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Emptiness inside...

posted 11/21/2009 12:26:10 PM |
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tagged: charity

As I was leaving Wal-Mart yesterday I drove by a man sitting on the corner w/a woman & a child.He held a sign that read "Family in need Please Help."I checked my bills,& after noticing I had a 1 & a 100,I stopped & gave him the 1."Big whoop" I thought as I drove away,feeling rather guilty.Noticing I needed gas I pulled into a station,filled up & went in to pay.Now that Ive bored you to death,heres the kicker.In line behind me were 2 very well dressed women, beautiful women, having a very ugly discussion."Shouldnt we call the police?" "Well,I think its disgusting,how theyre begging w/their kid" I couldnt help it,I turned & asked where they thought a homeless cpl should leave their child...@ daycare? @ a shelter? @ Child Protective Services? I didnt get an answer really,just got my change,turned around & gave the family on the crnr a 20.When did ppl stop caring? Is the reccession causing a great emptiness inside? It saddens me..& makes me angry.

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Emptiness inside...
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Nov 21 @ 1:26PM  
amazing how when people are doing well they can look down their noses at someone's misfortune with out a care in the world..and then judge them at the same time....

its certainly a diff world we live in ......

Nov 21 @ 1:34PM  
Ya know,it takes balls to stand on a corner begging for help like that...

Nov 21 @ 1:39PM  
That was a very nice jester- both times!

My only question is: why aren't they seeking some kind of help through some shelter that may be available for them... unless they already have- dunno! I've never experienced that kind of desperation but if I did, I think I would look to see what might be available- even walk into a police station and ask what help might be available- I would think they would know! Just a thought!


Nov 21 @ 1:53PM  
Heres a lil known fact,shelters are overwhelmed,especially this time of yr when its becoming chilly out.Its not uncommon for them to turn ppl away w/no other resources to offer.Oh,& if you have any warrants,even an unpaid traffic ticket from 10 yrs ago,the police will NOT help.

Nov 21 @ 1:57PM  
I see- like I said, it was just a thought!


Nov 21 @ 2:06PM  
I hope you dont think I was slammin your opinion Som! I wasnt @ all! Its just a common thought that theres tons of help available when truth is the help just dsnt measure up to the need.

Nov 21 @ 2:18PM  
I always feel bad when I see people on the street asking for help. Most of the time I don't have cash on me though. Gotten in the habit of only carrying my bank card, hubbys bank card and my lic. If I have cash though, I normally give something if I can afford to do so. With 4 kids, bills, and other things going on, we don't have alot to spare.
I know the shelters are very full this time of year. Like you said, it's colder and with so many out of jobs and out of a home they are stuck. Many get turned away because there isn't enough room. I haven't ever seen someone out with thier child before, and not sure how I would react to that. Being a mom myself, I don't think I could sit out on the street with my kids or even one kid asking for help with a sign.

I would have to be pretty damn desperate to do that.

Kudos to you for helping them.

Nov 21 @ 3:43PM  
Thx for giving when you can,Tai!

Nov 21 @ 3:49PM  
I hope you dont think I was slammin your opinion Som!

Nope... didn't think that at all!


Nov 21 @ 4:20PM  
You know, I was paying my rent one day and as I was heading home, it started to rain. I saw a mom pushing a baby in a stroller. I was stopped at a light when I saw a 2 door Mercedes sports car pull up to the mom & child and I'm thinkin' to myself 'What's this lady gonna do, strap them to her car? She can't give them a ride!' Well, she rolled her window down and handed the mom an umbrella & drove off.

Now, that was a kind & simple gesture. Umbrellas are $1 at any Dollar Tree store. Never thought about carrying a few extra umbrellas in my car, but for a buck a piece and to make someones day & help out, I'd say a buck was worth it.

Nov 21 @ 4:25PM  
My kid saves all her nickels just for such occasions. I know it isn't much but she doesn't get an allowance or anything. Just some spare change from the money she gets as gifts or to go to the movies or what have you. She probably had $5.00 of them on her today and she put about half in the can for the Girl Scouts having a fun raiser in the mall today. She has done this of her own volition.

Maybe I have taught her and her sister well. I'd like to think so. One thing they have both always looked forward to is getting the name of a girl about their age from one of the Giving Trees or some such thing. They both always look forward to going shopping for a child their age that might not be as fortunate as they are. I honestly think they get more excited about doing that than making their own list.

I don't know that people care less. Maybe it is the town I live has been hit extremely hard economically (it was number one on Forbes' list for unemployment in August). People here seem to be very generous...and many of the generous aren't doing that great financially either.

Nov 21 @ 4:36PM  
Sunshine,What a great story! Such a thoughtful way to help out.

Nov 21 @ 5:31PM  
im a combat and i see men and wemon that are homeless here thay fight for our freedom and then we forget all about them m i get ssssssoooooooo pissed off.i will always help a person or a anmel in need i have 7 dogs all rescues

god bless all of us


Nov 21 @ 6:02PM  
Sunshine,What a great story! Such a thoughtful way to help out.

Thanks, on a side note, my 9 year old daughter just cut 12 inches of her hair for Locks Of Love. She is also collecting items to go into a 'Christmas Box' being sent to a troop in Iraq. What a way to get the community involved.

Nov 21 @ 6:16PM  
L4E,youve raised your daughter well.You must be proud.I think its important not to just tell our kids that there are other less fortunate kids out there,but also give them the mean to help.

Nov 21 @ 6:26PM  
Wow..a Person with a Heart!!!

This Country is in the shape its in, because of Greed!!!
You did Good ......Lady!!!!

Nov 21 @ 7:27PM  
My heart goes out to people struggling and that are currently homeless. I know there are people like this that really do exist and need some kind of assistance to get back on their feet, but I do know that there are also some people out there that do take advantage of the holiday season with peoples huge hearts that really don't need help of any kind. These types are out on the streets begging as well just to make more money. I know this probably isn't the case you saw recently, but there are people out there like that.

If you feel like anyone truly does need the assistance, then let your heart guide you.

Nov 21 @ 8:56PM  
Lots of ppl still have heart,69,as shown by the comments above.Thank you though! & yes,ppl do take advantage,but I try not to generalize,ya know?

Nov 22 @ 12:17AM  
Not judging the people you spoke of here...

But I once knew of a guy that would stand on the corner of a street in New Orleans everyday and sing and dance for money. Each day he would show up wearing a ratty looking suit smelling like he fell in a dumpster. He put on a show, told a story of how he had lost everything. Sad to see really.

Then one day someone noticed the guy walking into an apartment complex. He went in a scruffy looking bum and came out well dressed for a night on the town. The daytime begger hit the hotspots leaving tips as he went along. Upon questioning the guy, he replied that he had lost everything, and he was forced to beg on the streets for a while. But as he got better at the act he began making more money. He said it was hard to give up the act when he started clearing $100 a day. As it turns out, according to a news show I saw once, begging can be pretty profitable if you look pittyful enough.

Several people were caught using their kids and making up "I'm a vietnam vet" signs even though they were never in the military.

Not saying this guy is doing this, but it makes one wonder sometimes.

As for the question of when did everyone stop caring? There have always been those type of people that don't care. But lately even people that do care simply can't do anything. If they gave to every seemingly homeless person begging for money, they themselves would be homeless, and the homeless would still also be homeless. It's not that so many people don't care, but rather there are too many people to have to care for now.

Some people say this is why we need universal healthcare, but I say if there were jobs, people could afford healthcare just fine. Just my opinion.

Nov 22 @ 1:35PM  
Good for you for what you did and for putting those heartless women in their place

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Emptiness inside...