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Plumbing Emergency

posted 11/6/2009 7:58:16 PM |
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I know your not supposed to ask questions in the blogs but this is an emergency. I've had a dripping faucet in the bathtub and I turned the faucet to far and now its stripped ...thank gawd its in the off position or I'd never be able to turn it off.

Anyone out there know anything about plumbing? Can I fix it by myself? I don't have many tools. Maybe I could fix it temporarily so I can have a shower tomorrow.

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Nov 6 @ 8:11PM  
Do you know where the main valve is? Sometimes there is a valve to just the bathroom.

1. Shut off valve to bathroom or the main valve.
2. The faucet valve should have a screw in the top. You may have to pop off a tiny cover.
3. Unscrew that screw and take the top off. Depending how old it is there may be some difficulty.
4. After this is removed you'll the valve stem. Using an adjustable wrench you can remove this.
5. If it's stripped you'll most likely need to replace the entire valve stem. Take the old one you to Home Depot or Lowe's and get an exact replacement.
6. Reverse procedure putting the new one in.

Nov 6 @ 8:11PM  
There are plenty of online resources to help. But yes you can fix it yourself in many cases if the backside plumbing is easily accessible. For example, mine is. On the other side of the wall is a closet with shut offs for the bath tub faucet on the other side and access to the faucet connections. In my case, you merely turn these off, disconnect the faucet and replace it. All you need is a crescent wrench to that. But to get the faucet fixture off, a set of Allen wrenches (cheap) is usually required. But I am sure that you will get more knowledgeable info on here from folks than I conveyed.

You might want to examine the area and explain what you have to do to get to it. Sometimes plumbing, especially in an old home, can be a long fucking story. Good luck my friend.

Nov 6 @ 8:13PM  
Do you have a camera, or cam phone? Take pics of all parts, then go to a hardware store tomorrow and show them. It's usually fairly simple stuff, they should be able to get you the parts and make sure you have the tools. You will have to shut off the water to the tub, or perhaps the house if you do not have a shutoff valve for the tub itself.

Nov 6 @ 8:25PM  
Thanks guys ...I just gotta find the valve to turn the water off ..there's some kind of cover on the ceiling over the tub...I'll look in there.

Nov 6 @ 8:26PM  
A temporary fix: Until you can get to Home Depot.....
The faucet knob off as previously can use a pair of vice grips or pliers and strong hands on the valve stem to turn the water off and on.
Don't worry about stripping it out. You'll have to replace it all's relatively cheap.
Good luck!

Nov 6 @ 8:27PM  
Most likely there is an access panel on the other side of the wall behind the pipes.

Nov 6 @ 8:37PM  
look under the tub...turn the water will keep it from dripping . Turn it back on when you want to take a shower...till the plumber gets there to fix the stripped valve.

Nov 6 @ 9:04PM  
Try a torque wrench, those are always fun.

Lay dat pipe!

Nov 6 @ 9:53PM  
know your not supposed to ask questions in the blogs
Nah, that's only over on the vanilla site. Over here it's allowed.

Nov 6 @ 11:59PM  
Go next door, borrow a garden hose and string it from the nearest outside faucet to your bathtub....might be a good idea to ask permission. Hope the sun is shining. Turn on the water briefly enough to fill the hose then let it lay in the sun for a couple of hours and voila....but shower quickly or you'll not have to worry about a woody for awhile....

Nov 7 @ 12:00AM  
Oh....while waiting for the water in the hose to warm a plumber...

Nov 7 @ 12:05AM  
Nah, that's only over on the vanilla site. Over here it's allowed.
Why do you call it vanilla ? Does it only have white residents ? Don't have an answer about the plumbing because everyone pretty much covered it all.

Nov 7 @ 12:42AM  
Why do you call it vanilla ?
Because a lot of us over here refer to regular MD as vanilla because of the site being too mild and non sexual for the most part. Nothing to do with race whatsoever.

Nov 7 @ 9:45AM  

In a bath tub the faucet is uaually big enough that you can stop the leak temporarily by stick8ing your pecker in the faucet. But this only works till the pressure builds up.

Nov 7 @ 12:32PM  
It sounds like you have Stripped the "Handle" to the valve....!!!
Take the handle off...(using an Phillips screw driver) and go to Lowes/ Home Depot....and get an replacement!!! (if its just the handle thats stripped!)
To replace the "Stem" (that holds the Handle) and
To fix the Leak...turn off the water supply....and remove the valve..most of the time theres an Nut holding the Stem of the valve in...after the Nut is may have to Un-screw the remove it!!!... The washers are on the stem(that cause the leak)....take that with ya when ya go to the Stores mentioned above....they most likely have a replacement stem...!! If they dont....I would Put in a New Fawcet.....
Thats where I come In!!!! "Onehornytoads Handy Mans Services"!!!
Good Luck with that!!!!!

Nov 7 @ 1:49PM  
I am the only one that finds it odd that our professor is asking how to fix the plumbing....someone spends way to much time with panties

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Plumbing Emergency