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What is trick-or-treating like where you live.

posted 10/29/2009 12:27:21 PM |
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When I was growing up in the KC area we started when it got dark and went to only houses with porch lights on and stopped when we couldn't find a house with a light on. We went to 300 to 500 houses and we walked it all and we did it on Halloween.

In the town I lived in until last year when we moved to the country it is a totally different animal and has been for most of the 17 years I have lived in this area. The town is the County Seat with a population of around 5000. There are 7-9 towns within 15 miles that have populations of 250-1500. Those towns set their trick-or-treating day and time based on what the County Seat does (if the County Seat does it on Saturday the other Towns do it on Friday). My child's babysitter lives on a main drag in the County Seat and on the day the town has set for trick-or-treating she will hand out candy to 800-1500 kids depending on the weather and that is in the 2 hour period the Town has set for trick-or-treating.

It is not only unfair to the kids of this town but to the people who like to hand out candy.
Some people who used to hand out candy no longer do because of the number of kids. They don't like to turn kids away without candy and they don't like to have to take out a second mortgage to buy candy for them all either. Not only do some of the kids get upset at you if you run out of candy their parents get mad also. Adults should know better. Older kids sometime do things to your property also.
It is also very dangerous. The people from out of town don't walk they drive from house to house. There is normally at least 2 kids hit every year.
The local kids don't get to go to as many houses because at a lot of the houses they have to wait in line.

I honestly don't know what is wrong with trick-or-treating on Halloween if you are going to limit it to 2 hours from 6-8. This year it doesn't matter because it is on Saturday but next year it is on Sunday but they will set it on Saturday.
I don't know what to do to make it work better here but the way they do it here is not working.

Here are a few question so this blog isn't just a rant.

Do you hand out candy?

If you hand out candy do you normally have lots of trick-or-treaters or just a few?

Do you hand out the good stuff or the cheap stuff?
(My sitter does the cheap stuff so she doesn't run out)

Do you put on a big production when handing out candy?
(My uncle normally dressed up and hid on the roof and at the door they had a fog machine and the people handing the candy out would be dressed up. One year the kids had to reach into a big box for the candy and about 1 in 5 would get their hand grab by the person hiding in the box. They always made a big production out of it and always had a huge line.)

What is your favorite costume you have seen?

If you could dress up as anything what would it be?

I thought this was a great costume. It appears it took 4 people to pull it off.

If you aren't trick-or-treating or handing out candy on Halloween I hope you are partying with whisperingcomet on here or having a party of your own like me.

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Oct 29 @ 12:49PM  
When I was a kid living here in the very same house I am living in now, they didn't have a limit on hours or anything. We normally started before dark or at dusk and didn't stop untill people ran out of candy or thier lights weren't on. If a light wasn't on , we didn't bother them. Never got pissed about people running out of candy and didn't do things to them or thier property.

The last few years we moved around a bit and everywhere is different as far as the hours and days it is done. Here back at my childhood home, things are the same it seems. Last year was the first time in over 10 years that I was able to stay home and pass out candy while husband took the kids out trick or treating. We are allowed to do it on Halloween night and there is no time limit. Yes, they start around 6 or so but keep going untill lights go out.

I enjoy handing out the candy more then going with my kids door to door. Why? I get to stay home and see all of the kids and give them candy. I like seeing the lil ones most, and the cute lil costumes. The bonus is the thank you's and the smiles. Plus , I don't get tired of walking or get cold lol. As far as expensive or cheap candy, well I have 4 children at home and we moved to a more expensive area , so cheap candy it is. I used about 4 big bags though last year and nothing was bad candy. I just go to the dollar general and get it. Same brand name candy just cheaper. Not gonna be able to afford to much this year especially with birthdays and such so close and holidays.

I don't dress up anymore, but been thinking about doing so this year. If I could do more I would. My mom used to go all out when we were kids. One year she did our whole yard as a cemetary and she always dressed up. I miss that.

Oct 29 @ 12:59PM  
Growing up, I remember going out for trick or treating just as it was getting dark. We would start at the grocery store behind my parents house, (the owners were like family), then it was next door to Mrs. Storm's, a widow who was like a grandmother to the kids in the neighborhood. Then it was on to the rest of the subdivision. Some houses were decked out, complete with audio of spooky sounds etc. I remember some houses had the "dead man" sitting on the porch who would reach out and grab at the trick or treaters. Towards the end of the night, there were 2 mandatory stops, one at my Grandma's and the, yep, stop at the grocery store again. I admit it, my sisters and I were kinda spoiled by the owners. And the evening usually lasted till about 9 or 10 pm.

Today, it starts at 6pm, and runs to about 9pm. And trick or treaters only go up to houses with porch lights on.

I don't hand out candy because of the dogs. They hear something on the porch, and they bark.

Favorite costume I saw last year was a group of kids who did themselves up like KISS, complete with spandex and platform boots. Almost thought it was the real thing.


Oct 29 @ 1:03PM  
When I did hand out candy the ones with the good costumes always got a little bit more.

Oct 29 @ 1:11PM  
I usually buy 5 or 6 bags of the mini-candy bars and hand them out. It really varies on how many kids we get year to year for some reason. The one thing I hate about it is the people coming to the door drives my dogs completely insane. The other thing that bugs me is the teenagers that come to the door with basically no costume looking for candy. And the wife gets mad when I basically tell them to get lost. To me that isn't trick or treating, it is door to door begging.

Oct 29 @ 1:36PM  
I get a lot of trick or treaters. But I can't afford to cover them like I used to with Hershey bars at five bucks a bag. Times are tough economically at my house. So this year, it is the often unpopular peanut butter pumpkins that I like but so many others on here cited as candy they hated on a blog about this last week.

Oct 29 @ 2:02PM  
Is it me or have the kids gotten spoiled though? Most of them don't like any of the cheaper candies, they all expect the expensive stuff. Yeah, it might taste good and all but whatever happened to the good candy that was cheap but a good sweet to? I know last year there was a house that gave out the big size candy. That can't be cheap to buy all of them!! I can't see buying the big candy bars and handing them out especially at what 1.00 a candy bar?

Costumes... Oh my. .. Last yr I saw the cutest ones on the younger kids and yes I admit I gave extra candy to the cute lil ones lol. There was one kid, about the age of my 3 yr old last yr and he was sooo damn cute, I let him pick out candy from a big bowl ( I had 2 bowls, 1 for older kids and 1 for smaller kids ) and he just kept grabbing all of the lollipops lol. I laughed and the mom kept trying to get him to put some back. Told her no worries, it was cute. BUT, the older kids.. Geez....Some very revealing outfits for Halloween. If my 14 yr old girl tried to walk out of the house like that husband and I would lock her ass in her room. Period. Had a few not even dressed up. I just let them have a few pieces of candy and didn't say anything.

Oct 29 @ 2:10PM  
Another sign that I am completely out of touch with popular culture. I would say about 50% of the time or more I need to ask my wife or step-daughter what the costume was supposed to be.

Oct 29 @ 2:33PM  
I don't bother with trick or treating....I turn my lights off and ignore anyone that does bother to stop by. I like the idea these days of the harvest parties that many churches put on...especially if admission is something like a bag of candy for each kid. We do a think called trunk or in the parking lot...hopefully decorated...each kid brings a SEALED bag of candy and that is more or less evenly distributed between the cars and the kids cruise the lot of treats. Parents and adult supervision abounds. Then head indoors for a costume parade and games (usually put on by the older kids)...maybe a chili cook off or pie contest for the adults....a good, safe time for everyone. Lots of the families I know really get into the costume family: Dad was Capt. Hook, Mom was Wendy, oldest son Peter, little girl was Tinkerbell and baby was a Lost Boy (skunk). Another dad came dressed as a pirate and his toddle son was a parrot (that he carried on his back much of the evening). I've seen a dad as the Big Bad Wolf and his 3 kids as little pigs. One year a brother and sister came as tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.

Oct 29 @ 2:34PM  
When my kids were growing up, everyone gave out candy in the neighborhood. Now most porch lights are off and people take their kids to the mall where they have events for the kids. Just isn't the same though. Maybe that happened because this is a high crime town and people are scared to have their kids out going from house to house.

Oct 29 @ 2:49PM  
Nothing is ever the same as you remember it as a kid. Nowadays kids have to have expensive, elaborate costumes. I can remember making my own costumes - my mom wasn't about to buy me a costume that was $30 or more for me to wear for 2 hours. I told my kids I wasn't spending that kind of money this year and that they had to make their own costumes. I gave them suggestions and they looked at me like I was crazy! They ended up borrowing costumes from the friends because God forbid they would have to look like dorks

I was gonna take them around trick or treating, but they don't want mom hanging around this year....guess they are getting too old for that They are going around with their friends....probably to giggle and talk about boys *sigh* They are staying overnight with their dad, so they'll be outta my hands.

So, I was gonna pass out candy, but then I thought fuck it. To be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing.....maybe I'll smoke myself into a stupor that night

Oct 29 @ 3:24PM  
They did that same limited hour BS when I was in Ohio. Must be a east thing. Here they have a couple places that have safe trick or treat times for the young kids such as the mall and the downtown business strip but the older kids still go door to door like they should. Halloween is my favorite holiday so I always decorate, carve pumpkins and hand out lots of candy.

Oct 29 @ 3:58PM  
Is it me or have the kids gotten spoiled though?

I don't think so. I think it is a matter of how old they are. The little ones love the event and strangers giving them stuff. By about 11 on, it is all about what you haul in and what the candy is. Many older kids give you this disgusted, ungrateful look as if you are a cheeser if it isn't a primo candy bar. But that was true when I was kid.

Oct 29 @ 4:56PM  
I don't think so. I think it is a matter of how old they are. The little ones love the event and strangers giving them stuff. By about 11 on, it is all about what you haul in and what the candy is. Many older kids give you this disgusted, ungrateful look as if you are a cheeser if it isn't a primo candy bar. But that was true when I was kid.

It just seems to me they are to picky about candy and the costumes then they used to be. My kids enjoy almost all of the candy and don't care what it is, except for my 14 yr old. She has reason though. Now that she has braces, there are only certain things she is allowed to have so that annoys her a bit. No gum, no caramel, nothing chewy, no peanuts, no pop corn and so forth. Not her fault really but I am not paying more to fix the damn braces if anything happens.

The candy and the costumes have gotten higher priced over the years and seem to show more skin on the older girls. Though I can remember dressing like a " hooker " for a few years lol. Was easy and cheap. Used my moms clothes and ALOT of make up.

Best was when I got my ex husband to dress up as a " hooker " ( in my clothes ) and I dressed up as his " pimp " .. rofl

Oct 29 @ 7:13PM  
This year it was held tonight (Oct.29) from 5:30-7pm. Usually it's on Halloween eve every year, but since the eve fell on Friday night which happens to be this weekend, they decided tonight because they think it will be safer for kids than it would be on the weekend because of all the weekend drivers.

I did hand out candy, but stopped doing it because every year over the past 3 years now we haven't gotten any kids going house to house on my block anymore.

Oct 29 @ 11:25PM  
When I was a kid....yeah I really was one once upon a time...most costumes came from the family ragbag...yep! Our masks came from the dime store and they were hot and scratchy and if you got the mouth of them wet with your tongue they pretty much dissovled into grotesque grins and your face would turn the color of the ink from the mask.

Guess who you were? Not on a bet!! Maybe the mask resembled who you was suppose to be but the clothes defied any kind of speculation.

Kids from well to do families had fancy store bought costumes and some lucky kids had mothers that spent weeks sewing the perfect costume.

Trick or treating was a 2 night event. Small the ONE north/south street one night and the ONE east/west street the next. Usually the first night was the night before Halloween and then Halloween night. And always after dark!!!

Now it often starts around 5-6 p.m. and ends by 8:00 and you can't stop at a house unless the porchlight is on,

I haven't given out candy for years...I'm a Halloween Grinch.... I did my stint of years doing I'm retired from the little boogers....

Nice thing now is...I can leave my light on and they still can't find me......

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What is trick-or-treating like where you live.