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Once more on naked pics and one liner "I'm horny" blogs...then I'm done with it!

posted 12/20/2006 11:23:17 PM |
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tagged: blogs, dicpics, naked pics, wlbs

I was going to post this as a comment on Bentan's blog...but it just got to be too long. I'm really sick of this shit and am going to attempt to lay it to rest. is what I have been men. Not all men, I don't known all men. But just about every man I have known has told me that men are visual creatures (not meant to be insulting!). Men like to look at pictures of naked women. Men like to masterbate to pictures, videos and live action of naked women. Men like to imagine themselves as the one who is fucking that purty gurl in the picture or on the screen or in that bed. I'm not saying this is a bad thing. I'm just saying what I've been told. If anyone disagrees, or has another theory, please speak up.

Women, on the other hand, are more mental. We like to imagine, fanatsize, and read stories about some purty gurl gettin eaten or fucked. That turns us on. That's why the guys on this site who write the erotica are so popular with us. We also like alot of us will put up naked pics. You don't hear guys complain because that's what they like to look at. Again, if you disagree, please speak up.

I know these are broad let me say that this is based on my own personal experience, talks with other women and men and one psych course I took way back when. This does not make me an expert by any means. I'm only sharing because the question was asked.

The only thing I can figure is alot of the guys on this site believe that women think the same way they do. We don't. I'm not slamming the dicpics...I never have. Read my blogs! But I will not be insulted on this site by someone, anyone, who can't take a simple polite no thank you! Nor should any other woman...regardless of her reasons for being here or what type of picture she has up!

And as for the WLBS males...grow the fuck up and quit your fuckin whining in the blogs! Read the motherfuckin T.O.S., it's at the top of the fucking page when you click on POST A BLOG! In RED LETTERS!! These apply to everyone who subscribes to this site! If you violate these you will be reported by another member...guaranteed! And by the way...if you're not sure if this applies to you...these two rules apply to whiny fucking blogs:

1. Do not "broadcast" messages to readers. Example: webcam requests, sex requests, etc.
2. Blogs that are "simply" of what you're seeking - this is what your profile is for.

Look at all the other blogs of this type...No views...No comments. I've asked the question over and over, if these people are getting responses and the outcome is always the same. No one responds to the whiny fucking blogs. just about everyone who blogs has complained about the whiny fucking blogs. Stop whining! Get a life! If you are horny right now...go to a fucking bar and buy a girl or guy a have a better chance of getting laid there than posting a blog here telling people you're horny and can't get anyone to respond to your emails. And yes...this goes for the females who post WLBS blogs too...I know it's not just males, they just do it more often.

Comments are open folks...go for it!

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Dec 20 @ 11:45PM  
Oh good lord, now after making that statement about women loving to read erotic stories and fantazise about all that, I'm affraid you have opened up a can of worms for guys now to be blogging about all that in trying a new approach since some of them don't have any luck on here the way it is. Should be interesting to see what pops up now in the next 24 to 48 hours. But I do agree with you for the most part with this accessment of yours concerning both sexes. I'm not really much into porn video though, unless maybe it had womens feet clinching things with their toes(which I haven't seen yet), or women humping and grinding on things. Oops, I had better stop, I'm getting a little too carried away now with some thoughts.

Dec 20 @ 11:47PM  
oh t bad the people who need to read it won't lol, just those of us who already know....

Dec 21 @ 12:07AM  
Thanks Sunny for posting a heads-up on this blog on my earlier one; I appreciate the courtesy. I guess I'm just sick of people going on and on about dic pics and not pausing to ponder the implications/fairness of their opinions. By that I mean: whenever we have an opinion, we also have deeper rationales for having that opinion. Exploring those deeper rationales frequently leads to a better understanding of our true motives for having an opinion or even a whole set of them. When we express an opinion about dic pics, isn't it beneficial also to consider our own opinions about the closely related issue of pussy or breast pics? By doing so we have gained a better understanding of why we hold certain opinions. As I was mentioning in my own blog, people who slam dic pics urgently need to do this before launching into some sermon about the essential "worthiness" of a person who posts dic pics. They need to honestly ask themselves if they would make an equivalent statement about the ladies and if not why not. All I'm asking is for people to think seriously about why they hold or express certain opinions and how they justify them. It is not wrong to express an opinion but there is something remiss about not giving it enough thought before expressing it. I'm happy enough if through my addressing of this issue people start to think more seriously about their own opinions and not just mindlessly parrot those of others.

Dec 21 @ 12:12AM  
Oh I know! Like I said...I don't slam the dicpics! Let em post em! For the most part, the guys that put up dicpics are harmless. It's the one's who think thier dicks are the gods greatest gift to women! And get pissy when they get turned down or ignored!

Dec 21 @ 12:55AM  
oh hell sunny you know they can't read!!!

Dec 21 @ 12:56AM  
Wow Im so glad im not a woman, especially a woman on a website....

Dec 21 @ 7:30AM  
The people you want to read that... will not read it... thats the truth. They have no idea how to impress a lady. Yes, men are visual but that does not mean its a woman duty to provide that which he wants, she has wants too and if he not what she wants, he have to be content with that... so if he wants to "fuck", he better learn how to make a lady like him.

Unfortunately, some men were raised like pigs....

But so what.. that what good about email.... you can ignore them!

Dec 21 @ 9:22AM  
Well said my friend, well said.

Dec 21 @ 9:46AM  
The diversity of the population on this site is quite interesting. Sometimes you have to weed thru the garbage to find your personal preference. Sometimes in weeding thru, you find something that you may not have thought was interesting, only to find it is. As I posted a while back a song, MAD MAD WORLD, I am thankful it is. I always get to choose what I accept, and what I do not here. It's not always so easy in the real world. Let em be assholes and not follow the rules, let em be themselves. Yea, its a pain in the ass to go thru the blogs and find those that interest you, but then again, if you didn't, maybe you might pass over something that makes you, personally, stop and think, if that is what you seek. The rude and crude, depending on your own definition, are easily controlled. Its just that for me, I don't like it when my panties are in a bunch!! So, I don't wear them!!

Dec 21 @ 10:49AM  
lay it
live action
just do it

I'm sorry, thats all I got out of that....*Wicked Smile*

Just teasing. (And demonstrating how a Neanderthal reads).

Maybe we all should keep a copy of the TOS, and post that as a comment every time someone posts these ignoramous one liners or poor me whiner posts.Then report their ass. Strength in numbers.

Dec 21 @ 11:13AM  
I think the big problem here are the people who are reading the blogs are not the people that they are pertaining to...then again that much blood goin elsewhere,,who wants to read..

Dec 21 @ 12:19PM  
Talk about hitting the nail on the head. I think I'll go start writing more erotica :)

Dec 21 @ 1:20PM  
SD, you rock! Not sure how a lady writing erotica fits in but guess I'll find out. Need to write part 2 of my new story....

Dec 21 @ 2:44PM  
I tried to read your blog, Sunny, but I just got distracted by that sexy photo of you in your profile.

Dec 21 @ 3:16PM  
I don't normally comment on these blogs but I just had to on this one. Yes sundance you are correct to a point. I will agree that men are visual creatures but for me that's where the differences stop. Yes I do love looking at pictures of naked women but it takes more than just a picture or a video to make me horny enough to masturbate. I need the real life stimulation of a woman to make me that horny. I very seldom masturbate and never to pictures or videos. If and when I mastuurbate I want it to be in front of and in person with my partner and then only if she wants me to and if she will join me. For another thing I never "imagine" that I am the guy fucking that pretty girl in the picture or video. Again I need one on one stimulation. I can't answer for all guys but I to like to write about or talk about eating some girl out or fucking her. That turns me on more than looking at pictures and videos so I guess that kind of has me leaning towards the womans side according to your explanation of men and I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I guess this makes me abnormal based on your own personal experience, talks with othr women and men and the one psych course you took way back when. Like I said earlier I can't speak for all guys but I can speak for this one and your first statement about men being visual creatures is the only one I can agree with. If there are any other men out there that agree with me now is the time to speak up.

Dec 21 @ 8:28PM  
First of all - KKatydid, you're naughty! (I don't like it when my panties are in a bunch!! So, I don't wear them!!) Shame on you! *giggle*

Wow Im so glad im not a woman, especially a woman on a website....

I am! I might get "wanna fuck" emails and am told I'm a fat bitch when I say no or don't answer, but at least I'm not being slammed with emails from hookers and bots...and really, the competition is much less fierce because of the ratio of men to women. I say, yea-ya to being a woman on website! In fact, I very much love being a woman!

Sunny-D, good blog! You get a kudo! (sorry, i'm late...I'll email ya...)

Dec 22 @ 7:33PM  
Sxze, well, come on, don't ya just hate that?? Sometimes the cure is simple, others, not!!

Dec 23 @ 8:46AM  
Well dam.....some honest comments.....remarkable. Cheers .

Dec 30 @ 9:25PM  

That is one intense blog. This little vixen does uise the vocabulary in a direct way (that's good i think).

To be honest, i am not too sure about this place in genetal. (pun intended). There are boys claiming to be women, spammers claiming to be listeners and scammers claiming to care.

Oh, i know that there are real profiles here too, but they aren't there overwhelming numbers. To be honest i do not mail men.... (odd that)... I might mail a Lesbian (without hitting on her) especialy if she is a local, or just positive words, but to be honest, most of the profiles will NEVER respond. Even if it is a simple, thanks but no thanks kind of thing.

Asking a loccal how she is, has so far not been answered. there is no light conversation. There are times when i fear that this is an all boys club venting left right and centrer (i know that this is not completely true either).

If a girl is here just to cream the delights of the stories, that's all fine with me, but then just write the truth in your profile.

Anyway, this is not me whining (at least i do not feel like a whiner), things just are. As for the horny thing, with soke of these girl pics around, how can a living guy not be/become horny?

Have a nice blog (day).

Jan 1 @ 1:03PM  
Hmmm WOW sundance64. Interesting...

Good job hon.

I guess I used to be an asshole when first getting involved in XXX adult content on the web and creating XXX profiles on various sites... I admit, I do get naked and masturbate alot while surfing the web and do love looking at all the hot womens pics..., playing on cam... But learned way back when that it dont pay off to let my dick head do the thinking for (most of the time ;) ) me when it comes to contacting women. Women want and deserve respect. Thats what they get from this man now.

I respect your comments and glad to hear what you have to say


Jan 6 @ 12:03AM  
Oh man, I'm new to this site... and well, I gotta say I posted what seemed to be a neanderthalic post there.

I posted about how the trouble of flakes w/keyboard confidence get the best of us most times, but I didn't post "HEY IF YOU'RE GOING TO READ THIS, SEND ME A MESSAGE LET'S HOOK UP" type of thing. Ya know, I'd rather stop and think about it than not. I think I was happy with how I compared the internet dating to a regular bar dating situation. I'll keep my blog, but I will be sure to watch out even more on my next posts.

BTW, cute pic, wanna hook up? (j/k)

Jan 8 @ 9:53PM  
It's taken me a while to get to your blogs....Holy Shit! Someone should have told me what I was missing!

Absolutely unbelieveably well done......if only those that should be reading this blog would....

No one has said it better! Thanks Sunny!

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Once more on naked pics and one liner "I'm horny" blogs...then I'm done with it!