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No more cookie monster?

posted 11/9/2009 10:52:52 PM |
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What's this I hear about Michelle Obama going on sesame street and making them rename the cookie monster the veggie monster??? I must've missed that episode, but...dang..

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Nov 9 @ 11:05PM  
OMG there's that handsome face.... what was the question???

Nov 9 @ 11:10PM  
how dare you accuse the face of such a ya went and hurted its last feeling.....or maybe that was the tequila that just killed the last nerve...either face is numb, so...yeah, and stuff. Hiya softie....long time no see! and thank you ma'am. very much.

Nov 9 @ 11:12PM  
Hi you sexy man...sigh...I think I'm in or lust. Yeah, that'll work.

Nov 9 @ 11:15PM  
Oops! I just refreshed my memory with your profile. Ya better delete my comments before someone accuses this old woman of bein' a cougar... Or worse yet, robbin da cradle...

Nov 9 @ 11:18PM  
Nothing wrong with being seen as a cougar Softie!! You go girl!!!!!!!!

Nov 9 @ 11:19PM  
Yeah Like pink said, you go girl, he is cute.

Nov 9 @ 11:19PM  
um..well, unfortunately, my comeback several months ago was a wee bit I'm not gonna even say it this time. ill just be good and pretend I've just been here trolling for ...awhile. But I missed you guys....when I was here, I was almost able to forget that there was a life outside of here...and its always nice to think that...or so the voices tell me. I can't believe I even remembered my password and whatnot. So what you been up to? Personally, I think we should get rid of Michelle Obama and replace her with the taco bell dog....Obama's popularity would at least go up. Might even have a better sex life.

Nov 9 @ 11:20PM  
He'd kill this old woman.....

Nov 9 @ 11:25PM  
Well, if you'll give an old man a minute to remember correctly....I do believe there was even a song by the doobie Gatlin and the Gatlin brothers, they had a song....Older women make better lovers, so...yeah...nuttin at all wrong with it......cuz gull dern it....they wouldn't sing about it if it werent true!

Nov 9 @ 11:57PM  
so no wonder the countrys in trouble..he's busy renaming the cookie monster ..oh fuck

Nov 10 @ 12:07AM  
Yeah. Got rid of snuffie cuz he was too depressing, ....what's next..gettin rid of Eeyore too? I don't know a woman that doesn't just gush over Eeyore....when are we going to stop being so gosh dang politically correct and just let people live their lives??

Nov 10 @ 12:22AM  
First they cut down the amount of cookies he could eat during the Bush Admin to cut childhood obesity. Here's the info from Snopes

This was long before the Obamas.

Nov 10 @ 12:54AM  
ok, hears tha deal lol. the part of michele obama provocing this evil twin of cookie monster is just a rumor. i haven't done enough research to understand why the cookie monster was kidnapped and replaced with this abomination but the switch happened i believe 2 summers ago. if i had to guess it was a series of up tight parents who severly need to get some.

it really is true, we are USO, united states of the offended...

Nov 10 @ 12:56AM  
Hey Softie, can I have Nathanial for Christmas, i've been a really, really, really good girl this year. I promise

Nov 10 @ 1:15AM  
Good to see you back.

Nov 10 @ 2:47AM  
Hey Softie, nothing wrong with being a cougar. Those young house kittens can't hold a candle to them.

Nov 10 @ 5:59AM  
so no wonder the countrys in trouble..he's busy renaming the cookie monster ..oh fuck

Read rumor in blog, accept rumor as fact.

No wonder the country's in trouble.

Nov 10 @ 7:09AM  
Just to document Ms.Helle's comment. Note that "season 36" was four years ago, long before the Obamas were in the White House:

It is an urban myth that Cookie Monster was turned into Veggie Monster to appease nutrition Nazis, however - that was a blogosphere rumor in the Paul-Is-Dead school of whispering campaigns. But Cookie Monster's palate was refined during Season 36 as part of the show's "healthy habits for life" campaign. He now also gobbles fruit and vegetables, which are labeled by the show as "anytime" foods while cookies are held in reserve as a "sometime" food. And almost every episode has a subliminal message about exercise and nutrition, along with a fruit bowl

Veggie Monster Myth

Nov 10 @ 7:54AM  
Cookie Monster is under my bed!!!

Welcome Back!

Nov 10 @ 9:41AM  
No way!!!!! Cookie monster was my favorite on Sesame Street. Well, I liked Grover and Oscar too.

Hey! We were all kids at one time, and I remember watching Sesame Street in the mornings. Of course, that was on days the weather was bad and Mom wouldn't let us go outside to play.

Nov 10 @ 10:16AM'll have to ask Nathanial about that. All I'm gettin' for Christmas is a lump of coal 'n you know what that means...but bad girls do it better...

Me a cougar? Nah. I think cougars are out to recapture their youth...all I wanna do is capture the moment...

Nov 10 @ 11:38AM  
Cookie Monster never really ate the cookies he just crumbled them up and they went everywhere. So I don't know why they needed to get rid of him.

Nov 10 @ 11:47AM  
As JustAnAvatar points out with a link citation, the cookie monster becoming vegi monster is simply not true.

Nov 10 @ 3:35PM  
oops....well, I just heard it from several sources and thought it was a new development...sorry. Maybe I shoulda stayed in my nice dark hole and quit listening to anything that has anything to do with politics...or maybe just quit being so dang gullible and look it up myself....sorry. I haven't watched sesame street since i was..ummm..ok, we wont go there, but its been a couple tears...sorta. But I do remember the time when bert and ernie were under fire for sleeping in the same bed. I was always more of a he-man and smurfs fan anyway.

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No more cookie monster?