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Is it Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday???!

posted 12/22/2006 1:15:36 AM |
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tagged: christmas, straddle

Last year this was the hot topic across the country. This year it's not too bad in regards to employees having to be politically correct by saying "Happy Holidays!". What got me thinking on this was reading some of the blogs over the past few days with people wishing other a happy holiday, or a Merry Christmas. I do tend to pay attention to that especially after last year. I will say that my preference is Merry Christmas and I will say that when leaving a store after the greeter at the door will also say Merry Christmas. What I would like to know from some of you that use the happy holiday greeting is do you do that on purpose because you hate using the word Christmas, or just say it without any cause whatsoever and no big deal to you?

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Is it Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday???!
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Dec 22 @ 1:40AM  
For me, it has nothing to do with saying CHRISTMAS...I prefer saying (and meaning) Happy Holidays since it covers more and includes eveyone's beliefs. I truly mean it when I say it.

Dec 22 @ 2:40AM  
i say both. it doesn't matter to me what people say to me as i celebrate both yule and christmas, (yule with myself, christmas with Laurana and Harley). I've never seen the big deal about whether people say happy holidays or merry christmas. I feel it's different names for the same season.

So Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule, Happy Channuchah ( i know i spelled it wrong), and Hapy Holidays to all

(reminds me of that old cell phone commercial "have a Happy christmahannukwanzica")

Dec 22 @ 3:02AM  
Depends on who I'm addressing: if Christians/Catholics then Merry Christmas, otherwise if they wish me Y then I wish them back Y otherwise whatever comes first to mind. In my opinion, it shouldn't be such a huge deal. I mean it's just terminology; it's the charitable thought behind the words that counts. Unfortunately there are mean-spirited and hateful people for who want to make this a big deal. To these scrooges and WLBs I will not even bother wishing them anything but a Merry Fuck Off.

Dec 22 @ 5:25AM  
So many celebrations take place around this time of year, it hardly seems like we should differentiate too much.

Of course there's Christmas, but there are so many elements from other religions packed into that holiday (Tree ceremonies from the Druids, Christmas lights are a representation of Saturnalia, Carolling is a Roman pagan tradition, feasting from Lughnasadh) that I doubt you could separate them if you tried.

Then there's Hannukah, depending on any way you spell it. Yes, completely different reasons for the celebration, but then most Jews have adapted the holiday so that it's celebrated a little more like Christmas but keeping their traditional rituals.

Kwanzaa is a ery social holiday, if not a little complex. It's fun if you have someone who knows what they're doing talking you through it, but I wouldn't advise beginners to try it on their own. The pronunciations alone could drive you mad.

Of course many modern Pagans still celebrate Yule, by lots of different names, on the Solstace. Often one of the real "party" celebrations, it makes you wonder why it's not moe popular.

And there's a host of other traditional holidays, but on top of those there are completely modern adaptations. The Japanese have wholeheartedly adopted Christmas. Although they only have a tiny Christian population, they love the idea of a holiday that you're supposed to give gifts to the people you care about and celebrate peace.

So, in answer to your question, I have no answer for your question.

I can only make things more complex. Now stop worrying about what to call it, go out there, and find some parties!

Dec 22 @ 9:01AM  
you want to say Merry Christmas, then say Merry Christmas. People are bending over backwards to be PC. It's rediculous... If your faith is Christianity - then be a Christian and wish people a Merry Christmas... If your belief is other than Christianity - then wish people a Merry/Happy ______.

We have to quit worrying about stepping on others toes to the extent that we are now.. I'm not saying shove it in their face. However - wishing someone a Merry Christmas isnt shoving your belief in their face . If they are that sensitive that they get upset over it - it doesnt matter what you say or do - because no matter what you do - it will never ever be good enough! and they will still complain.

Take care and have a SAFE and Merry Christmas!!!!!

Dec 22 @ 9:10AM  
So, in answer to your question, I have no answer for your question.

I can only make things more complex. Now stop worrying about what to call it, go out there, and find some parties!

Dominus - you crack me up!

I, personally, see no reason for not saying what best suits your beliefs and traditions; to me, that is the only way a greeting can be genuine. What I don't want to hear is what someone else thinks I want to hear. If you celebrate Hannukah, then say "Happy Hannukah!" to'll get the biggest smile out of me as a "thank you for sharing that with me".

I love diversity! I love learning about how other people do things - even those who share my basic traditions...everyone does it differently. Some families have a "free-for-all" when opening presents - we do it one at a time, youngest to oldest; we don't want to torture the kids anymore than we already have just by setting their presents out, so we let them go first, but everyone wants to see their gifts be opened and the look on people's faces when they see we go one at a time. I also have started the tradition of coding presents so no one knows whose is whose - really cuts down on the shaking and sneak-peeking. But, it changes every year and whoever can guess the pattern before the gifts are passed out, gets $5. So far, only one time has anyone ever guess all of them correctly. Muwahahahaha!

Anyway, Happy Holidays to all!!!

Dec 22 @ 11:10AM  
I say happy holidays.. I don't celebrate Christmas but I don't want to say "Happy Chanukah" to someone that does celebrate Christmas. It's not being politically correct, it's playing it safe. And sometimes I don't even feel like saying that- so I just go with the happy new year bit.

Dec 22 @ 11:35AM  
Unfortunately there are mean-spirited and hateful people for who want to make this a big deal. To these scrooges and WLBs I will not even bother wishing them anything but a Merry Fuck Off.

umm Ben....whats....WLB???

Dec 22 @ 2:27PM  
WLB - whiny little bitch. Reference to Dom's blog:

Dec 22 @ 3:52PM  
I dont knock anyones belief or religion, so its a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all & to ALL A GOOD night!!!!

Dec 22 @ 9:21PM  
Bright Yule to ya! Oh.. honey mead... gawwwwwwwwwd my head.

Happy Chrismahannukwanzaaka too!

Dec 22 @ 11:27PM  
I'm not really into all that PC bullshit. My standard greeting this time of year is Happy Happy and Merry Merry, and leave it at that.

Dec 23 @ 9:18AM  
I'd say happymerryyuleachanuakwannza if I could pronounce it.

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Is it Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday???!