cozy days on The old home front with the dogs playing nicely, (maybe her dogs can teach my dogs a thing or two about playing nicely).

Somnium: told us to “Stray a little” and showed some really cool pictures of creatures that live way deep down in the oceans depths. I’ve watched Blue Planet also a few times, and if one is interested in knowing about our planet, it’s a good show. It’s amazing these creatures can live so far down in the oceans depths, where they live, they weight of the water would crush us land bound creatures.

And Shadowmale can’t help himself even though he knows they suck, he still cheers “Go Saints” I see a potential of a “Go Cowboys” and “Go Saints” cheer off in the making.

Rnj1013: Normally doesn’t blog, but felt inspired to so do. Wonder what inspired him? Let’s see: some pussy that wanted sex with our own ynot is now sending messages to rnj1013. Well, that is just plain greedy. What about us ladies? Leave us some!

Funnywhapper: Invited us to check out the Church of grey where after services they go a whorin…wonder what religion that is? I must have missed something?

Taisen: Asks “How would you handle this”. A blog about her Mom wanting to help with Thanksgiving dinner, but due to a series of injuries and surgeries, has a difficult time standing for longer than 10 minutes. Best advice any of us can give is to find something she can help with that isn’t going to require her standing for too long. She doesn’t want to be made to feel like an invalid.

WITCHSHADOW: What are you thinking? Come on, everyone, what are you thinking? What do you think about each and everyday? Actually, when you stop and think……………….oh, wait!! What am I thinking? I lost my train of thought!

Onehornytoad asks the AMD catch line: Wanna fuck? Poor OHT, his blog got hijacked by a troll. Did anyone ever answer his question?

Nathaniel: Asks about Stolen ideas. Yep, I’ve had ideas that I’ve sat on, only to see them on a commercial. How frustrating!! I could have been a billionaire by now if I had just turned in my idea of smashing clothes together to make room in my closet, or, putting the play dough on steroids so as to permanently stop leaking pipes and such. People really need to stop taking my ideas.

Nov 25 @ 9:45PM  
select username: Stop feeding the trolls. But select…..they just keep feeding off their own hate and anger. Some are just too full of themselves to go away if ignored, that’s why we have trolls slayers like ynot and DKW.

Ynot7769: So….Ynot run like hell? Where ya running to? Looks like the troll has been slain. Oh wait…you must have ambushed him on his way to find you. Ok, I get it now.

Ladybootscooter: Cyber Stalking-We should all be aware. What can I say? Some good information. If you haven’t read this blog, I would say go back and read it. If you’re a victim of cyber stalking, or, think you may be a victim, this is a must read. Thank you LBS.

Cottoncandydragon has a new pic to share. Love that dragon.

Soft_touch938: All that glitters is not gold. Oh Softie, you’re always glittering and golden. And getting the jump on her Christmas decorating. I’m tired of all the brown too, but, I’m still going to wait till after turkey day before I think of attempting to decorate here. I’ve got 2 kitties here a little over a year old that I just know are going to think those ornaments on the tree are toys made special for them. And one is going to love that sparkling string, errrrrr, garland too, I just know it. Not to mention, I’ve got to convince the two male dogs that the tree in the house is NOT for them to pee on! Go through this with them every year, ya would think they would have it figured out by now.

RevDocLove told us about a steamy “Wanna Sexy Thanksgiving?” Damn Doc!!!!! Here I was all hot and bothered, thinking this was a great erotica…and it turned out to be about saying Grace before devouring that Butterball turkey at dinner. What a tease!

Soft_touch938 wants to do a picture wall of her friends here at AMD. What a awesome idea!!!! Can’t wait to see it posted Softie!!!!!

JsGirl69: Yep, you’re right, trolls are “Not the sharpest marble in the shed”. I think she summed it up quite well.

Max49 told us the quaint courtship of rednecks with “Redneck Ring”.

Wordsofwit told us that “On AMD I am thankful That” there aren’t more trolls posting, or people and trolls complaining about posts, that there aren’t more people complaining that people aren’t complaining…………wait a minute!! I’m sensing a theme here. Ok, as to the little laughing guys…it’s my own short cut to use instead of typing lol,lmao, roflmao, roflmfao, etc… so……………………

Nov 25 @ 9:47PM  
Wisadp: Questions about cock pics. Honey, we’ve all had that complaint, and discovered it’s all just part of the whacky world of Pervia. But I agree, face pics are nicer.

Flavorbuster: showed us a dick cake and told everyone “IT DON’T MATTER JUST DON’T BITE IT”. Well, why in the hell not????? Gotta bite the cake in order to eat it.

Somnium showed us how to stop a nosebleed. I just couldn’t help thinking while watching that video if she had used a junior size tampon, it might have fit better.

JsGirl69: Geez, What a week. What can I say? She gave some good advice, tell someone you love that you love them. Don’t take loved ones for granted. I know, it’s an overused mantra, but, maybe it wouldn’t be so over used if we did tell our loved ones on occasion how much we love them.

RevDocLove: In place of Sunday funnies, he gave us “Monday funnies”. Too bad for Bubba that there is no expiration dates on marriage licenses. And the red neck love life… in the world do they multiply???

Sunshine79 showed everyone a “Shorty but goody” by telling us that tulips on your organ are much better than roses on your piano. Ya know, she’s right.

The Skwirl asked “Are you stalking me now? Who? Me? Nah……I just follow that little bushy tail wherever it goes. Wow, trolls breed in dumpsters? More incentive to keep the doors on those things closed when not in use.

Wordsofwith showed us a video of Paula Deen getting smacked in the mug with a ham. I don’t know who Paula Deen is, but I’m glad she wasn’t seriously hurt. I loved her comment, “I just got hit with a hog so what do I expect”, and, “Ran head on to a hog”. At least she was laughing about it.

3zcumpany gave us an entertaining look into the world of marriage with “Tongue tied”. Amazing how a miscommunication can happen when looking at a woman’s breast. Also, you may want to think before telling your wife she ruined your fucking life. I mean, you married her so you could fuck for the rest of your life in the convenience in your own home. Right? Wrong? Whatever.

Taisen: Didn’t know what to name her blog…All I can say is I truly hope it gets better for her and her family. How about some positive thoughts sent her way everyone?

And kainus is going “Stir Crazy” from lack of work. OMG, I could so sympathize with him. Thankfully I’m working 5 days this week! I really hope it stays this way through the holiday season. I really need the work.

Nov 25 @ 9:50PM  
casually looking talked about “Wasting time on jealousy” What? If we don’t waste time being jealous, then what else do we waste time on? Loving? Cuddling? Ya know, that’s just too fun and too easy for some. Me, I’d rather waste time with the loving and cuddling cause that would be so much more fun.

And Nightofold told the ladies here how beautiful we are. Aww shucks!!!! Night!! Thanks.

Straddlemynose had an interesting question. What do you think ladies? Should we be the ones to propose marriage since it seems to take forever for the guys to get around to it? Although I will say somnium had a good idea in his comment about both the man and woman getting down on their knees at the same time to propose. Wonder how that would work? Someone out there give it a try and let us know.

Borty has an Urgent Message about his edible panties being a choking hazard. People…I know Borty’s edible panties are amazing, but don’t be in such a rush to eat them! Take the time to enjoy, chew them properly to get the full enjoyment. This has been a PSA for Borty.

Straddlemynose asks us if we believe we have a Guardian Angel. I must have one because I know I’ve been watched over a few times.

Sunshine79 entertained us with the dancing drunk driver. OMG, I was laughing so hard my ribs were sore afterwards.

Oh Nightofold….how could you forget that one NEW word???? Now we have to go through life wondering what it was.

But, we got to see the pimpin kitty thanks to Sunshine79.

And Straddlemynose wants to know what article of clothing on the opposite gender you would be. Some interesting replies on there.

And everyone shared traditions and plans for Thanksgiving and after on Wordsofwits “Before and after Turkey” blog.

We got a warning about a potential scam using #90 or #09 by Max49. A little debate about it’s authenticity, but, just use caution everyone.

And RevDocLov took us down memory lane. It was so free, riding in cars with no seatbelt on. Of course, if I try that today, now I feel naked without my seatbelt.

And onehornytoad69 is asking for help making devil eggs. OHT, don’t ya know? The secret is to have a devilish attitude.


Nov 25 @ 9:51PM  
LOL ...................girl!!! sugar!! you are a mess!!!

I wish I could give you all my kudos!!!

Here's one though!!!


Nov 25 @ 9:52PM  
And PurpleProphet has a confession. No max, not that kind of a confession! Yep, we were right, Prophet is from the planet Funconian, a nice place of purple beauty. And Borty, I’m sure if there are not any panties on planet Funconian, they will be interested in buying some from you.

Taisen is having a rough week. Thoughts and prayers coming her way.

And our wandering fordman09 has finally appeared. Seems he was bad…spending time on another site. That’s it fordman, I’m going to have to turn you in to Ewe and see what kind of punishment she says to give you.

Wordsofwith: Gave us the news about the scammers who got sentenced to 5 years in prison. Woooohooooo!!!!!!

PinkToeNails pointed out how hot our own Taisen is. And yes, she is a hottie.

WOW!!!! It was a busy week for it being a shortened one!!! Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone!!!

Nov 25 @ 10:12PM  

Nov 25 @ 10:24PM  
and here i thought i came back n wasn't gonna git my week in review !!!: you go girl!!

Cottoncandydragon has a new pic to share. Love that dragon


Nov 25 @ 11:00PM  

The new pic she put up....not the other pic you got yourself fixated on.

Nov 25 @ 11:09PM  
duno what your talkin bout...

Nov 25 @ 11:12PM  
duno what your talkin bout

uh huh. Ok. SURE you don't.

Nov 25 @ 11:13PM  
Great job! RIP to the 15yr old that lost his life racing his quad & the 3mo old that took an astral journey & forgot his way home. See ya on the next round,kiddos....

Nov 25 @ 11:14PM  
Kudo and thanks sweetie. Big hugs to you.

Now it's time to start my long ass night of changing the cold water for my turkey every 30 minutes tonight. * sigh *

Nov 25 @ 11:22PM  
Sugar asked about my son. I did post a comment on my blog My Son cause I didn't feel up to doing a new blog. He is fine and home.

Thanks all for caring.

Nov 25 @ 11:45PM  

Now down to some really embarrassing business. I can't explain how I got so confused but shit happens...yanno? So here goes..........

Thelma...will you please e-mail me privately cause I'll be damned if I can connect Thelma to a username. I'm so frikkin' embarrassed 'cause I get e-mail from you so much and I got so use to Thelma that now I've forgotten your username. I need a pix for my wall but the one you told me to use won't work....real contact me...k? I feel like such a ditz...

Nov 25 @ 11:58PM  
Wow...great job Sugar!


Nov 26 @ 2:45AM  
Good review...easier to read with the spacing....

Nov 26 @ 6:39AM  
WOW....You have been a Very Busy Girl!!!!!
Thanks for the Time and Effort that you put into this!!!!!!

Nov 26 @ 8:57AM  
, if the Indians had given the Pilgrims a donkey instead of turkey

But if they had given us wildcat, we'd all be eating pussy

Great job Sugar
Kudos to you

Nov 26 @ 10:36AM  

Nov 26 @ 11:56AM  
Thanks Sugar for updating me so well! I didn't have to wade through all the mud and muck to find out what I missed! Kudo to ya! You're doing a great job!

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