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All about respect????????????????

posted 11/19/2009 9:06:54 AM |
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lets go back to the respect thing you people started this 4 days ago when someone ask if there was any real women on here and he got ripped thats where it started i stood up for the guy after you all ripped him but thing you guys not to do and respect others but you dont have to

Wasn't your fight was it? But, you took it a step further with your constant insults, threats. Too bad they can't be proven since your other profile got CANCELED. Yes, there is a fundamental right to free speech in our country. But, you fail to realize that every company, corporation, etc also has their terms and agreements. And when you fall behind your right of free speech to harass, intimidate, and threaten other people, you gave up that right to free speech. AMD has rules here, and you and your pal crossed the line. There is no "elite" here who run the blogs. There are PEOPLE here who blog, who comment, joke, and play. Yes, there are those of us who are friends. B-I-G F-U-C-K-I-N-G deal! You want to call us a "clique" (that is the correct spelling btw) go ahead. We still have our clique t-shirts and rings. Seriously, new bloggers are always welcomed here. It's not up to us whether they stay or's up to them. It's not up to us whether they CAN stay or not....again, it's up to them whether they want to stay. If someone got "ripped" for a bitch blog about if there are real women be it. That was his blog, and HIS right to stand up and say "fuck you" to whoever "ripped" into him. It wasn't up to you.

You want respect asshole? You got to earn it. You want to keep up with this "wah wah wah, boo hoo" mentality and keep acting like a bitch, then you will be treated as such. YOU are bringing it on YOURSELF. You have no one, and I mean NO ONE to blame for your other profile being canceled, or for how you make yourself look here with your trash talk. Yeah, good way to make friends, call them trash, claim they are on government assistance like it's a bad thing. Your illiterate ass speaks for itself with bad spelling and grammar. Normally I don't give a rat's ass to that sort of shit, but, you claim to have a college degree. HAH!!! If so, then I wouldn't want to attend any college that gave you a degree with the butchering of the English language you have done.

Sorry folks, this has been building up for the last couple of days. I'm fucking tired of this boys "everybody is picking on me, feel sorry for me, boo hoo" act. As far as I'm concerned, act like a fucking asshole and you will be treated as one.

I'm done.

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All about respect????????????????
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Nov 19 @ 9:56AM  
*strolls thru n just lays a kudo on her floor n walks out *

Nov 19 @ 10:08AM  
Thanks Ynot.

I see Sundances blog, and, I can totally see where she is coming from. And, funny as this will sound, I totally agree with her. But, (yeah, there's always a but ) I've seen this particular person's constant whining and complaining on here for months. All he has ever done is bitch, piss, moan about women being teases on here, or, how newbies aren't welcomed, etc. I have NEVER seen anything positive from this person. And, I finally hit my breaking point, and yeah, I bitched. Give me credit for at least keeping shit to myself for almost a year. I will not apologize for speaking my mind. Like I said, I understand her blog, hell, I even agree with it. People have a different levels of tolerance, and, I hit the end of mine with recent events.

This blog isn't for any popularity, it isn't even for "rallying the troops", it's purely a venting blog, nothing more.


Nov 19 @ 10:18AM  
*wonders if they have T-shirts in Purple*

Nov 19 @ 10:37AM  
Cracks the door slightly and flips a kudo in sugars direction and slams the door.

Nov 19 @ 11:00AM  
* Slipping you a greenie *

* HUGS *

Nov 19 @ 11:30AM  
Omg,Nobodies talkin to me! Wahhh *Runs away sobbing*

Nov 19 @ 12:14PM  

And one more greenie.

Nov 19 @ 12:25PM  
I'm just slippin' a kudo under the door and
gettin' the fuck outta' the way

Nov 19 @ 3:11PM  
Jus Kiddn on the sissy-la-la that a no on the Purple T-shirt then? lol

Nov 23 @ 7:38PM  
Feel Better Now?

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All about respect????????????????