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AMD Week in Review

posted 11/21/2009 7:47:57 PM |
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tagged: review

Yep, I’m going to give it a try. I’ll say this, I now know how much work and effort it took Dayna to do these things and have even more appreciation for what she did for us. With that said, here we go. Oh yeah! Don’t take it personal if you’re not mentioned, nothing against anyone, hell, I didn’t include of my own blogs in this. Ok, now, here we go:

First of all, let’s welcome the new bloggers and wish them happy blogging here in Pervia:

Desert Smile starts us off with Eddie and the Cruisers. A nice little tune, The Dark Side. Looks to be a rocking week. Then shewolf53 takes us Holiday Shopping. She has only 4 gifts left to shop for. Damn!! I haven’t even started my shopping yet. YIKES! WITCHSHADOW wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you WITCHSHADOW and Happy Turkey Day to you as well and hopefully you will enjoy our little piece of cyber world here in Pervia. Ok, onto Sunshine79 who wishes everyone a Happy Fuckin’ Monday. She’s trying to give away our Monday’s. Wonder if she had any luck? Anyhooo….onto Max49, Nun and Hot Dogs. Father Max, haven’t you explained to the Nuns the difference between a hot dog and a cock? While Father Max is off explaining this to his Nuns, dmbchick420 has a word for Trolls, Assholes, and Losers, she let them have it! Told them their “sh*t” will not be tolerated. GO dmb!!!! Then we have our very own Ynot who asks Ynot Make a Fucktard Sanwhich? Ya know…even after reading the posts….he never did explain how to make that sandwich. JsGirl69 lets us know she did read the Blog Rules, and even though she knows blogs should target specific users, she is trying to find an old friend. Hope you have found who you’re looking for. And flavor buster gives a Call Out Session for the asshole of the month award. Was a winner ever nominated? And NightofOld gives us a wonderful Thanksgiving Poem and wishes “Thanksgiving stays off our thighs”. Thank you NightofOld. And bigmeat10 sends out a message to Loved Ones of prayer for loved ones, reminds us how we shouldn’t take our loved ones for granted.

Ah yeah, funnywhapper, tells us the Party is not over, it’s just beginning . Wooohooo!! And ShadowMale says, And Once Again and cheers on the Saints. Watch out ShadowMale, our Sunshine loves her cowboys! And Looking4Ever moves onto And now something positive, and encourages everyone to share what they are thankful for. Then there is little miss , The Hunt for the Red Oktober, she’s looking for that “right ingredient”. And our own theSkwirl reminds us Because One Day We Might need the help of others and reminds us to make donations to food banks, charities if we can. It’s always a wonderful feeling to be able to help others. And now lunanegra asks everyone to share their Best Xmas Gift. And Straddlemynose gives us one blog after another. (wonder if he is trying to reclaim hit blog whore title?) First he asks if maybe Europe doesn’t like black actors/actresses after “Couples Retreat” Poster brings cries of racism by removing black actors from it’s promotional poster. THEN, he goes onto to ask everyone to Describe Your Eyes. I still like my baby blues. Lol Ladybootscooter tells us If you can’t run with the big dogs, to “stay on the fucking porch”. Looks like the spurs are getting dusted off? And Max 49 tells us Didn’t Do It, sure Max, whatever you say. *snort* and Surv6969 shares some Random Thoughts with us. You know, I always hated the one where in the middle of an argument, it’s PROVEN I’m right. Lmao Sunshine79 shares a lovely letter, Dear Scammer, what a lovely apology letter. And whispering comet is Open for advice, thinking of moving to a warmer climate after retirement. Me too, I want to move to the Bahamas. Hopefully they are still warm then. Lol WordsofWit follows up with Retirement, a good blog to make us look in the future and plan on retirement. And Surv6969 gives us the Week 10 in the NFL. Yep, my Lions still have only one win in their column. The improved from last season. Lmao Soft_touch938 tell us, Day 2...hangin in there. You’re doing great Softie, you’re going to be a true non smoker soon. NightofOld wrote Upon the nipples of Sunshine79’s breast, a lovely poem I’m sure Sunshine loved. flavor buster woke us all up with WII HAW!!!!. Not so sure about the gift though, being elbow deep in a horses ass just doesn’t sound fun. Max49 tells an Illuminating Tale about why people carry flashlights in the bayou. Ynot with his Ynot Show Me, gives an inside look at what the UFC may be like. But wtf is MMA?? DesertSmile shared an Invitation to travel proposal she received. I got the same invite later, but, he just couldn’t/wouldn’t help me pay the kennel fee for boarding my dogs. Oh well. Alybai42 asked us if we enjoyed Bedtime/Night time Snack. To which Soft_touch938 gave us Just a quickie, no, not THAT!!!! She was updating us on how well her journey to becoming a non smoker is going. She is doing fabulous!!! Give her a hug everyone! Lunanegra decided to Fight Back, and tell everyone to stop feeding the “Neanderthal. Some excellent advice there. Taisen tells us I made a choice, she almost left Pervia, but has decided to stay. YAY!!!!!!! RevDocLove told us about the little boys Fire Truck, that poor kitty!!!!!

continued in comments

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Nov 21 @ 7:48PM  
And let’s say welcome back to Sundance64 who made us think on A Sin, a very good blog that unfortunately got buried in the drama. WordsofWit brought back childhood memories with The Card Table. I loved the family get togethers growing up, and still enjoy them now. I think most of us can remember our own “card table” stories. Another excellent blog lost again due to the drama that invaded last week. Nsa101 wrote about Being a writer and eroticism, and was seeking some guidance in a writing assignment. I will leave the guidance to the experts. Looking4ever reminded us of the Unsung Heros, The families of our military. I give them my thanks and support for their sacrafice of loved ones in the military fighting to protect us here at home. Thank you. RevDocLov tells the story of Taser Ten y/o Girl??? WTF??? Still don’t see how a police officer couldn’t subdue a 10 yr old without having to use a taser. And, all of this over the girl not wanting to take a shower???? Dione told us about Only the words are orderly across the page of grief. Beautifully written tribute to her husband. Kudo Dione, that is a beautiful blog. And then DickSlippery graced us with his “whig”, Better late than never, about the foolishness/stupidity of bringing Khalid Sheik Mohammad to the U.S. to be tried in our Federal Courts. WTF????? He’s an enemy combatant who bragged about his part in planning the murder of innocent people on 9/11...try him in a military tribune! And FINALLY, DarkKnightWalking shows up to tell the Dear Trolls a thing or two about free speech. He and his lady have been busy moving, so he is forgiven for being late….this time. MsHelle says Turnabout is Fair Play and blasts the email trolls out of the water. Get them MsHelle!!!!!! Sunshine79 shares a Best of Craigslist ad about an Bible for sale that is reported to be signed by Jesus Christ himself. I’m no expert, but, wasn’t the Bible written AFTER Jesus was crucified? And, even if this were authentic, wouldn’t there be more profit taking this Bible to an auction instead of selling it on CraigsList? TheSkwirl tells us A couple Lil Things about free speech, and that trolls will not be tolerated. And reminds everyone to please donate to Food Banks. I have done my part, and will do so again as soon as I can. I feel if I have a roof over my head, and access to the internet, then I can afford to do my part to help those less fortunate. whispering comet shares an Angry Woman Letter with everyone. All I got to say is this lady hit it right!!! Political correctness has gotten way out of touch with reality. Straddlemynose talks about The 25 most-played Christmas tunes on the radio. and asks What are your top 3? Seriously? Thanksgiving hasn’t even come yet….give us a couple of weeks!!! Selectusername with his Health Insurance blog shows his obvious disapproval of the current health care reform bill in the congress. Wonder if he has a headache from all of that head pounding? MonkeyWoman30 writes of How Important Is Family To You?, a very touching and emotional blog about her life. flavor buster gives everyone an Early Bloggers Christmas. What is this? A conspiracy to fast forward to Christmas? Straddlemynose asks Can you name songs that reminds you of stalking, and that creeps you out? ummm….ok…first you’re hitting us with Christmas, now this? This one should have been asked last month for Halloween. Just sayin……. girl country is Tired Tired Tired…..!!!, she took some time off to be with her daughter and help out. Welcome back girl country. Borty293 tells us I Can’t Hear You, Borty, you have to turn up the volume in the blogs in order to hear them. Sunshine79 tells us about The Patch, a new use for the nicoderm cq patch. Somnium shares a Pilot Gripe Sheet with us. So that is what friction locks are for? KitKat25 said That’s it….I’m outta here! She’s soooo bad!! Trying to scare us by making us think she’s leaving us! And finally, Soft_touch938 told us an amusing tale If it has feathers and flies about a bird that got into her house. I was laughing so hard reading that Softie.

Ok, so there you all have it. A week in review. This is my first attempt. Probably my last…someone else can take a shot at it. Dayna was right when she said it takes a lot of time. Whew!!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed. If you didn’t……TOO BAD!!!!

Nov 21 @ 7:54PM  
Ladies and gentlemen, looks like we have our new week-in- reviewer!

You have done an excellent job with this, Dawn! Kudos!

Nov 21 @ 8:00PM  

Nov 21 @ 8:40PM  
It was too dense and too hard to read for me as structured. I could only read it so far, sorry. I appreciate the effort, quite noble. I didn't realize that there was that much anyone considered reading. Go ahead and open fire people, but it seemed like the week was overwhelmingly bitching about trolls and stale jokes, though there were some, not enough, wonderful posts sprinkled in.

Nov 21 @ 8:42PM  

I bow and give Kudo's to our new Review Editor.

A job well done Dawn.

Nov 21 @ 8:51PM  
Bravo!!! Ill owe ya da kudo since my. Blackberry won't let use that function.

Nov 21 @ 9:39PM  
Ladybootscooter tells us If you can’t run with the big dogs, to “stay on the fucking porch”. Looks like the spurs are getting dusted off?
Dusted off, polished up and back on the boots!!! I'll throw ya a kudzo for all your hard work and effort.

oh and btw, I for one had no problems whatsoever reading it! It was and is fine just like it is!

Nov 22 @ 12:18AM  
With the way I type... It's not a job I'd want to tackle- I might be able to do 15/20 wpm, with gusts up to 30 maybe!

If you like doing it- do it!!

Here's a green pumpkin for ya!


Nov 22 @ 12:20AM  
Oooops... forgot to give you your kudo! I hate that when that happens!


Nov 22 @ 4:11AM  
Wow ..that must have taken awhile to put together ...Dayna would be proud of your review ...nice one Sugar....

Nov 22 @ 6:39AM  
Good one...Thx for your time and effort!!!

Nov 22 @ 8:02AM  
Good job, sweetie!!

Nov 22 @ 9:11AM  
You did a very good job! A green is rolling your way for your hard work and insight. These things are not easy to write and there will always be critics, but don't let that stop you. Thanks for mentioning my little contribution.

If a person doesn't have enough time to read all of the blogs this is a good way to get the general gist of things. Have a super Sunday!

Nov 22 @ 9:27AM  
Greenie to you

Nov 22 @ 10:27AM  
*Does happy dance upon reading her name,then quickly gains composure* Good Mornin AMD! Coffee anyone?

Nov 22 @ 10:49AM  
Great Job,

That is one job I wouldn't want..

Well deserved kudo

Nov 22 @ 7:06PM  
Heh now you know why, when I do em.. I do em the way I do...

hard work ain't it? You done good girly! Do it again!!!

Nov 22 @ 9:39PM  
Most excellently done.

Nov 22 @ 9:50PM  
Wow ..that must have taken awhile to put together ...Dayna would be proud of your review ...nice one Sugar...

sry this took so long but i sent this to her...and she said i was to make a note for her.....
awesome done good
now the worst part is i gotta give you one of MY kudos for her....jeez...but what are friends for??

Nov 22 @ 9:56PM  
sry this took so long but i sent this to her...and she said i was to make a note for her.....
awesome done good
now the worst part is i gotta give you one of MY kudos for her....jeez...but what are friends for??

Now that makes it all worth it. Ynot had to give up one of his kudos to me.

I'm glad Dayna liked it. I'm going to have to write her and tell her thanks for getting you to give up a kudo.

Nov 22 @ 10:25PM  
KitKat25 said That’s it….I’m outta here! She’s soooo bad!! Trying to scare us by making us think she’s leaving us!

Yes Sugar...I'm sooooo very bad.

How could I say goodbye to you guys and gals?! You're like one big dysfunctional family to me...sometimes I like you...sometimes I don't...sometimes you piss me off...and sometimes you make me laugh my ass off...but you always support me and offer an ear and some advice if that's what I need. You also keep me up-to-date on the latest jokes...I was so lost in the joke department before coming to Pervia.

I LOVED your review and I thought you did a wonderful job. You'll only get more amazing with time so I think you should keep the reviews coming. Leaving you a green cookie at door for a job well done.

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AMD Week in Review