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So what would you like????

posted 11/11/2009 6:31:00 PM |
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Please excuse the shamelessness, buy I have a question. If someone were to create a new social website, what sorts of things would you like to see on it, and what things would you not prefer to have on it. Anything at all, be creative. There are no dumb or idiotic or wrong ideas here...just your personal thoughts.

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Nov 11 @ 6:42PM  
i'd love a place that's 100% douchebag free....

Nov 11 @ 6:46PM  
That is a great blog question and difficult to answer, green thing for you. I know on this site I would like to see the ability to create custom folders for saving emails in, folders for my blog archive, and a way to bookmark other people's blogs also. Of course, spell check would be a must! I would also like a way to select blogs individually or by poster so as to not have to see them display.

Nov 11 @ 6:49PM  
Another feature would be like one on CraigsList where users can flag posts and after so many flags, the post is removed.

Nov 11 @ 6:50PM  
hey WOW is that like a way to veto the fucktards??

Nov 11 @ 6:56PM  
Yes, YNOT, that is exactly how CraigsList does it and it also applies to scammers.

Nov 11 @ 7:01PM  
oh hell WOW ....we agree again??? two times in a week??

Nov 11 @ 7:01PM  
Thanks WOW and some darn good ideas too.

Nov 11 @ 7:04PM  
I like ynot's and Wow's ideas...their ideas would be a must. I would also like forums that are inviting and monitored because they can definitely be a positive for a social website. Moderators that are more visible and quick to enforce the site rules would also be good. A three-strike rule for scammers would be great too, possibly linked to their IP address, so they couldn't create another account and continue to pester members and cause chaos on the website.

Nov 11 @ 7:07PM  

i'd be nice and fair to the fucktards


Nov 11 @ 7:15PM  
i'd love a place that's 100% douchebag free....
Always a dreamer YNOT, always a dreamer.

i'd be nice and fair to the fucktards
Oh please, that ban button would be going off faster then a 14yo boy in strip club. Just saying...

Nov 11 @ 7:16PM  
Wonder how much moderators would cost...or are they free??? I know what they are and what they do, but...never found out if they get paid....

Nov 11 @ 7:18PM  
@ Shadow....i don't want to push a button ..i want to be THE END ALL BE ALL for them fucktards.....i hit the button ..wa la...GONE fucker

*ponders how it's good thing he's not short or someone might say he has Napoleon complex or sumthin *

Nov 11 @ 7:27PM  
I'll grudgingly admit....Craigslist has almost everything...and to get a good would have to be a super 2. So...

Nov 11 @ 7:28PM  
possibly linked to their IP address, so they couldn't create another account and continue to pester members and cause chaos on the website.

The major pitfalls of trying to ban people. All this talk of pulling IP addresses on shows like CSI leads people to beleive that IP addresses are permantly attached to a computer.

In the real world of residential internet, IP addresses are randomly assigned each time a connection is made to the ISP. If you ban the IP, all they have to do is reboot the router (cable or DSL modem) to get a new IP. Banning people is not nearly so easy, and thus the reason why cyber bullying runs rampant. There are ways to trace the IP a person used at a given time, but doing so generally requires a law enforcement agency obtaining a warrant to have the ISP search their records. Without a major crime, this won't happen, and very few states have cyberbully laws, and the federal law is weak as well.

The best policy of getting rid of troublesome people is social policing. Handing the wand to a select few is inviting trouble, as those few could end up running the site (and running it into the ground). Letting everyone have some sort of say ensures mroe equallity in how things are handled. Almost like a democracy. But that is just my opinion.

Nov 11 @ 7:32PM  
Very be profitable, you have to be fair as possible..but still don't see any problems with having a select few watch the goings on to make sure things are doin ok, and to let the creators, or the bosses , know what's goin on, and that things need to be handled.

Nov 11 @ 7:34PM  
Personally, I would love an advertisement free site...but when you start up...advertising is the only way to keep the website going. unless you start out being a pay site, in which case your membership will rise about as fast as the quality of life in third world countries. Or molassas flowing uphill in ...whatever month it flows uphill in.

Nov 11 @ 8:13PM  
Moderators..depends on if your site is a money maker or not. I'm a mod at another social type place for artists that .. no I don't get paid or even thanked most times for.. but I do it cuz I love the people there and enjoy the site. You can usually find a few people who will be responsible.. just don't let me have the ban button.. cuz baby I got a quick trigger finger.

Nov 11 @ 8:28PM  
just don't let me have the ban button.. cuz baby I got a quick trigger finger.

see ya'll need someone calm cool n collected like me

Nov 11 @ 8:35PM  
oh hell WOW ....we agree again??? two times in a week??

Aw, damn! Hell IS freezing over!!!

just don't let me have the ban button.. cuz baby I got a quick trigger finger.

I think we all do...especially when our bullshit meter is maxed out....

Nov 11 @ 8:46PM  
Ilike the idea of offering a premium membership for about 5 bucks a month, and allowing those people more pictures and space for more add ons and info for their personal account. these sites thaT charge 39 to 59 dollars are exhorbitant.....and the extra features you get usually arent worth it. And alot of social sites don't even have live chat rooms....some do, like amd. But some of the big sites don't even have em ..for those of us with no patience and want our chats now.....built in music and guestbooks,the ability to buy sell trade, and throw out the occasional "wanna fuck" and whatever else is kind of um....necessary.

Nov 11 @ 9:36PM  
The feature I would like to see is

women who answer my Wannafuck emails!

Nov 11 @ 9:48PM  
Ummmm...I'm pretty sure I couldn't help ya there....unless I offered em five bucks to answer em...but to do that, you would have to be one hell of a productive, and positive member of the bring more people to the site

Nov 11 @ 11:47PM  
And if you actually wanted a positive comment, ehh....can't guarantee that.

Nov 12 @ 7:29AM  
Without a doubt the best site I was ever on was CyberSoulMate.
They're gone now but it was really lenient but controlled, mostly by moderators..Some good, some bad..
You could paste cartoons or pics in any forum, there were private groups
you could join that were moderated by the originator of the group.
We all had a lot of fun and we also had a few assholes..
I'd like to see it reopened..

Nov 12 @ 7:51AM  
I agree with Doc^^ was a great site!!

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