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My Genetic Test Results (Numbers) That I Got Back

posted 12/22/2006 1:06:15 AM |
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tagged: dna test, straddle, daughter

This is what I got back in the mail concerning my DNA test results on Friday Dec.8. It's hard to make any sense out of the numbers, but as you can see I wasn't ruled out on one of those parts on the test. I know it's just a piece of paper, and that we established that she's my daughter nevertheless. We talked about this and we're in each others hearts with me being her father and her being my daughter. That one catagory did not rule me out and I can't help but feel that there's some of me in her genes. I would love to know what you all think about the numbers themselves, because if anything, I am curious about what they may mean, and that's only natural. I know this is a personal thing to be sharing, but I don't have a problem doing so.

System / Mother / Child / Alleged Father / Paternity Index

D2S1338 / 18,19 / 19,23 / 17,24 / 0.00 EXCLUSION

D8S1179/ 15,16 / 10,15 / 12,15 / 0.00 EXCLUSION

D21S11/ 29,30 / 28,30 / 29,31.2 / 0.00 EXCLUSION

D18S51/ 12,15 / 13,15 / 17,18 / 0.00 EXCLUSION

D19S433/ 12,15.2 / 15,15.2 / 15 / 5.49

TH01/ 6, 7 / 6, 8 / 9.3 / 0.00 EXCLUSION

D16S539 13 / 9,13 / 10,11 / 0.00 EXCLUSION

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My Genetic Test Results (Numbers) That I Got Back
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Dec 22 @ 2:01AM  
straddle, what counts is what is already in your heart.......numbers.......maybe someone can make sense of already know how you feel.....

online now!
Dec 22 @ 2:11AM  
Thanks, Katy! I'm just trying to see if anyone out there knows a little about DNA testing and the numbers involved with what I just showed. This lab work was conducted in Dayton and is a little difficult to reach anyone there about what these numbers exactly mean.

Dec 22 @ 2:34AM  
wish i could help you but i know nothing of genetic tests... >hug< but numbers on a peice of paper do not a father make (pardon the bad attempt at being poetic)

Dec 22 @ 2:47AM  
Straddle I read through a few websites that discuss interpretation of these numbers. Hope the following will help a little:

The system column refers to a specific location on the human DNA where the genetic marker is read. Each of the mother, child and alleged father columns contain a pair of numbers known as allele sizes. There is a pair because the genetic marker in question is composition of what we inherit from our parents. So for example in a pair (19, 23), 19 could come from the mother and 23 from the father. Sometimes though there is just one number meaning that both sizes in the pair are the same e.g. 9 means (9, 9). Let's look at an example:

D2S1338 / 18,19 / 19,23 / 17,24 / 0.00 EXCLUSION

Here the mother has pair (18,19) and the child (19,23). Notice that mother and child share 19 as a common allele size, which is expected since they have a known biological inheritance relationship. If you look at all the other rows in the report you will find that this commonality in one allele size can be found throughout.

Lastly is the paternity index (PI). This number is present (i.e. not EXCLUSION) only when the common allele size thingy I mentioned above is present between child and alleged father. The number itself tells you the odds that this commonality was due to inheritance of genetic marker from the alleged father as opposed to being just a random occurence. Let's see an example:

D19S433/ 12,15.2 / 15,15.2 / 15 / 5.49

Here the PI is 5.49. It means that there is a 1 in 5.49 chance that any randomly picked guy in the population would happen to have that common allele size 15 with the child.

I believe the convention is that if either 2 or 3 exclusions are found then the alleged father is excluded as the possible father. Assuming that's not the case, all the PI's of the non-exclusion rows are multiplied together to give the combined PI (CPI) which can be used to determine if the combined genetic evidence is strong enough to conclude for or against fatherhood. Current technology allows the threshold to be 100 i.e. if CPI > 100 then conclude for fatherhood.

You can read more here:

online now!
Dec 22 @ 3:31AM  
Thank you, Bentan, for checking into this for me. I was looking over the numbers and comparing her mom's number matching up with one of Natasha's numbers. What I have noticed is that in most of those catagories I miss Natasha's other number listed there next to her matching number to her mom's and found I miss it by just one number. Thanks again for making sense out of this. I know it's just a piece of paper and nothing is going to change how we feel about each other, but I think I would be crazy now to not contest this. I have 30 days to do this and even though I got that letter in the mail on Dec.8 I think it's stamped on the letter Nov.30. So I may give them a call early next week if not tomorrow. It's possible that they may have gotten it right, but then it's also possible that the person doing this in the lab screwed up some numbers (a few catagories I miss by one). I'm going to give this some consideration. Also, it's always in the back of my mind if someone paid someone off (I know I'm reaching with this theory, but hey, ya never know) and having a second test lessons the chance of it happening again if that's what happened.

Dec 22 @ 11:17PM  
I know we talked about this on the phone the other night, but i wanted to post a response anyway. Like i told you biology doesn't make a parent. What's in your heart does! You are a wonderful person, and deserve the absolute best. You and Tash have a lot of the same traits, and behaviors. I think that if you want to contest it, and feel there may have been some error made than go for it. Whatever the results, it's not going to change your feelings or Tash's.

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My Genetic Test Results (Numbers) That I Got Back