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posted 10/29/2009 10:09:51 AM |
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tagged: spam, phony, web cam

Is it just me, or is everyone getting more of the scamers hitting on them lately? It had dropped off to maybe one a month for a while, but lately, I'm finding two to five of them a day dumping their yahoo id's in my mail, here and on MD as well.

I guess the economy is hitting the porn industry as well, that is about the only explanation I can come up with. And they are trying to drum up business any way they can. They even seem to use the same formula for profiles, and it isn't much. Names change, but everything else is pretty standard I have noticed. Even the messages are the same. Now if I got one that was written as an individual message, I might respond just to see what would happen , but normally after reading them, I hit the spam button, then go and report the user for abuse. Tabs make doing that real easy.

I may be old, ugly and horny as hell, but not that dumb. I have to wonder, were these people born stupid or are they just practicing.

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Oct 29 @ 10:35AM  
Report them, then block them. Just a bunch of no goods who don't want to earn an honest living preying on others.

Oct 29 @ 10:40AM  
Delete them..It's a mass email from porn or group sites like the Chinese/
Ukranians, or others.
I never even read them anymore, just delete..

Oct 29 @ 10:50AM  
i will add, we have one on here that has been with us for a while, "she" supposedly lives in southern idaho. but read the shout outs, one of them warns ya what the real deal is. if you won't send money, she drops ya. since i can't say who on here, i'll let you figure it out. there is another one i have communicated with that lives up north on lake coeur d'alene. she is real. darn nice looking in her pics too.

Oct 29 @ 11:18AM  
Some days I don't get any, some days I get three. It averages out to one a day. It has remained consistent though I did see an unusual uptick for a couple of weeks early in the summer.

I ignore them and don't waste my time taking any action. There are flies at every picnic. You can spot them a mile away. Including an email address is a dead give away After a few days, I will see their screen name change from pink to black, bye bye baby.

They get paid to write these things in a form of commission. It is such old news, I don't know why you bothered to take the time to post this as you have been on here for a while. Usually, it is new people that post blogs on this subject.

Oct 29 @ 11:26AM  
heck, with nothing more to do than these idiot seem to have, why not. it takes someone with intestinal fortitude to slog thru all the blogs. and if i don't do something with this key board it tends to start sticking. and maybe, just maybe one of the newbies will read and heed, not likely tho till they get hit, then, WAAAAAAA, how did this person ever get on this site, etc. gee am i sounding like my usual self again?

Oct 29 @ 11:40AM  
i think it is a reflection of the dismal job market, they are
desperate for money so they signed on to try and devour
credit card numbers just like most of the stuff on the web.
Its all about getting that credit card number!

Oct 29 @ 5:41PM  
selectusername is right. if they can get your yahoo id or your e-mail
address they can get everything else about you the electronic fraud
is rampant. electronic theft. the united states secret service
handles all that. just go to there website and report it. the computer
industry has caused more problems than it has solved. more headaches
more trouble. its nothing but a pain in the ass. i've been online for 15 years.
we are raising the sickest generation of perverts who ever existed. generation
y and then comes generation z, the last generation. a real degeneration generation. no concept at all of right or wrong. the insane have taken
over the asylum. its happened before in earth societies. the insane are now
sane, and the sane are now insane. look at the third reich etc. for example.
how insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if it happened before it'll happen again. but the
people of third reich thought they were the sane, and we were the insane. see?

Oct 29 @ 9:24PM  
I've found that if I stay logged on for extended periods, I'll get more of them.
I think the spammers are constantly building profile after profile. I think when a new one is created, they immediatly start messaging every male/female online at that particular moment.
That's why you can't get rid of em. As soon as one profile is deleted, there'll be 4 more in its place in a matter of minutes.
I actually had some twenty something cam twat msg me with her yahoo and msn IM addresses. I reported the spam, her profile was deleted. Minutes later, she was back on under another username......same "girly girl" first name...just a different number behind it.

I don't get em so much if I just log in to chk msgs then log right back out. That's what I do if I'm busy. Not busy now.....can anyone tell?

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