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posted 12/23/2006 1:59:22 AM |
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This should be real interesting. Have you ever thought of what it would have been like to be the other sex? I'm sure all of us have. Giving this some thought a few years back I thought one of the perfect females I don't think I would have a problem being, not totally perfect because she's not a lesbian. lol I think she's pretty hot and a little strange. I can see her being the female version of me. That would be Wyona Ryder. I'm sure I didn't spell her first name right, but you all know who that is I'm sure. She was in the movie Heathers, Sticky Fingers, and Welcome back Roxy Carmichael. Anyway, what opposite sex person do you see yourself being, or would want to be, and why? Be serious, this is all in good fun and means nothing but a good laugh and discussion.

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Dec 23 @ 4:03AM  
I am told that I make a handsome man, even though I was an awkward teen, but I feel I'd make a damned ugly woman.

Dec 23 @ 5:45AM  
I have to be totally honest here as I once dressed up as a woman for a show. I was told by several females that I have great legs but I am a far uglier woman than I am a man.

Dec 23 @ 10:46AM  
Back in 1993 coming up on Halloween I was working as a cashier at a major grocery store chain and had dressed up as a Witch one night when I was working as night cashier. There was this new stock guy that started that night and when it was time for all of them to take a break and buy their food at the register only did he findout after I spoke that I wasn't a chick. I think he was red faced about it. I guess I pulled it off, a lot of customers didn't know I was a guy. I think I would have made a pretty chick.

Dec 23 @ 11:46AM  
Hmm be a man??? Hell No!!! I like thinking with my brain
Sorry Straddle couldn't resist, I hate when the smartass in me comes out, really I do.

Dec 23 @ 11:49AM  
LOL....Cute, TLC!

Dec 23 @ 11:57AM  
Straddle, can't think of any man I would want to be, but can think of one or two that I would want Just kidding


Dec 23 @ 12:02PM  
Zena, I know who the two are. Sean Connery is out, and that leaves the other Shawn (ME!).

Dec 23 @ 12:22PM  
I see myself as Selena,because she was sexy, very smart, and had a wonderfull voice. All the things that I am not. lol.

Dec 23 @ 12:39PM  
You were close with the spelling. It's Winona Ryder and she was named after a town close to where she was born. Winona,Minnesota

Dec 23 @ 4:13PM  
Hey Straddle if your one just wondering if you know who the other is

Dec 23 @ 11:49PM  
Well, I know Winona got busted for shoplifting a thousands of dollars of merchandise including $400 socks.. Her great defense was that she was researching a movie roll. She also had up to 37 prescriptions filled by 20 doctors (I believe these were found in her purse during her 5 finger discount spree), using six different aliases, in a three-year period. So, she's proof that the pudding isn't ever perfect.

Let's see. A man that I could possibly be. I've always been curious what it would be like if I had a penis.. the fact I could shoot it off like a bazooka has always been an interesting idea. But, um, er... I'll go with Tom Cruise. Someone so clearly off his rocker- he was an 80's sex god, he jumped on Oprah's couch for dang's sake, married a woman half his age, converted dozens of people to his "church" of Scientology, got away with calling Matt on the Today Show 'glib' (truly iconic if he could bring back that word!) and even with all that, he bought a movie studio and thousands of women out there still want to fuck him!!!

Dec 24 @ 12:10AM  
Oh yeah, I know all about Winona doing that stuff. But when I say that she could be the female me that's not the part I had in mind. lol I'm not a thief, and I do take responsibility when I do wrong. LadyM, you're actually the first female to post what male you would wanna be on here, brave move!

Zena, you love me, you really love me! lol

Dec 24 @ 10:08AM  

Dec 25 @ 1:09AM  
I see myself as Selena,because she was sexy, very smart, and had a wonderfull voice. All the things that I am not. lol.

Hey wtxman, would that be Selena the singer or Selena the porn star???

I've said it a thousand times: I'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body; if I was to become a man this minute, I'd still love men!

Dec 27 @ 5:06AM  
unfortunately, according to my friends, i already am a guy. a guy with ovaries. I'm so tomboyish i'm already considered one of the guys. now i have to think of what kind of girl i'd be

Jan 11 @ 3:53AM  
Hmmms, to be the opposite gender... well then at least I couldn't get upset about being called "Erica" which friends still do to get a rise out of me.
The girl I would be... I can't think of any popular real-life long haired, redheads with green eyes that I'd like to be. (Can't think of any period... help me out here?) I happen to like red hair (have some red hair in my genetics in fact which I can see in my beard) and green is my favorite color.
In fact, the only redhead that I can who matches the description isn't even real... Kim Possible. Lol! At least she likes to jump out of planes... and well... I want to! (zero fear of heights people!)
Still, I think I'd be ok as a beautiful woman so I could get lots of sex I mean, that'd be a huge bonus wouldn't it? Then there's the webcam for money stuff... lol, yeah right. Who here would turn into the opposite gender just to do webcam sex stuff? *hmmms?*

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