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Oh yawn, yawn, yawwwwwwwnnnnn....

posted 11/24/2009 10:35:57 PM |
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Damn SON ( if in fact you're a male anyway. And I have my suspicions to the contrary. AND if you are, don't worry...some day the other one will drop. ), get some new material.

You suck at this. Your first time and all? Kinda like popping your cherry huh....oh shit my bad, you haven't gotten round to that either.

Here an "N", there an "N", everywhere an N N N....might work better if you go read a dictionary. Using more than 3 words has a better effect. I know, read some soup cans first, they will help you through the hard words later.

Just so you do not have the capability to piss me off, annoy, or even aggravate me. Know why? I can and will outstrip and outclass you in mental, physical and very much verbal competition in my sleep. Stomping little pissants like you is what I do best. Because I do it for fun.

And because you are a worthless, weak, pathetic little waste of breathing space. I know you act like you do because its a bitter life, having none, likely no women ( or men in whatever case) would sooner kiss an open sore on a 2 week old dead disemboweled sea bass than your fucking face, and that it feels good to stroke your little pee pee with two fingers ( or your skanky 3 weeks in the sun tuna can, whatever the case ) because it gets your rocks off annoying folks.

So....just setting the record straight. You're not annoying me.Your terminal stupidity amuses hell out of me. You're FAR from anything new, and we will all be here long after you're gone. So, by all means keep shoveling drivel, the Mods WILL eventually get around to banning your IP. Then you will just have to rub it out to a national geographic all over again.

Grow up. And don't go away mad, just piss off, child. I laugh and point at your immature retarded foolishness.

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Nov 24 @ 10:39PM  

I hate when people use the "N" word.. That seems to be the only word that he/she knows..

Nov 24 @ 10:42PM  
I'd say it's about time you showed up here, but, you were busy. So, I'll be nice.

You were kinda easy on "you know who" Feeling tired tonight?

Nov 24 @ 10:45PM was a long move. More to come, I have yet begun to warm up to playing with this little infinitesimally small minded waste of breathing space...
*Wicked Laugh*


Nov 24 @ 10:47PM  
I have yet begun to warm

Kind of had a feeling you were just "warming up".

Nov 24 @ 10:48PM  

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!


Nov 24 @ 10:50PM  
aw gee....IT wants to comment...

It simply cannot keep up...I wouldn't want to be accused of frying it's little troll pea brain....

Hissy fit...?

See...told you all it couldn't read....IT couldn't piss me off in a rainstorm while wielding a firehose.....

Amusing little bastard ( or bitch, whatever fits )

Nov 24 @ 10:58PM  
IT took to witting that ya mention it...maybe the email is like some kinda primitive courting ritual? yano some bitch chasing me and i'm not gittin it.???
could be from Zimbabwe or some such shit

Nov 24 @ 10:58PM  
Awwwww. You meanie! Not letting it comment on your blog. Now it has to post it's own hissy fit blog.


Nov 24 @ 10:58PM  
Ahhh this will be fun watching it fry!

Nov 24 @ 11:01PM  
IT took to witting that ya mention it...maybe the email is like some kinda primitive courting ritual? yano some bitch chasing me and i'm not gittin it.???

I'd cover my ass ynot....literally. Trolls are known to be tri-sexual....
They'll try anything....mud,chickens...

Nov 24 @ 11:08PM  
i'd cover my ass ynot....literally. Trolls are known to be tri-sexual....
They'll try anything....mud,chickens..

*runs thru the house tryin to find the dog and the cat.... ....sighhh...under their blankets on the couch...* that was close..and here i thought I was the one that might be gettin courted you point out it could want my dog or cat.........

how does one protect from such douchebaggery

*reaches under matress for ...............*


Nov 24 @ 11:11PM  
Be sure to put overalls on all the animals...

And even then...a few gets raped.

Nov 24 @ 11:13PM  
You know for awhile, there was the theory that this TROLL was a long gone, almost forgotten member of the boards. But there is no way this can be and this troll just proved it in many ways.

For one thing the member now gone mention above was far more articulate and has a much better vocabulary than this Troll. He also knew sarcasm when he read it.

But the best reason this can't be the long lost member of our boards is because he and DKW are good friends, and we know where he lives. So why would he try to pick a fight with someone who can call him out on his front porch and/or he broke bread with in his own home?

Also IT, If you think your pissing off my master, forget it. He's sitting here laughing at your ineptitude and you very poor writing style.

Get a life, will you. You are boring us all to tears.

A kudo for you my Dark One.

Nov 24 @ 11:19PM  
*puts chastity belts on da' dog and cat and figures it's time to go fishing*

Nov 24 @ 11:20PM  
Silly little troll brought a tank to a nuke fight....

Here's one for your little pea brain, trollie:

Tu es stultior quam asinus vos parum cunnus. Tua mater somnus me, is est a meretricis quisnam combibo bonus dick. May totus vestri factum redeo in vos a thousandfold , sic mote is exsisto.

Nov 25 @ 12:21AM  
Wow....only a couple hours to stimulate his brain function...impressive....NOT.

Poor little truly know nothing of the real world, do you? Do tell me what you THINK you know of murderers....and of mass ones at that. You haven't a single clue of who ( or more precisely, WHAT ) you are fucking with...

Ignorance is such bliss...until it bites you in the ass....*Wicked Smile*
Sleep well....*Wicked Laugh*

So, do enlighten me further, I am amused at your infantile pratter.

A dedication, just to rock you to sleep, little child....


Nov 25 @ 12:35AM  

a "honey be."

It's Bee, fool...and I do not kill honey bees, they fulfill a purpose in life, unlike you.

Seriously, ARE you that fucking stupid? I get better repartee from an 8 yr old....

Wassamatter, tank run out of gas to run over people...?

Nov 25 @ 12:44AM  
Now get it straight trollie. I have 3 Harleys in my garage. All paid for. Oh sorry, you are likely still crosseyed from trying to read around here.

Perhaps I should dumb it down for you...


Here's your new screen name for next time you get banned. Dorkus Maximus.

Nov 25 @ 12:54AM  
These bastards are too easy're a legend in your own mind....

You haven't said shit that really all you got? Triple post the same dumbass subject, then move on to another dumbass subject...triple post....lather, rinse, repeat....

Oh, and get your facts straight...the nuke the US dropped only killed 140,000...not "Hundreds of thousands." Dumbass....

Nov 25 @ 12:59AM  
What's over?

What fight went on?

Got a little troll grease on my boot, maybe....

Maybe you said something legible and I missed it....


I do see you're famous though....had a cameo in a major film production....well done...

He's Famous!!!!

Nov 25 @ 1:05AM  
You know, he's not a waste of your time.

He doesn't know how to use GOOGLE to get his facts straight.

A limo only impresses those that are easy to impress. Been there done that, have the tee shirt.

As for side arms. I'm probably more accurate than he is, and I learned from one of the best, Didn't I?

In a battle of whit, he has about a 35% chance of winning, and I'm being very generous. You have know idea who you're up against. But then again maybe you do.

As for IQ if his is above 60 I'd be surprised.

I'm getting a headache just reading you blogs, They make absolutely no sense.

As the late great W.C. Field said "Go away Boy, you bother me"


Nov 25 @ 1:07AM  
Move along jr. you are too easy. I write your script and then you play it out.

So why are playing right into his hands? I think you are the one who needs to move along now.

Nov 25 @ 1:15AM  
It's because your an idiot. Everyone knows it but you.

And I cross reply on blogs, so I don't fill the main page with drivel. That's a pure troll trick. Oh, YOU do that, don't you.

As for having life's privileges, I would love to see YOU try to match try...
Or hers, for that matter...HOW many degrees do you hold...? Value of your home, sorry troll hole...? Do you even OWN a place to live? How many vehicles in your name, PAID for...? I could go on for days....

I still keep this the BEST you got?

Nov 25 @ 1:25AM  
You know TROLL this has been very entertaining. I haven't laughed so hard since I last watch Martin and Lewis (do you know who they are?)

I will be the first to admit, I'm very lucky to have DKW in my life. Many a woman were also after this fine man. I'm just the lucky one he chose.

I can tell from you blogs I am many things you are not. I'm refined, educated, mannerly, eloquent, well read, and I know how to put up with the little people that cross my path.

Buy the way, I own two Harley's and I'll be more of a woman than you'll ever be.

I am done with you for at least tonight. Any night you really want beaten into the ground, just let me know. I'll be waiting.


Nov 25 @ 1:27AM  
Now, I don't know....lets give a little credit here...
They have the "cunt" part down pretty good....

Nov 25 @ 1:30AM  
I'm sorry one more thing

We both have our own portfolio that are doing very well, thank you very much. I don't need a man with money. They tend to be very shallow, I've dated enough of them in the past.

At least a man with a motorcycle is down to earth, and has other values that can make a woman very comfortable.

I don't need or want his money. or any other man's for that matter.

So I guess you are one of the shallow ones. I should have guessed

Nov 25 @ 1:34AM  
Now, whether I "think" I am a badass or whether I "Am" a badass is rather irrelevant. The only way to decide that would be to meet. Now, should read your troll handbook more...."trolls never meet in real life. " Therefore your ideas and theorems on that subject are just another empty headed line of nonsense.

Nov 25 @ 1:36AM  
Ive been kinda lurking in the shadows for quite awhile here, etherically pointing & laughing on occassion but lurking nonetheless...Not interested in wasting energy on Dorkimus Maximus,my own thoughts a bit to heavy to post..Anyway,just wanted to thank DKW for the awesome blog. *waves*

Nov 25 @ 9:11AM  
only a couple hours to stimulate his brain function

Damn..Only two hours to look up and translate all that???

Nov 25 @ 10:55AM  
Iknow I'd be afraid if I were IT, KWD is a dangerous, lethal, and imposing figure. (on paper). This won't make it to the blogs, but it will find the target. You're so easy to bait...

Nov 25 @ 11:26AM  
Ya know Dr. Whiteass....

I tend to never let anyone who cannot even perform such a simple process of getting three initials in someone's name right...bother me. Who's this KWD again?

Nov 25 @ 12:00PM  
Oviously the juxtaposition has escaped that keen intellect...I'm surprised you're allowing me to post.....I'm delighted you've finally stopped cowering behind the choir.

Nov 25 @ 12:09PM  
* obviously....figured I'd correct it before you make an arguement out of it. Such an easy mark with so little wit from which to draw.......

Nov 25 @ 12:14PM  
Obviously the term "implied sarcasm" escapes YOUR keen intellect.

Because you yourself actually do display the skill to rub two brain cells together, why not allow your posts? I have no need to fear anything you might say.

As for the target of this blog, I have no wish to have slime in the form of mindless drivel washing about in here. Besides...for those who have the vision my task last evening was more than completed. I succeeded in tying up one slimy troll for an entire evening so others were not really bothered, I dragged it into the light kicking and screaming, pulled its teeth and exposed it for the pathetic powerless sideshow it really is. Everyone laughed and had a good point at it and thereafter peace ruled in the land, if only for a brief time. It has no power now, it is like all trolls however, it doesn't know its dead, it just keeps kicking.

As for hiding behind the choir....I don't think so. You have stated awhile back you had not gotten into the blogs before, so I grant you the lack of knowledge to know I hide behind nothing. As for your "paper" statement, think as you will. I will tell you as I told "it." I suppose the only way to prove otherwise is to meet so I could prove it. But we both know that is not going to happen. And also because I am sure you would not firsthand believe the several members on this site who HAVE met me in person.

Nov 25 @ 1:17PM  
"thereafter peace ruled in the land"

Why do I get the impression that you're trapped in some medieval Arthurian Legend, leading the defence (old English spelling) of Britain against the Saxons in the 6th century.....*S*. I conjecture that you fancy yourself leading a great quest for honor, dignity whilst saving the damsels from darkness and distress.

"Where are our brave warriors of the shining helms, To free us from pain and shackles? Behold,The Land of the Mighty is in bloody strife and turmoil . And I am humbly your King".


Nov 25 @ 1:39PM  

Just one small error though. I am not trapped. I have a clear sense of reality and fantasy and the border between. To which I am sure you agree that people pursue much wilder and much more harmful fantasies on this realm called the internet. Add in a quite rich background in all things Medieval my entire lifetime, one would think that makes me a tad more skilled at it.

I give you credit for the quote that Henry the Fifth? seems a bit muddled.

Nov 25 @ 2:34PM  
Ah, my instincts were spot on regarding the flow and prose of your comments. In any case, you make a valid point as I'm quite certain there are others on this site who dwell in a far, far more fanciful and dangerous land; witness the self proclaimed 'Troll Patrol'.

As to the quote....The Legend of King Arthur and the Round Table for the first two lines and a bit of an ad lib on it's ending on my part.

Nov 25 @ 2:42PM  
Well, I certainly cannot throw rocks at "Poetic License."
Having bent prose to my will far more than once...

Nov 25 @ 3:33PM  
umm so i shouldn't sleep??

seems the shit just stacks up don't it..... and where do people get the idea that meeting in person does NOT happen?? happens all the as for some fucktard to actully DO SOMETHING other then type?? well...i'm waiting..and even offered a bus ticket before....NOTHING .....

Nov 25 @ 3:50PM  
Now now...I said Trolls never meet up in real life.

now as for some fucktard to actully DO SOMETHING other then type?? well...i'm waiting..and even offered a bus ticket before....NOTHING .....

Exactly my point. It's in the troll manual, page 37, paragraph 7:
"Never ever EVER meet up in real life, you will get your troll ass kicked to hell and back. Threaten all day long to do it, but donnnnn't do it."

Don't tell me you lost your research copy again. Do you know JUST how hard it is to pry those books out of their slimy back pockets?

Anyone around here for any length of time knows meetups for OTHER things happen around here. Even romance sometimes.

Nov 26 @ 12:43PM  
This 'thing' would not get even good use out of alphabet soup.

Dec 3 @ 10:35AM  
Well i realize i am late as always to comment on these lovely ( not!) people..all i can say is boy did they pick the wrong person to mess with you can chew em up & spit out faster than they can come up with a new blog is your well deserved kudo friend & thank you yet again for making blogging land safe & fun for everyone

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Oh yawn, yawn, yawwwwwwwnnnnn....