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Like Swine Flu

posted 11/5/2009 5:35:22 PM |
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tagged: rant

I have returned from my two day sabbatical to think shit thru. Sometimes, you need a fresh perspective and a day to contemplate before enjoining any happy horse pucky.

Why the big hullabaloo over someone deleting their account? It happens all the time. Either they will be back or they won't. Either way.. most of us know where to find each other besides here. Get over it. No one is to blame. Yup, you heard it here first. No one is to blame for the choices that we make except ... oh yeah.. US.. We are the only ones that can make our choices for us. Got that? Good. No one is expendable, but none of us is so important that we gotta have a big flame over it.

A bit of advice for the thin skinned and flying off the handle types. If someone says something that pisses you off.. block, delete, ignore. Or.. even better, figure out what in YOUR life is a mess that makes their words able to trigger that response in you.

"What's that you say?, Skwirl.. I'm responsible for my own behaviors and responses?"

In a nutshell... you got it. So, someone didn't appreciate your blog, your stale joke, your tired wanna fuck? Big deal! Did you blog to please someone else or blog to please yourself? Think about that and get back to me. So, someone called you something you didn't wanna hear? Don't LISTEN! Someone posted a blog that annoys you? STFU about it. It's none of your business, is it? IS IT? Bogs are not intended to entertain you... if you need entertainment that badly? [B]GET OUT OF YOUR CHAIR![/B]

On another note, if you post a blog that steps on someone else' choice to remain anonymous? You got it, you are in the wrong. I'm sorry.. but hey.. some people care about who knows who they are. Many of us don't.. but some do. So, my advice there? If you wanna post a blog with personal information in it? Get the other people's permission first.

Am I the blog police? Why would I be? I don't give a flying fig what you write or don't write. If I feel the need, I'll comment.. if I don't feel like I can say something nice.. I won't comment.. if I find it repulsive, criminal or against TOS I'll report it.

Why? Because it's all about ME in my world.. and it should be all about YOU in yours.

Got a Troll? Get DKW and Ynot to handle it.. they enjoy it. Don't make it more powerful by handing it control of your emotions!

AMD Ten Commandments: (A Proposal)

Thou shalt not post anyone's private information without their prior approval.
Thou shalt not whine about other people's choices of blogging material.
Thou shalt exercise thy clicking finger and report abuse.
Thou shalt exercise thy right to ignore!
Thou shalt not blog anything that is against site TOS.
Thou shalt pretend to be adults.
Thou shalt not fling poo at thy neighbors.
Thou shalt leave the Troll killing to the experts. Amateurs get hurt too easily.
Thou shalt get up out of thy chair and join the real world once in a while.

aaaaaaand most importantly..

Thou shalt leave thy green nuts at the Skwirl's Door.

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Nov 5 @ 5:43PM  
Thou shalt leave thy green nuts at the Skwirl's Door.

Getting to be that time of the year again? Collecting nuts for those cold winter months?

Here's my contribution. always, some good advice.

Nov 5 @ 6:19PM  
Couldn't have said it any better!!

Oh and here's a green pumpkin for ya....let it ripen before Thanksgiving, k?

Nov 5 @ 6:52PM  
Very good blog Skwirl- nothing else need be said I figure!

Thou shalt leave thy green nuts at the Skwirl's Door.
I don't have any green nuts... mine have matured- I do have a bag of pecans though... does that work for ya???


Nov 5 @ 6:57PM  

Skwirl honey; All my nuts are yours. Here's one now.

Nov 5 @ 7:05PM  
Who left?

I've been too busy working to keep up on comings & goings.

Besides......... i've always been more interested in comings anyway.............

Nov 5 @ 7:08PM  
Some folks don't feel statistics mean anything. Well, this blog has more kudos than comments, think about it.

Nov 5 @ 7:26PM  
I'd love to know how it is that you are able to put down in words what is rolling around in my brain, and you do it sooooooo much bettah.

I love you my furry little friend

Nov 5 @ 7:43PM  
Thank you! nut comin your way!

Nov 5 @ 7:59PM  
If you can crack my ol' hardshelled nuts, you're welcome to 'em

Nov 5 @ 8:05PM  
I loved your proposed ten commandments.

Good blog Skwirl...leaving you a greenie at the door.

Nov 5 @ 8:52PM  
...go take a look at the top of the blogs!

Nov 5 @ 10:14PM  
Which? the Hail, the Horny or the starship?

LOL freedom to the people my sweets.. freedom to the people.. let em post.. your freedom is don't click!

Nov 5 @ 10:39PM  

*leaves basket of Kudoes*

Nov 6 @ 6:59AM  
Glad your back Ms. Skwirl...what's that real world thingie your talking about? Is that when ya meets folks at the grocery store and stuff likes that...

Nov 6 @ 8:49AM  
A kudo for you oh wise Skwirl

Nov 6 @ 9:56AM  
Awww shut up and fuck me. Here's your damn nuts or mine if'n ya want um.

Nov 6 @ 10:07AM  
Good to see you back, Max.

Nov 6 @ 6:14PM  
I deleted a comment from someone who was obviously trolling. It's my blog.. my rules..

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Like Swine Flu