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And, Thank YOU so much for your service.

posted 11/11/2009 8:03:33 PM |
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Please allow me to introduce Chuck. Chuck is a retired Marine. Sure, he's a bit rough around the edges. Yeah he has issues with spelling. But let me tell ya about how kind and considerate Chuck can be when he is your friend.

I've known Chuck for about 3 years now. He kinda stepped on my bad side the first time we emailed back and forth.. in fact, I believe I called him an asschunk. But, I spent a bit more time talking with Chuck in email back and forth. He's aaight. Once he no longer feels he's being judged for his age and his lack of formal education, he's polite, he's kind.. he says sweet things to you.. he's just a person like you or me.. but.. I guess that's too much for people to overlook, the opening crap.

I know that first impressions count. I know that. However, I am reminded that many times, those we think are wonderful turn out to be not so nice. I'm reminded that good 'friends' can turn and cut your throat at the drop of a hat. So, what makes everyone think that someone who opens incorrectly isn't great?

We almost made the same mistake with Cedric aka BLU. What a huge mistake that would have been. Once you get to know Cedric he is one of the finest, most kind and loving individuals on this planet and deserves far better than most I know. Ask Night about Cedric.

Let's stop with the judgmental attitudes and get to know people before we call them names .. shall we? Some of the finest people we know here started out poorly out of frustration and ignorance of how we get along.

Clique THIS ....

And .. in parting.. to all Veterans and current and future service men and women.. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE... and bless you for our freedom.

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Nov 11 @ 8:09PM  

Nov 11 @ 8:18PM  
ok...not often but....she's right ..i judged too soon...been writin him....he never INTENDED to from now on if he does odd..i'll umm email private n help guide a bit....and like squirl says,....HE fought so we could be here....THAT i can't forget and sorta earnes him a bit more leaway in my book ..for what thats worth round here....

Nov 11 @ 8:28PM  
I think this is going to make Chuck a little more popular around here!! That was very nice of you Skwirl!

Hi Chuck.... Thank you so much for your service to this great nation!!

I'm with you on Cedric, he is a very nice guy!!


Nov 11 @ 8:30PM  
I really hope you are right Pink.. cuz he's not a bad person at all.. I like him..

And Y baby.. I knew you would eventually see it my way ... *puts away the hypnotizing medallion*

Nov 11 @ 8:33PM  
Alright what the hell did I miss this time? Who's judging who? And I just gotta ask what the hell makes anyone on here better than anyone else? We all have our reasons for being here, and making new people feel unwelcome is a sure way to make this site unpopular. I don't know who Chuck is, but I hope he will overlook mistakes and get to know us.

Hi Chuck, welcome to Pervia

Nov 11 @ 8:54PM  
Ohh..*that* guy, and you think you know someone.

Nov 11 @ 8:55PM  
Zup Chuck?


Nov 11 @ 8:55PM  
Alot (ok...most everyone) did the same thing with Art...aka Asnet. A few of us took the time to get to know him and I for one feel I am a better person for having him as a friend for the short time he was a part of my life.

I have learned not to judge people...especially on this site. All too often a newcomer will post a blog that is not up to "standard". Whether it be because of the topic (maybe its a shoutout or a one liner) or the spelling or grammer isn't up to par...whatever the case may be. All too often I see people here jumping all over someone over stupid shit.


Nov 11 @ 9:02PM  
And Y baby.. I knew you would eventually see it my way ... *puts away the hypnotizing medallion*

wondered what the fuck...

hey you /we? should ask Cuck to write some blogs bout his life..shit that guys LIVED history we only read bout!!!

Nov 11 @ 9:05PM  
Welcome Chuck.

Nov 11 @ 10:30PM  

Nov 11 @ 10:41PM  
I think a long time ago I got an e-mail from Chuck...and I was stoopidly rude and I apologize for that....I've learned a lot since then.

No way would I discriminate over his age.....sorta like the pot callin' the kettle black, yanno? I'd really REALLY like to see more Pervians around my age in the blogs. All you snot-nosed kids try my patience..... Just fuckin' kidding!

Nov 11 @ 10:48PM  

Nov 11 @ 11:18PM did she know I have a snotty noise?

Nov 11 @ 11:59PM  
Thank you my lil squirrely girl.........Vets need all the support they can get. May Godspeed them all home safe, sound and soon!

Nov 12 @ 5:57AM  

Welcome to pervia Chuck.

Nov 12 @ 7:41AM  
Welcome aboard Chuck..
shit that guys LIVED history we only read bout!!!
I don't know about Chuck, but most of the things and experiences
I had as a Green Beret, are better off forgotten....
Probably not much difference between a Marine from the Vietnam era
and Special Forces....Just sayin'

Nov 12 @ 8:17AM  
Well see how ya are. Ya thought I was an asschunk when we first met as well didn't ya huh, huh, huh!!! Just kidding but hell you were probably right to feel that way towards me. I'm probably still an asschunk but hell just shut up and fuck me okay.

Nov 12 @ 9:21AM  

Nov 12 @ 9:38AM  
He's always been a nice guy to me. I have never had a problem with him.

Nov 12 @ 8:32PM  
I remember when I first started out in the blogs Skwirl. Ewe, yourself, and I were not seeing eye to eye on an issue. In fact, I remember a couple of times your comment to me was something along the lines of "bite me". But, look at us now...we get along great, and I'm proud to call you friend.

As to Chuck, I've never had a problem with him. I liked some of his snarky comments. He just speaks his mind. Nothing wrong with it. As for the spelling, hell, if any of you had ever seen Mick write, talk about atrocious spelling! I loved him with all of my heart, and he was wonderful in so many, many ways, but his spelling...yeah. It was bad. So, I don't pay much heed to someone's spelling.

And I'm always thankful to our Veterans, and our Military for all they do.

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And, Thank YOU so much for your service.