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posted 12/21/2006 4:37:28 PM |
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Never fails to amaze me why people join and adult website then comlain about dic pics and requests for sex. I have a feeling they would complain not matter what website the graced with their vast knowledge. If you don't want to be naughty PLEASE go to online dating and complain there....NOW DOES ANYONE WANT TO BE NAUGHTY????

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Dec 21 @ 5:05PM  
Since when is it okay to, upon first or even 3rd communication, is it appropriate to ask for sex? Who says it's not okay to want to know someone a bit first? And where on this site does it say - HAVING SEX IMMEDIATLY IS MANDATORY? Get over yourself.

Dec 21 @ 5:45PM  
sxze is right, if Men could understand one SIMPLE thing, it is woman want to be attracted to who you are first, heck you could even be an ugly troll, but if you get to them and stimulate them with their mind, you will have sex......LOTS of sex....

Dec 21 @ 5:53PM  
Rockstar8869 well said...i mean look at me he he he just a typing pecker...

Dec 21 @ 5:56PM  
It's called having some couth. It is an adult site, and yes people her like sex,,,it does not me we need to act like a bunch of animals with a newly discovered toy. I recall days where people met and share some pics after gabbin for a while. I'll beak it down...Adult (not children, and should like act like one),,Match ( which defines the ability to find someone and maybe hook up),,Doctor (got nuthin,,,but we all love the game),,it is not titled "fuck doctor, dirty sluts, tramp cams, moms who love to fuck, ride it hard" because it would incinuate that it is a real nasty hit it like you stole it you are shoppin in the wrong mall,,and if ya do manage to get somethin by just a dick pic,,,rest assured,,,you caught exactly what you had comin to ya..enjoy.

Dec 21 @ 6:02PM  
Matchdoctor Free Adult DATING and swinger community.. what part of that says oh baby fuck me now?

Dec 21 @ 7:19PM  
Will this controversy ever end? I don't think so. People will behave differently here, and others will complain. This is different from the other MD and most other dating sites. We are allowed to post nekkid pics here, does that tell you anything?
While I'm not here just for sex, some people are. This site is the best, I'm not complaining or whining I find it amusing. Yes, there is hypocracy here, and some people want to change this to just another boring dating site. There are already enough of those.

Dec 21 @ 7:54PM  
What I don't get is why there seems to be this black/white view about this...either you're here to have sex or not. Just because someone doesn't want to rush into sleepign with someone doesn't mean they aren't here to hook up at all - and some aren't. So what??? I don't care if someone asks if I "wanna fuck"...but I don't need to be pressured, guilted, or shamed into it, nor do I need to be told off or called names for saying "thanks but no thanks". If I want to know someone first, what's so wrong with that? I don't want to fuck this man but wouldn't mind fucking that one, I should not be made to feel I'm breaking some kind of rule for not being "equal opportunity". That's all I'm saying.

Now, can we please get back to playing nicely, teasing, and talking about fucking??? Geese, y'all are blowing my horny mood!

Dec 21 @ 8:08PM  
SxzeBBW, I know what you're saying, nobody should be pressured and called names, that's just idiotic, angry people acting out like spoiled children. Okay, I'm a guy and I don't get pressured here. I can see that it's different being a woman on this site.

Dec 21 @ 9:19PM  
Szxe, you never fail to put so eloquently into words what I think:

If I want to know someone first, what's so wrong with that? I don't want to fuck this man but wouldn't mind fucking that one, I should not be made to feel I'm breaking some kind of rule for not being "equal opportunity". That's all I'm saying.

Me, I'm not on here to find sex, I already have my man, just here for the friendships but I love what you say about not being made to feel bad for not being "equal opportunity". I mean, this is my body who said I had to be equal opportunity with anyone but me? Great point!!!!

Dec 21 @ 9:24PM  
Hey Sxze........Wanna Fuck....LOL

Dec 22 @ 12:18AM  
Ok, know what? Adult designates content, photos language etc, but should be applied to maturity level you use to communicate as well.

Dec 22 @ 1:07AM  
It's like this, Most of these women want to get on here (A SEX SITE) and then all of a sudden want to get brand new with this virgin mother mary act. These women know most of these guys are on here to get some. If you want to play more of the square roll then just go to the plain old matchdoctor. You have a site with women bending over, spreading their legs, showing their tits, opening their pussy, etc etc etc...and then they want to guys to act like they are on here from some other than having sex. Get real. Save all philosophy/want a man to respect me for another site. If you are here then most men are going to look at you like a potential fuck. Get over it or go to another site.

Dec 22 @ 2:42AM  
Oh are simply an ass. Its the old i wanna fuck when i wanna fuck attitude.......and guess what. Men will be assholes, well some like you will be and women will be women, whether on this site or not. Yes, we want sex......or at least I do.....but would i hand it on a platter to an ass such as yourself? FUCK NO. So I may want to get to know who i am fucking ahead of time......that is a crime?? At least my fuck will be much more rewarding than yours. At least as far as I am concerned and quite frankly, that is all that matters to me. Just as getting fucked is the only thing that matters to you.....get a grip man.....or should i say BOY. So sorry, i made the mistake of putting panties on tonight, and they got all in a bunch.......

Dec 22 @ 3:20AM  

Dec 22 @ 4:01AM  
Katy, did you say panties? Are they silk? lol j/k And Tongue, I agree with Katy, you need to get a grip and realize you're being an ass, and a crude one at that!

Dec 22 @ 1:39PM  
The funny thing is I think I have a much better grip than most of you. I'm simply not sweating anyone on here. That is best grip you can have. Many of you dude are on here crying that the women aren't paying attention to you etc... and the women aren't what they say. I'm telling you why so of course all the bashers want to come out of the woodwork and get mad at me. On the real as far as meeting women and hooking up on this I can take it or leave it. Alot of you dudes are wearing your heart on this sleeve just because a women replies to you and you chat on IM. Some of you are so fast to show these chicks your dick and you still get played. If you were smart you would detect a woman that is full of it in the IM and if she is serious about hooking up anytime soon. One you realize you are just a guy that is run of the mill then just delete them as a contact because all they are going to do is be taking up space on your buddy list and wasting your time. I'm not the desperate seeking pussy on website type. Yeah I tried it and when I realized that most of the women can't keep their word about things or play games, I just get on here to have fun SINCE IT IS FREE. Yeah I know of alot of you are mad at what I said, but you can't deny it is true. Don't take what I said as an attack on women because yes men do it too. So let's be real about it. KKaty you can call me everything and anything you want but the fact of the matter is I bet you fall into the category of the type of woman that I'm speaking about. IMO whatever you have to say is of little or no credibility at all.

Dec 22 @ 5:10PM  
I hate to say it, but tongue has a point. I dont care less about gettin laid or hookin up off this site,,,I can walk out the door and do that,,which does make it a lot easier for me to stand back and say how nasty it is....From now on,,,to each their own, adn your right,,there are other places to surf...

Dec 23 @ 8:59AM  
Atleast someone knows what I'm talking about. Weasell, that's exactly my point. You can enjoy this better once you don't look at it as the ultimate way to meet someone and hook up. Kkatydid, I still love you. Don't get mad at me because you are on here for 16 out 24 hours in a day.

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