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posted 11/12/2009 7:51:38 PM |
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Fine...I'll post it here...cuz I can.

<---- Mr Sundance64 (Don't ask I ain't opposed teh b h3r3)

I think the basic problems we are facing today is not liberal v conservative (or neocon or whatever flashy new term sopme over paid pundit throws to a wall and has stick)

Our biggest problem is that the term capitalism has become so muddied and confused by BOTH idiot-ologies that people are taking to the streets defending corporatism under the banner of capitalism....

Subsidies, tax breaks, (in the form of loop holes) NAFTA, bail outs and lobbyists are proof of this....

The Supreme court upheld that campaign contributions by "corporate entities" is free speech, while personal contribution are very limited in scope... ergo by that definition "a fictitious person" has the right to more speech than you or I... unless you are not real?

This has given rise to legalized bribery... Industries that have pending legislation or regulations in the congress can and do "buy the votes"... A reference point look up the contributions made to congress by the health insurance companies... while 22,000 Americans die each year due to lack of coverage, they have fixed the vote so any reform will be in their favor...

Look at the housing crises.... we poured billions upon billions into the banks against tax payer wishes.... these billions covered the losses due to CDS holders having guaranteed returns on investments.... we also poured billions into A.I.G. (always invest in garbage) The insured CDS's... ergo the tax payers bought the homes TWICE over yet the people still lost them...


I don't really give two shits and an apple if we have capitalism, communism, socialism or itchy-gitchy-goomy-gotchism... but we must end corporatism... And that is what the left means when they want to fundamentally change America...

Christ in a side car people... we have the best congress money can buy... unfortunately it's not for sale to we the people....

Who is to blame?

We the people...

We routinely send the same crooks and idiots to office election after election... When that crook in Alaska is on his way to prison and still getting votes I can yes "yes Virginia there is a sanat Clause" but I can also "Houston we have big friggin' problem"

You idiots vote straight down party lines out of the misguided notion that one side or the other is (insert one or more of the following evil, gay, wrong, stupid, clumsy, has craps, will destroy America, loves Muslims, eats rotten fish or can't think)

What the hell ever happened to the appearance of impropriety being bad? Let the congressmen that doesn't look sinful throw stones er a cast the first vote...

While you outlined a great treatise on capitalism... I have to ask... Where the hell did it go?

I bolded phrases peep will recognize now why the hell ain't they looking me up on my MySpazz home?

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Nov 12 @ 7:55PM  
You idiots vote straight down party lines

This was not directed at one person in particular or even at a particular group...except that it was directed at people who do vote straight down party lines over and over with no idea who they are voting for or what issues those voted for are standing for.


Nov 12 @ 8:01PM  

Good topic sweety.

I never have in my life voted for the party. I belong to no party. And I have voted every single election. I vote for the person, not the party.

Nov 12 @ 8:04PM  
Thank you Chuck! To get the whole story, you need to see the political lesson. I was involved in the discussion, and Canu decided to weigh in...under my name. The comment was I posted it here. I'm waiting to see if anyone reports me for!

Nov 12 @ 8:39PM  
Oy .. hey bro.. still kick up turds I see! Nice to see .. well Sunny, frankly cuz she's purtier than you are :D

Nov 12 @ 8:49PM  
By the way...anyone who wants to "weigh in" here...go right ahead. Say what you want. Flame all you want...cuz it's the internet and I really don't care.

Nov 12 @ 8:56PM  
Its called backroom politics. I used to get drunk with the advisor to the prime minister of Canada many years ago..and yes he had a panty collection too. The stories about backroom deals put a damper on any ideals I may have had about politics ...can you say ...glorified used car salespersons?

Many of them are lawyers who gravitated to politics from corporate law because the business opportunities are endless...contrary to popular opinion that they want to change things for the benefit of the people...unless of course it benefits them more. You'd be surprised how many plain brown bags full of cash change hands.

Nov 12 @ 9:00PM  
It's the first time I've ever been threatened with deletion because it's possible that I might say something bad:

Personal opinions are respected, but using my blog to convince people that your word is the ultimate truth is not. Not saying you did, just rather making sure it doesn't end up that way.

He wants a fan club, not a discussion.


Nov 12 @ 9:05PM  
I don't care what he wanted. It doesn't matter to me. What was turning into a decent discussion (or boxing pretty much fizzled out. If all he wants is compliments that I guess that's all he'll get.

Nov 12 @ 9:09PM  
The sad thing is, that blog got more comments than most others in the last 48 hours. He could have gone on to write other blogs along those same lines...invited discussion and been like a GAWD on this site.'s happened before.

Now...I don't think so.

Nov 12 @ 9:12PM  
More importantly, let's hear more about the advisor to the Prime Minister's panty collection. Were they approrpriately nationalistic? Maple Leaf print perhaps? And were the panties leftist - like a thong - or conservative, like granny panties? And was the collection bilingual - French low cut, and English high waisted? I want to know more.

Nov 12 @ 9:23PM  
One thing I have always appreciated about your political blogs or comments it that I know they were thoughtfully written and not just a knee jerk reaction. They have never seemed ignorant to me. Have I always agreed? Hell no. But, usually I tend to lean more the way you do than the opposite direction. I like how you post opinions, comments and facts that encourage me to THINK and research for myself.

Nov 12 @ 10:36PM  
Holy smokes! I was watching that blog for awhile and I thought it was a friendly debate. I even posted a comment giving kudos to the parties involved because I thought it was going so well. I guess I need to pop back over and take a peek.

Nov 13 @ 2:28AM  
Flame all you want..
Someone here is a member of the fantastic four. I guess they can on then.

Nov 13 @ 6:01AM  
I was watching that blog for awhile and I thought it was a friendly debate. I even posted a comment giving kudos to the parties involved because I thought it was going so well. I guess I need to pop back over and take a peek.

Yeah, that's what was so bizarre about his comments. Everybody else was commenting on how civil it was, but the author started complaining that commenters were flaming him. As you might expect, the discussion came to a sudden halt, with the exception of two "great blog" comments, which he happily quoted and acknowledged.

He doesn't really want a discussion. He wants to hear how wonderful he is.

Nov 13 @ 6:25AM  
None of this surprises me.

Nov 13 @ 6:42AM  
None of this surprises me.

Stop being so sardonic or you'll be deleted.

Nov 13 @ 10:11AM  
Apparently I missed something here because I'm confused about this blog, but hey that's just my nature....

Nov 13 @ 10:36AM  
None of this surprises me.

It shouldn't...but then you've seen it all Bruce!

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