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Mean People SUCK!!

posted 12/22/2006 6:01:07 PM |
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Ok... so I'm walking home from the store, after just having cashed my check, where apparently I was watched by some sniviling, mean prick. Purse over my shoulder, it's raining, I'm thinking about what I can pick up for my kids for Christmas that will still leave me enough to pay rent next month, kinda in my own little world.

Next thing I know... I'm face down in the mud next to the road, cars spashing even more rain and crap on me... and my purse has been ripped off my shoulder!!! It's dark-ish... and I can't see anything cuz of the grass and rain in my eyes, all I hear is this little chicken shits feet pounding away down the street. NO ONE STOPS! 30 cars must have passed me and no one saw this jerk knock me down and steal my purse??

Get home, call the cops and they say... oh, well, we'll be by in a few hours to get a report, been a lot of this going on lately. Umm... and it hasn't been in the papers or on the news? WTF?? You can't warn people so they can take more precautions? I live in a fairly large town of poor folks, LOTS of people walk around here.

I am so angry... and hurt (physically and emotionally)! I feel violated and revengeful. I hope something truly horrific happens to the bastard that did this to me. So much for Christmas. Bah fuggin humbug. I hate people somedays.

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Dec 22 @ 6:05PM  
Yeah!!! Mean people do suck,,they should come over here and show me just how mean they can be.....(zipppp)

Dec 22 @ 6:13PM  
So sorry this happened to you!! Unfortunately a good reminder to women to look and pay attention to who/what is around them. You have yourself.....wounded both physically and mentally, but you are still here. We are glad to still have you around!!

Dec 22 @ 6:14PM  
I bought a stun gun off of ebay for $30, it has 1,000,000 volts. I carry it with Me wherever I go. It has a disabling pin which you put on your wrist like a bracelet, so if an attacker grabs the gun out of your hand he can't use it against you. It also has a built in alarm. When men just hear the crackling current it's usually enough to scare them away, but if need be, when you use it on them it knocks them down and you have enough time to kick them in the balls and run away. I also keep a small thing of pepper spray on My key chain. I take extra caution because I don't want to be the victim in some sicko's crime. It's a sad thing where you can't walk from the store to your car without having to worry if some asshat is going to try to steal your money or rape you ... or far worse.

Cancel your credit cards and remember karma is the great equalizer.

Dec 22 @ 6:17PM  
I'm so sorry that you had to go though something like that. I do hope that you make some recovery just in time to enjoy Christmas with your kids.

Dec 22 @ 6:17PM  
The worst part is that they will probably never catch the asshole that did this to you! I'm glad that you weren't seriously hurt and hope that your friends rally round to help you. What a horrible thing to happen so close to Christmas I wish I could do something to help and if I lived in the US I would have you and your family round for Christmas so you might enjoy your holiday and forget this terrible incident.
Take care and I hope that the new year brings better things for you!

Dec 22 @ 6:18PM  
I truly feel for you. It's bad enough anytime it happens, but especially this time of year. I hope that you are going to be ok.

Dec 22 @ 6:19PM  
Crap ... that really sucks. Sorry to hear about your misfortune. The holiday season is just ripe for criminals to prey on others.

Dec 22 @ 6:20PM  
yeah mean people suck.had a friend find a wallet in the broom at a was 2 wks before xmas.he wanted to take the money and throw the wallet away.I tried to talk him out of it .well all i could do is get him to turn the wallet into a couple wks later he hits the power ball for 5000.00 but he missed the 68 million by 1 number.i always tell him he traded 200 for 68 million.we don't know but we hope it was karma!!!

Dec 22 @ 6:22PM  
The assholes need to have there ass kick and hung by there balls.

Dec 22 @ 6:50PM  
what can i say that weasell_l didn't just say........? BUT ....I too am glad that YOUR ok.........and you need to try to concentrate on that ...
like it or not.....''things can ALWAYS be worse"

Dec 22 @ 6:56PM  
So sorry to hear about your misfortune, but please count yourself amongst the lucky. I have seen people not so lucky after a mugging and/or purse snatching. Truly although you do not feel it now, and its hard to realize how lucky you truly are, but someone was watching over you today


Dec 22 @ 7:57PM  
Thank God you are bad as it was, it coulda been alot worse, but someday, justice will catch up to that person, and even though maybe not for the crime against you, they will end up a prison bitch someday!

Dec 22 @ 9:29PM  
Damn.. wish I had some wherewithal to send you some instant money honey.. but.. kinda in the same boat this year.. though I didn't get mugged just unemployed.

I'm very glad to hear that you are alive to share the holiday with your little ones.

Dec 23 @ 12:11AM  
Princess, glad you are ok, I know it hurt to lose your paycheck, that really sucks, but you are alive and in one piece!! It could have been much worse!!

Dec 23 @ 1:06AM  
That SUCKS! I'm so glad you're ok, although that doesn't put the money back in your pocket. Keep your chin up sweetie, i'm sending you all the positive vibes i have.

Dec 23 @ 1:26AM  
I wish the MF would try that shit in my town to a women, he would of had the living shit kicked out of him, It pisses me off that to many people turn a blind eye to crime, I know had I been there I would have kicked the shit out of the punk, sorry to here it will be a bad christmas for you, and the kids, it sucks that they and you had to be a victim of this, lots of hugs to you and your kids

Dec 23 @ 6:40AM  
DAMN!!!!!! hon sorry to hear that. Well, you know what goes around comes around. People like that do not live good lives - so thats kinda revenge i think just knowing that right?

Remember the Charles Bronson "Deathwish" movies? I'm telling you.......

Dec 23 @ 8:34AM  
Thank you everyone, I appreciate all your thoughts! I know he'll get his in the end!!!

Dec 23 @ 9:11AM  
I reccomend a street smart type defense class for any woman living in a city... the best defense, is a better offense. I hate to hear what happened though, truly.

Dec 24 @ 11:22AM  
I tried to comment on this the other day but the site wouldn't let me!!! I hope you're okay, sweetie!!! Fuckin' bystander apathy - people need to stop following the herd. There is no excuse for that - the mugging or people ignoring it! I'm so sorry it happened do you...but I have faith in you - you'll make it through and come out on top - somehow! Maybe with a little help from your friends...Hang in there!!!

Dec 24 @ 2:02PM  
Yeah Mean people do suck. I saw a guy go into a diabetic seizure when he was leaving the grocery store. He fell down. I saw several people rush over to help him. Well what I though was help ended up being a guy robbing him for his wallet. The guy dashed across the parking lot. When the cops came I gave him a description of the guy and so did several others who saw the so called help turn to robbery. When the police came he said he didn't have time to take the report because he had to go to court. Meanwhile it took 15 minutes for the padiwagon and the ambulance to show up. It all happened so fast you had to make a spit decision whether to the help the guy with the seizure or chase after the criminal. I figured the guys health was more important so I stayed with him till the ambulance came. I just don't get the gall of some people to rob someone especially when they are having a health issue.

Also I some of the mean women on here suck as well

Dec 31 @ 12:42PM  
I am very saddened by your situation, sorry you had to indure such a cowardly act. It trully sux how people just don't care about one another anymore. My dad was jumped and robbed just a few weeks ago. It just leaves a bitter taste in your mouth and slowly makes you jadded with society as a whole.

*more to ponder*...'why is it the good guys seem to be outweightd by douchbags!!??

Still trying to figure that one out myself man.

Jan 16 @ 6:59PM  
It is sad that shit like this happens and good people have to suffer for it. If I ever seen something like that going on I would definately try to stop. But to have someone come on and say welcome to the real world. that is one insensitive comment. I hope things are getting better.

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Mean People SUCK!!