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Have you ever hit an animal or pet with your car?

posted 11/23/2009 8:12:46 PM |
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Have you ever hit an animal or someone's pet with your care before? If you have did you stop to try to help it (or at least pull it out of the street), or did you drive on without stopping?

I have never hit an animal before, and to be honest, it would probably upset me to the degree that I would probably not stop thinking about it for a long time as it would play over and over in my mind with the visual and sound of it.

While coming up on parked cars along a street I always anticipate an animal darting out in front of me between two cars. Driving defensively is always a good thing, and I always try to do this.

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Nov 23 @ 8:18PM  
OMG, I ran over my kids dog one time....a cocker spaniel, the sob was three years old before it knew its name...and when i say i ran over it...i litarily ran over it... no tires, just the body of the car, he was a smart as ever afterwares.

Nov 23 @ 8:24PM  
Unfortunately, yes, I've had that happen. I was on my way to class, and a kitten ran out right under my tire...I stopped, but, it was too late. Then there was one time driving along and a possum popped out of the bushes and smacked right into the tire of the car I was driving.

One thing I can far I've been lucky and haven't had a deer jump out in front of me.

Nov 23 @ 8:26PM  
I have hit a number of animals..not intentionally for sure!!!!!! but. it's hard not to out here in the sticks! I've been careful lately cause there have been so many deer out. But I've hit and killed a squirel, a couple of racoons (in one shot) and it saddens me to say, that I did hit a cat one night.... I tried to go back but he was nowhere to be found.... I was horrified! I was crying like a baby!!

Nov 23 @ 8:30PM  
speaking of possums...I hit six in one nite, i was driving home down a dark and lonely road...and i guess it was a possum family party.... six in one nite

Nov 23 @ 8:31PM  
I tried to go back but he was nowhere to be found....
Maybe you didn't hit the cat hard enough and he shook it off and moved on, or someone came to his aid and fixed him up. I would try to go with those thoughts with peace of mind.

Nov 23 @ 8:51PM  
I have hit and killed 2 animals. Not on purpose. I love animals especially cats. The first time I was at my moms and they always have numerous cats running around. She lets her cats outside and I have always been careful to watch and look for them before driving out of the driveway. Usually they are smart enough to take off when I start the car.

I looked, didn't see any cats and started my car. I made the car rev up loud to be sure, since they usually took off if they were near by. Waited a minute and checked mirrors and around the car. Nothing. I started to back up and felt a thump. Looked in front of the car and I see this poor cat flopping in the air. I put the car in park, went running inside my moms crying and having a panic attack. My step dad had to come out and put the poor cat out of it's misery. I felt so bad. I couldn't stop shaking or crying. To this day it makes me feel bad and I can still see that poor cat.

The second time I hit anything was taking my kids to school. I saw a squirrel and tried to swerve, he moved and I ended up hitting him anyway. I did stop but didn't touch him. I knew he was dead and felt bad. My kids got upset but it wasn't like I aimed for the poor guy.


Nov 23 @ 9:04PM  
Yes. Once. And no, I didnt kill it, lol

Nov 23 @ 9:16PM  
Yes, a few years ago I hit a dog on a back road on a really rainy night. I got out and looked for that dog for hours because I was afraid it was off injured somewhere. I couldn't even find anyone who owned the dog.

I hit a skunk about a month ago. Again, on a back road on a dark, rainy night. He was just there in the middle of the street. Thank goodness it must not have seen me coming and I got passed it in time to escape any lingering effects.......

Nov 23 @ 9:31PM  
I did, years ago when living in Seattle. A school bus has just pulled away from the curb in front of me and out dashes a small dog chasing his kids..right smack under my wheels he went.

I jumped from my car just as the owner comes screaming from the house but the pooch was dead. To this day I feel bad even though there was nothing I could have done to prevent it from happening.

Nov 23 @ 9:47PM  
I've never hit an animal with my car, but I have rescued an animal that was already hit and taken it to a local vet. Luckily the animal recovered and because he was wearing an ID tag, his owner was contacted and the story had a happy ending.

Nov 23 @ 10:17PM  
I hit a deer once.It was

Nov 23 @ 10:20PM  
Yep, hit a deer once too...

Helped it...right into my freezer.

Nov 23 @ 11:33PM  

Why Yes; A Fish.

Went off a clif into the lake.

Nov 24 @ 3:22AM  
Ok,as cold-blooded as my last comment may appear, in my defense it was overall a pretty traumatic experience. Not to mention the damage to my vehicle.I am sort of a realist though,so I gave my thanks & took him home.Even tanned the hide.It flabbergasts me to witness ppl hit an animal & keep on driving! wtf? I always try to rescue animals that are wandering aimlessly,hit or not.

Nov 24 @ 4:17AM  
@ whisperingcomet ; ran over the kids dog and it didn't even know th sob's name, but its ok, its right, shame on the 6 possums .

we live in a remote area and I drive on very narrow bush tracks every morning to work. hitting wallabys and kangaroo's are inevidable, you try to avoid them or brake for them, but when your dealing with steep hillside and drop off's,its hard enough dodging log trucks.
wombats are the hardest to avoid, and do the most damage, they can tear a hole in an engine oil sump, no problem.I have even seen 4wd's rolled from coming around a corner and seen one dart across right in front of them and if one wheel runs over its body its enough to tip the centre of gravity enough for it to fall over.
sorry for the gruesome thoughts lady's
most vehicles around here are fitted with bullbars or roo bars that fit under the front bumper bars.

Nov 24 @ 8:17AM  
Several birds, a chicken, and a cat. Among the birds was a flock of doves one morning feeding in horse shit in the road. They flew up in to fan blade and went all over the engine. When the feathers started frying it stunk up the damned car.

Nov 24 @ 10:03AM  
When I was in high school I had been to a football game. On my way home I hit a cat that ran in front of me. I don't like cats but I picked it up and took it to a Vet that was a friend of mine. He didn't think it would live because when I hit it it split the pallet in the roof of the cat's mouth. I went the next morning looking for the people that owneed the cat. Luckily the first house I went to is where the cat belonged. I apologized for what had happened and told them that I had taken the cat to a Vet but we didn't expect it to live. Fortunately within a few days the cat started getting better and within a week the people had their cat back and doing well. The in 1987 I was coming home from the bowling alley. It was snowing like I had never seen it snow before even for Southern Indiana. I was running down the highwat doing about 70 when a deer ran out in front of me. I hit it completely destroying the front end of my 6 month old pickup truck. The very first new vehicle I have ever owned. I had had it 6 months to the day. Done $3,000.00 worth of damage to the truck. I have or did have 6 big dogs. I had 3 Chows 2 male that are kind of a reddish color and a female that was black, an English Golden Retriever, A Hienz 57 that belonged to my son and my old Lab that is now about 17 years old. I have an 04 Dodge 4X4 pickup truck and the dogs loved to lay under it. They would always run out as soon as I started the truck except for this day. It was about 2 years ago I went out and got in my truck. I started it up and the 2 males ran out as usual. Without thinking I started to drive off and I heard a dog cry out. I stopped, jumped out and then realized I had run over the black female. I checked her all over and she seemed to be fine. I checked her several times over the next couple of days and she didn't even seem to have a sore spot on her. I got up on the third day after the incident and found her dead. I have kicked myself in the ass time and time again for not taking her to the Vet and having her checked out but I didn't and she died. I had one hell of a time getting over that one and I'm still not sure I'm over it.

Nov 24 @ 10:10AM  
That is sad Max

Nov 24 @ 11:24AM  
Does it count if an animal hits you while youre driving? I had a mystery rodent slam into my windshield once,dropped by an enormous owl(I think) that was startled when I almost hit it.The whole experience was kinda surreal.I was in thick woods,the moon was waxing near full AND it was foggy.Hell no I didnt stop!

Nov 24 @ 12:56PM  
I have hit my share of Critters over the years....
A Few Dogs, Cats,Bats,Squirrels..(No relations to Our Skwirl..I Hope?),coons possums, I Bumped on deer on the hinnie..only hard enough to crack my signal lens.
Last week...I was headed to Wally World...and a Deer Ran into the drivers side Door....hell if his horns didnt hit my side Mirrior the bastid would have came inside of my truck!!!!
I have always went back to find the owners of the "Pets"....most said that the dumbass doggie or cat shoulda not been in the road.... anyways....and let it go at that!!!!
Hell, I have had 3 hunting Dogs get killed in 2 weeks by Cars and Trucks!!!! It Happens!!! Though it broke my heart...and I stopped useing dogs to hunt with ..right after that!!!

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Have you ever hit an animal or pet with your car?