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posted 11/4/2009 7:43:03 PM |
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How many times this week has Something you said..been Misunderstood...Via Text/Emails/Blogs?
My Lady friend is a "Text Freak".... OMG....the spelling from her is worse than my Blogging!!! WTF?
At least 1 time a Day...She or I will missunderstand..what the other is saying..!!! WTF???
I'm a call if you wanna tell me something kinda Guy...
If its really Important...I Beg her to Call... but that just don't work...WTF?
I just don't get the Text thingy.....(though I just up-graded my account..Giving others here the heads up that I now have Text!! lol)

Does Texting/Emails/Blogging... Communications..... cause you problems?

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Nov 4 @ 7:59PM  
well....i can say can have almost NO service signal n send a text where you can't talk for shit...just sayin

*ponders ANYONE'S spelling bein worse then his *

Nov 4 @ 8:04PM  
I am used to it, which in and of itself may well be a problem.

Nov 4 @ 8:13PM  
take driving outta the equation....

hell my moms' 71 and SHE texts....

sometimes its' better....keeps things short n to the point yano

Nov 4 @ 8:15PM  
Nope, never had any problems with it.

Nov 4 @ 8:24PM  
Many times, it's hard to convey tones of voice or facial expressions by text. It's easy to get the wrong idea. Happens to me all the time.

Ynot, I kin spel reel gud!

Nov 4 @ 8:27PM  
Ynot, I kin spel reel gud!

SHEET we dun ween to da same skool huh

Nov 4 @ 8:35PM  
I've never had a problem texting- 'cause I don't text! I do have a problem with sexting though- seems... I can't get any!

I hate trying to explain a little fuck up when emailing- more often than not, it can get you into trouble at the speed of light! Even IMing can be dangerous- only way something can be fixed, is by phone or Western Union...... didn't mean that... stop... let me explain... stop... I Do think your boobs are beautiful... stop... I AM bigger than you think... stop... end


Nov 4 @ 8:38PM  
I hate texting. It takes an exchange of about two text messages before I send one that me if ya wanna know more....

Nov 4 @ 8:43PM  
I don't either, call me, speak English, damn it.

Nov 4 @ 9:08PM  
I only text occasionally & I'm brief.

I am so glad that I grew up sitting around the dinner table talking to my family, as well as having conversations with neighbors, friends & extended family at parties & holiday functions.

It drives me crazy when I see families having dinner in a restaurant & the parents let their kids play games or text while having a meal together. I find it rude! The kids tune out & there is no interaction.

Nov 4 @ 9:19PM  

*ponders ANYONE'S spelling bein worse then his *


Nov 4 @ 9:20PM  
somnium...Western Union for sexy messages....too funny!

Nov 4 @ 9:21PM  
fuck texting, that's for schoolkids.

Nov 4 @ 9:55PM  
fuck texting, that's for schoolkids.

Which reminds me- I miss those rectangle pizzas and bagged fruit punch they served at lunch time..

Nov 4 @ 10:41PM  
I added texting to my blackberry because my mom, sister and brother in law text ALOT. They were getting me charged for to many texts so I gave in. Sheesh. I hate texting really. Only got a blackberry for emails with hubby while he is at work since he can't get online at work anymore. The blackberry is a pain to type on lol. Guess texting and email is the same thing really, but it comes in handy when I have to get in touch with him. He has sprint and reception sucks ass when I try to call him. I have verizon and don't have any issues with that.

Kids don't have cells to do the texting or sexting. Dunno what I would do without my cell though. Comes in handy at the store and such especially with emails with hubby. We can give eachother a list of things we need and not use paper .

Nov 4 @ 11:22PM  
I hate texting. That's something that I could do without. My cell phone is to talk on and nothing else.

Nov 5 @ 9:02AM  
I hate talking on the phone. So I text but I don't know the short hand or whatever they call it so I type everything out.
well....i can say can have almost NO service signal n send a text where you can't talk for shit...just sayin
A lot of the area I am in has terrible coverage so texting is the only reliable way.

Nov 5 @ 10:36AM  
fuck texting, that's for schoolkids.

I agree...that shit is annoying! You wanna talk to me...pick up the fuckin phone!

My husband and I were at a restaurant not too long ago and this family of 4 was sitting at the table all with their noses in their phones texting....WTF? Nobody talks to each other anymore....I think it's stupid

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