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Better late than never...

posted 11/18/2009 11:46:59 PM |
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tagged: whig

That seems like an appropriate title for this blog, since I promised a friend of mine (U know who U are, U sexy, Starfleet uniform wearing FREAK! ) I would write this thing last weekend. Obviously, I did not get around 2 it last weekend. Maybe that's because I was busy. I do have a life U know. Not really...but it sounds good when I say it. Even better if I get all indignant about it.

The real reason I haven't written this yet is I'm not really sure what the fuck I am trying 2 say. Anyone who is familiar with my blogs knows I almost ALWAYS know what I am trying 2 say. I may be wrong, but I'm not confused about it. But this time...I dunno.

I wanted 2 bring up this thing I saw on the news recently about how Khalid Shiek Mohammed is finally being transfered from sunny Cuba 2 New York City so that he can be brought up on federal charges for his part in the 9/11 attacks. So what. right?

Personally I don't give two shits of a rat's ass about Khalid Sheik Mohammad. I believe he is probably a murderous bastard who deserves whatever he gets. What I don't think he is, however, is guilty of any crime. 2 convict and execute (cause that's exactly what will happen. This trial business is just a formality...) this man for this bullshit goes against everything I thought this country was supposed 2 stand for.

While the attacks on New York City and Washington, DC were unquestionably heinous, there was nothing criminal about it Those attacks were an act of war. Plain and simple.They didn't even try 2 keep that shit a secret. As far as I know declaring war upon the USA is not a criminal act. If it is, then why wasn't Emperor Hirohito of Japan charged with the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Besides that, how the fuck is this guy ever going 2 get a fair trial? Do U really think anyone who hasn't heard of 9/11 is going 2 answer a Jury Summons? For that matter, wouldn't a jury of his peers be comprised of a bunch of Koran waving towelheads, as opposed 2 already pissed-off New Yorkers who all knew somebody who worked on the 86th floor of the WTC?

But the bottom line is that this guy and those he represents have made no secret their hatred for America, and if "Death to America" isn't a declaration of war then I don't know what the fuck is. Add 2 that the fact that we have been fighting a war against these very same assholes for most of the time we have had this prick in custody and I think U may have a pretty strong argument that no crime has been committed here.

Let's not forget that the events of 9/11 change depending upon one's perspective. What we view as a terrible national tragedy are view by others as a well-planned, well-executed military exercise which dealt a stinging blow 2 a larger, seemingly invincible enemy. These men who we revile as terrorists are seen by those who share their beliefs as heroes. Martyrs even. And, depending upon who wins this war, that could very well be the way history remembers them as well.

The only reason that George Washington, John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and all of the rest of the fathers of our nation are remembered as patriots rather than terrorists is that we won the fucking war! The same may yet end up being true for these dickheads in the Taliban...only time will be the judge of that.

But just for the sake of argument, let's say we do lose this war, do we really want 2 open the door 2 criminal charges being filed against our military commanders for attacks against the Taliban during the war? Do we want them 2 have 2 answer for whatever "collateral damage" may have occurred during battle? Hell no, we don't.

And that's why we shouldn't be doing this shit. The man is an enemy combatant (another fact nobody seems 2 dispute. We should hold the motherfucker as a POW until the end of hostilities and then send the motherfucker back 2 where he came from.

Just my opinion...

Keeping U posted,


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Nov 19 @ 12:18AM  
Good to see you back, though not a subject I feel that our opinions matter on so, not wasting time commenting.

Nov 19 @ 12:19AM  
Just so happens...I agree. This guy is a war criminal and should be tried by a national tribunal. Not in an American court.

Oh yea...those emails you keep sending on myspace? What a tease! I never get mail on myspace except from Canu once in awhile. So when I see that I got mail on myspace, I get all excited. Only to see its a fucking app invite from GUESSTHEFUCKWHO???

It wouldn't be so bad if you'd at least send a "hey sunny" or something like that...just sayin'

Nov 19 @ 12:21AM  
That's all very cleverly written as usual and it makes me think....


Nov 19 @ 12:32AM  
Gawd! I forgot that I can't be drinking when I read your blogs...

In spite of that, I am so FREAKING glad to see your happy ass back on here. Don't go away ever again. I don't care if you are off, pretending to have a life of not!

Nov 19 @ 2:55AM  
Thanks for the blog. It gives plenty to ponder.

Nov 19 @ 6:18AM  
I can't agree with your contention that the attacks on NYC and Washington were acts of war. The attackers weren't acting on behalf of any government. They were individuals bent on killing innocent people to make a point.

If what Al Quaeda did was war, when Timothy McVeigh was killed, we killed a war criminal. He was in rebellion against the USA, and was merely a revolutionary engaged in revolutionary war. Does anyone believe that?

On the other hand, you at least give a better reason for not having the trial than those who oppose it out of fear. To say we shouldn't try Khalid Sheik Mohammad because it will inspire more attacks, or because he will mock America in his trial, is really chickenshit.

Nov 19 @ 6:40AM  
If what Al Quaeda did was war, when Timothy McVeigh was killed, we killed a war criminal.

I should have said "If what Al Quaeda did was war, when Timothy McVeigh was killed, we killed a prisoner of war."

I should always finish the first cup of coffee before I type.

Nov 19 @ 8:48AM  
Mr. Parker......Don't disappear again!!

Nov 19 @ 9:51AM  
I've missed your blogs.

I personally think this Shiek should be tried in a military tribune, not in a civilian court. We are at war with Al Qaeda, which he is a member of, and, he planned an attack on innocent people here along with an attack on the Pentagon, our Military's "heart". In attacking the WTC, yes, that was a murderous, criminal act, but, when attacking a military establishment, then that becomes a declaration of war.

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Better late than never...