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Are You Stalking Me Now?

posted 11/23/2009 1:29:52 PM |
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No, seriously, are you? I found a blue balaclava outside just a moment ago. It was right next to the dumpster. I went there to take out the trash... you know.. stuff no one wants? yeah that stuff... TRASH. No, seriously honey, I know you don't know what a balaclava is.. look it up.

So, I was packing this hefty bag full of dumb, goo and other junk I'd thrown out this last week... and as I started to open the lid of the dumpster I was met with the overwhelming stench of stupid! So I peeked inside and yup, there it was.. a pair of shit brown eyes with nothing at all behind them.

Suddenly, behind the bushes, there came a rustling.. something big was moving around back there. I slammed the dumpster lid down quickly after dropping my garbage, and spun around to see what new threat might be lurking....

Oh.. wheeew.. it was only a deer in the bushes... but one never knows.. whenever you turn around near the dumpster.. there might be some more garbage stalking you... more junk in the dumpster than you wanna deal with... Trash heaped higher than your eyebrows even.

Trolls and scum are like that.. they breed in dumpsters. This seems to be the dumpster.. let em have it.

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Nov 23 @ 1:34PM  
I reckon we could call Waste Management???

Nov 23 @ 1:34PM  
How come I'm not being stalked? I wanna be stalked dammit!!

I feel so left out!

Nov 23 @ 1:35PM  
All you gotta do Sunny is piss off a couple dumbasses and they'll be right on your tail.. I'm so good at it.. heh.. wait.. hold on.. I'll stalk ya!!!!

Nov 23 @ 1:37PM  
That's a cool creative funny story. A kudo for your ass !!

Nov 23 @ 1:37PM  
I reckon we could call Waste Management???

Go ahead. I'll even give you the phone number. They'll tell you the same thing I already said. It ain't Billy.

Nov 23 @ 1:40PM  
I know I'm being stalked and the trash's gay boyfriend has been stalking me too! I ain't said shit to nobody but yet these people seem to be enamored with me and what I'm doing.

Let's get to make snarky comments on people's blogs and then wonder why they don't like you? Hmm.....that is a big mystery there buddy!


Nov 23 @ 1:43PM  
Couldn't be Billy... he don't care for bird brains either..and he'd be able to keep his damned story straight.

Nov 23 @ 1:50PM  
All I got to say is this. If anyone starts harassing him over this shit, heads will roll on this site.

Nov 23 @ 1:54PM  
For the person who started this rumor..and yes, I do know who you are.. drop it.

It isn't him, and even if it were.. it ain't no shit on your lips cuz last I heard you quit again cuz someone stepped on your toes. So get over it.

Infighting and rumor wars only make it worse. Just take out the trash and be done with it.

Nov 23 @ 1:56PM  
Troll Patrol, It's time to rock and roll.


Nov 23 @ 2:12PM  

First off; I'd love to stalk a Skwirl.

Second; Billy does no wrong.

Third I can't stalk you Sunny, your married.

Nov 23 @ 2:15PM  

Nov 23 @ 2:16PM  
You're damn right I'm stalking you. The reason being is cause that ain't no "blue balaclava" you found out there a moment ago. It's my right nut that's been left out in the cold again. I've told you over and over again to put them back where it's nice and warm or they will turn blue but NO!!! Now you've left it out by the damn dumpster in the cold. Do you have any idea how long it will take to warm the damn thing up JUST enough to get it's color back? If you can't put them back after you're done knawing on them then don't get them out at all. I DO like the way you knaw on them thou.

Nov 23 @ 2:22PM  
Funny....they don't seem to be including the Prez of TKI....

But I been busy too. Try a 400 mile 3 week whirlwind pack and move (8000 pounds worth ) while suffering major flu.

Does not place one in any majorly good mood mode either. Half the membership is crying for my services, other half is screaming let it be. And I note about a fourth of that let it be half is ranting on about troll blogs yet they still feel compelled to at least MENTION trolls in their own blogs. Pot, meet kettle. I am about as sick of that hypocritical bullshit as anything else.

I rarely post ANYthing anymore, it always ends up a damned if you do situation, always pisses someone off.

But in the spirit of this appropriate blog...any trolls who feel the need to stalk someone, by all means stalk me. I just received my federally recognized pistol carry permit, (which requires a life history background FBI check, so much for me being trash, a loser or a criminal before the trolls start ) so I will be more than happy to defend myself to the fullest extent of the law should that occur. And just to be a little fairer to any trolls yet...."sneaking" up on a retired full contact open freestyle black belted Martial Artist and combat trained Spec Ops Marine Military Police Officer is about 99% impossible.

But...DO consider me as a potential target.

Back to the trolls...I DO report any occurring trolls profile, and comments they make, any blogs they make etc etc DAILY. Sometimes several times a day if I have the time. EVERY time. I suggest everyone do the same.

Skwirl, lubs and greenies.

Nov 23 @ 2:22PM  
I have no idea what's going on.

Nov 23 @ 2:24PM  
Well, Skwirl IF I liked girls you'd be first on my list!
Satire is good... satire while gnawing on nuts—priceless!

Nov 23 @ 2:27PM  
Gee,Thx Skwirl,Now Ive got a serious Baklava craving goin & nary a way to get some :(

Nov 23 @ 2:29PM  
Maxi, you crack my shit up...

DK good to see you survived the move mostly intact! lubs too.

Satire, satyrs... they's all yum.

Baklava mmmmm... damn.. now I want greek.

Nov 23 @ 2:39PM  
Maxi, you crack my shit up...
A little crusty when it came out.

Nov 23 @ 4:01PM  
Greenie for you Skwirl.

Nothing like hiding behind someone and firing away. I call that chicken shit. If you want to lob insults let us know who you really are.

I'm very rarely on here. But I'll say the same, want to stalk me bring it on. I have the same Carry permit DKW has, and I'm NOT afraid to use it. I've been told by not one but TWO MP's aim for the chest. I will drop them every time. And pretend they are the practice target, they doesn't deserve to be humanized.

Sounds like good advice to me.

Sunny I know better to ever think it was Billy. Why, because I for one have met him and you personally and know better.

Nov 23 @ 4:15PM  
Here's the deal...

Billy has neither the time nor the resources to post anything on the internet while he is at work.
He works anywhere from 10 to 14 hours a day. He drives a big even if he did have access to internet, how the hell could he drive and post at the same time?

Check the time people...

Finally, in reference to the reference made about his work place. I told him about that and he contacted his supervisor. If anyone attempts to call his workplace and make stupid will be caught. This is a big company with plenty of resources including ways to trace calls regardless of what type of block you use.

Do not fuck with him.

Nov 23 @ 4:34PM  
My, this is getting heavy! Now, I ask you, what's a little murder between friends?

Nov 23 @ 4:41PM  
I'm not talking about either murder or friends. I'm talking about an idiot who thinks they can fuck with my husband by using their fake profiles and their friends.

Apparently the reference to Billy's workplace was inadvertent. However, the comment still stands.

Do Not Fuck With Him!

Nov 23 @ 5:11PM  

Are You Stalking Me Now?

stalking ??? hell i've just gone FISHING...ain't NOBODY round here had to go fishing??

jeezz.......stupid shit continue and i'm outta here wit Da' Squirrel

Nov 23 @ 7:22PM  
I've got my pink stalkings on....

Nov 23 @ 7:26PM  
I've got my pink stalkings on....

oh... so that's where mine went!!


Nov 23 @ 7:27PM  
I've got my pink stalkings on.


Nov 26 @ 9:12AM  
And WHAT IF I am stalking ya??? ;)

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Are You Stalking Me Now?