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Tired of all the F###ing Politics

posted 11/5/2009 3:22:23 PM |
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Will there ever be a day when we can set aside political ambitions and ego and actually take the true interests of the nations and address them? Every political figure is all about postering for the select group of voters they are addressing. The whole thing just makes me sick. What's needed is to completely clean out the House and Senate. Apply two term limits, and make no exceptions. Vote every Incumbent out of office, and replace them with someone new. That person would be limited to no more than two terms, then thier sorry asses are OUT and someone else gets a shot. Yes this may be throwing the baby out with the bathwater, But what else will get the trash out of Washingtion? If that signal isn't strong enough for whatever sitting President is in office, then we should see a resurgence of Impeachment discussions.
Any ethical or scandalous situation that is revealed toward a sitting member of either house should see that member Automatically removed from office.
I'm sick of politics, politicians, lies, spin, mis-information, and all the crap that seems to be so prevalent in DC. New agencies that attempt to slant the opinion of the viewers (for either party) rather than present a FAIR and BALANCED report and let the people decide. Politicians who attempt to hide behind thier office and refuse to come clean on thier dealings with lobbists. Back office and close door meetings, deals that cannot stand the full light of disclosure before an informed public.

I'm just fed up with the whole thing.

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Nov 5 @ 3:57PM  
Responsibility- they have non!

The citizens of our country need to demand that politicians be forced by law, to be responsible for their actions and punished if they don't! That is what is needed to stop the nonsense that they're getting away with right now! They are exempt from the very laws that the legislatures create!

Right now, to them, it's the wild, wild West but that was tamed eventually, through the citizens being forced by law, to be responsible!


Nov 5 @ 4:14PM  
I avoid politics like the plague. Try reading economic forecasts instead,
its more about facts and data and not muckraking and backstabbing:


Nov 5 @ 4:15PM  
Your feelings are very understandable, but realistically it would not work, for the simple fact that three are a few (very few) Congressmen and women and fewer Senators that are absolutely on the right track. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater, never works well. A modified version of what you suggest would work and then go from there.

At one time I was for term limit, but after looking at the real facts (not media propaganda and soundbites) and a little logical study and thought, I have changed my mind on this. My thinking is some really good people get do get elected, especially to the House, and that is where money is spent and taxes made. These new Congress people need the first two years to get a good understanding of the way the Congress is supposed to work according to the Constitution, and then the second term to start really doing some good. Just like any complicated job, there is a learning curve. Congress people are elected for 2 year terms. They need time to make a difference and really do some good.

My suggestion is every bill presented in either the House or the Senate must be proved and shown to be Constitutional before it is ever sent to the floor. This would take place in committees. No Earmarks! Period. Minimum of 72 hours of public notice on the internet of any bill before it is voted on. No more 2000 page bills and voted on withing a day or two. Congressmen are required to hold open townhalls and do their sworn job of representing the policies of their constituents in their district. Any deviation is subject to review and possible loss of eligiblity to run again as decided by the people he or she represents.

Senators are elected to 6 year terms. How about every Senator who has to many absences from the Senate is not eliglible to run again for any Federal office for 5 years. Period If at the end of the first term a Senators record of votes, which way he voted on what bills, attendance record, and so on.

Any House member or Senator accused of a crime or malfeasance shall have a honest opportunity to defend themselves without all the media and political spin just like any court case is run. Also any bill passed by the Congress must apply to the politicians and bureaucrats exactly the same as it applies to every other citizen. No House or Senate bill can be to give the members pay raises and benefits. this shall be decided by the people in elections at the same time as the national elections are held (every 4 years) They work for us, not the other way around.

These are just a few ideas I have plus many others, but I will let people think about these for now.

Nov 5 @ 4:35PM  
Also any bill passed by the Congress must apply to the politicians and bureaucrats exactly the same as it applies to every other citizen.

Now that is an idea I can fully support.

You suggested some very good ideas Itsasecret.

A Government Professor I once had said something along the line that the 2 party system would eventually fail us because it would get mired down in so much bureaucracy that it wouldn't be about what constituents want, but rather what unions, special interest, etc want. And that it would also get to a point where the parties support legislation written by their own party members, even knowing it's wrong for the good of the country.

One idea this professor had was to stop re electing incumbents just because of name recognition. Take the time to research on how particular politicians voted on issues you are concerned for. And honestly, stop listening to the gossip sections on cable news shows. All of them have a leaning. I like Fox, I know Fox leans Republican, but, I don't let Fox influence my ideals. I'll research and ask questions. I've been known to vote both Democrat and Republican.

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Tired of all the F###ing Politics