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ok..ok...ok...busty"s gotta ask another question...

posted 10/24/2009 8:21:25 PM |
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ok..ok...ok...busty"s gotta ask another question...

i know this chick sure asks alot of questions,huh? well i can ramble ..let me tell you...*wink* goes...when giving a blow job or going down on a you like kissing afterwards? i don't have a problem but my dear friend says if she wanted to know what pussy tasted like she'd be with a woman but she doesn't! because she likes her dick to much! lol! but i think she's being silly..because its her..u should be clean anyway. if its good for him won't hurt me! do u have a problem w/it? tell me your thoughts??? we'll take our own little survey on it! yes...or no??? i can't wait to hear your responses..yes u agree with me that kissing after oral is fine! or u say no and agree with my friend and think its disgusting! watcha think? its all good! *wink*

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Oct 24 @ 8:30PM  
Oh I don't mind at all giving my man a blow job after he's been in me... and certainly don't mind kissing his mouth after he's gone down on me..... fuck I'm getting turnd on by all these questions Busty!!!!!!!! Now where's my friend at?!?!?

Oct 24 @ 8:34PM  
I agree with Pink. I know some people have a problem with this, but I dont.

Oct 24 @ 8:36PM  
I've never had a problem with it.

Oct 24 @ 8:39PM  
Normally after a pause in the action where somebody gets off, I have always found a brief interlude of recharging to be in order. This can provide the opportunity to enjoy a drink to refresh one's mouth before commencing again, after all, there is no rush before picking it all back up again. While women are multi orgasmic, men only have so many squirts a night in them. I have never had more than five and that was very rare.

Oct 24 @ 8:51PM  
Before now, I've always kissed women I've been down on and never even thought twice about it - but now you've got me thinking and I can't say for sure I would anymore...

Oct 24 @ 9:23PM  
Well for shits sake, I just wish I was getting enough action to be able to contribute an answer!!!

Oct 24 @ 9:37PM  
I taste myself, tasted him, he snowballs with me, he kisses me after tasting me...

Ok, voluntary celibacy sucks.

Oct 24 @ 11:01PM  
I agree with pink, kit 'n sugar but I noticed WoW did a good job of skirting the question...c'mon WoW....'fess up...

Oct 24 @ 11:28PM  
Okay, I did this blog topic a while back on here.

I usually get lost in the passion during it and really haven't thought about it during it.

Oct 25 @ 3:02AM  
i have 5 dollars on straddle your nose to live to 150 years old.
and i have 1 dollar on myself not to live through the night.
so eileen and i were fucking around one night sometime
last year, and the witch gave me syphilis, i didn't even
care if she did. so what. and i got a chancre on my hand.
who cares. if i fuck some woman its her anyway. there are
all kinds of strains of it too, that don't give off signs of it.
some people get it from kissing in junior high or even elementary school.
and they don' t even know it. its a very unsanitary world. like phuck showereing
especially in winter. who wants to get out of the warm bed to take a phuckin
shower when the house is at freezing. phuck it. and the god damn pipes
are all phucked up. like 60 years old. gummed up to the max. or frozen.
and all the g.d. hassle. if ya gotta house like i do, its a pain in the ass.
ya gotta clean all the g.d. time. if it was legal to be homeless i'd do it.
the bastards. force us to have housing. mother phuckers. vagrancy laws
and crap like that. so they can charge their crackpot rents. the landed
gentry and crap like that. to the manor born. my family is like that
the god damn bastards. the super rich. i rebelled against theri
unca scrooge macduck behavior. so i got cut off. at more than the pass.
so they're the type who fire bob cratchit, have him sold for meat
after selling him to shylock holmes for target practice. i mean they are phuckers.
g.d.bastards. they take tiny tim. and have him work in a tinsel factory
on the grfaveyard shift. and call him a lazy son of a bitch. i mean my family
is really a buncha pricks. thought anne frank got a deal. in holland. these
god damn mother phuckers taught school in los angeles, ca unified,
the black board jungle. they killed kids for getting fresh or outta line.
hung them high. or had their gang member friends 'take care of it'.
they ain't gonna put up with any kind bullcrap from some punk.
dirtyharry, clint eastwood is a cream puff compared to my family.
he consistently shows absolute bleeding heart behavior compared to them.
a man of great kindness clint eastwood by comparioson.
they were raised on peas and potatoes for every meal for
twenty years or more. i mean they have the will to kill cause of crap like that.

Oct 25 @ 3:08AM  
sexpot students with sawed off shotguns.
the style for los angeles, ca students
today - -trench coats, with sawed off shotgun
in the left pocket for cross draw. anyone
insane enuff to be a high school teacher
in los angeles, ca god bless them.

Oct 25 @ 4:33AM  
i have always found that anything goes in the world of sex. in the heat of the moment we all will do and say things that we might not do otherwise. unfortunately lookin back in life i admit that some of the things i have done could be considered gross, but at the time where right on.
said it once and will preach till i die. what goes on between consenual adults is gotta be cool. and can be more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
later kids

Oct 25 @ 8:19AM  
Doesn't bother me a bit! My hubby won't kiss me afterwards only if I've swallowed his cum, but I don't mind tasting myself...I like pussy anyways!

Oct 25 @ 9:00AM  
WoW did a good job of skirting the question...c'mon WoW....'fess up.

I had to go back into the archive of the memory banks to revisit the question. As best as I can recall, I don't think it ever applied in my past. Whether there was a pause or not after I got off, when the action commenced anew, there wasn't any kissing that I can remember. It was almost always my pleasuring her titties or going down on her until my manhood was recharged enough to progress further.

It is kind of like going to a good concert. Once the headliner has finished, while you may want the show to continue, a return of the opening act is not what you have in mind.

Oct 25 @ 10:46AM  
What are you supposed to do, go wash your lips and mouth innetween?
Kind of a mood killer there huh? It doesn't bother me, and so far I haven't been with anyone that it did bother.

And I'm curious what they laced funnywhapper's crack with.

Oct 25 @ 11:56AM  
I've personally never given any though to the question..
I just do whatever I feel like and go with the flow of the moment.

Oct 25 @ 12:08PM  
Now, I will say that after a successful first round explosion in the love nest, I will have no reservations on revisiting it orally, but approach the clit from above as I do not enjoy the flavor of the a M/F cocktail.

Oct 25 @ 5:38PM  
I enjoy all the flavors without hesitation, and am amused that there are still so many that hesitate in this day and age.

Sometimes there is a break for refreshments or a trip to the bathroom, but if there is none I just go with the program.

I know how I taste, I know how he tastes, I know how we taste mixed together. I know how his ass tastes. I prefer asses to be freshly rinsed, perhaps with a wine enema, but if not squeaky clean, I find that lots of spit dilutes whatever objectionable taste there might be.

It is all good....especially if there is no hesitation

Oct 25 @ 8:33PM  
Kissing before, during, or after ... doesn't bother me in the least.

Oct 27 @ 11:18AM  
If I want her to suck my dick, and like it even more if she makes me cum in her mouth, I would be a righteous prick if I don't wont to kiss her afterwards because I feel disgusted by it, wouldn't I? Actually, in all my previous experiences I have never even been bothered enough to worry about that.
I also love going down on a woman, love the taste of a pussy, and although she has to be clean of course, she doesn't have to taste all soapy!


Oct 27 @ 5:32PM  
that was my get everyone turned on....*wink*

Oct 27 @ 5:33PM  

Oct 27 @ 5:33PM  
i don't know why people would get squeemish over it! *sighs*

Oct 27 @ 5:34PM  
there is nothing wrong with that sweetie!

Oct 27 @ 5:35PM  
why's that sweetie?

Oct 27 @ 5:35PM  

Oct 27 @ 5:36PM  
i agree thats the way it should be!

Oct 27 @ 5:36PM  

i agree 100%!

Oct 27 @ 5:37PM  

what haven't u done a blog topic!

Oct 27 @ 5:38PM  
true dat!

Oct 27 @ 5:38PM  
i've always looked at it like that..its the heat of the moment!

Oct 27 @ 5:39PM  
if you taste there's we should taste ours!

Oct 27 @ 5:40PM  
exactly that kills the moment for sure!

Oct 27 @ 5:40PM  
and so it should be like that! {{hugs}}}

Oct 27 @ 5:42PM  

exactly! amen to that!

Oct 27 @ 5:43PM  
its crazy how paranoid people are about things sometimes!

Oct 27 @ 5:44PM  

me either!

Oct 27 @ 5:45PM  

thank you!

Oct 27 @ 7:00PM  
I may get hammered for this one, but here goes.
I have never been with a woman who had a problem kissing me after I've been down on her. Never known ANY woman who had a problem with it.
However.....I absloutley WILL NOT kiss a woman after I've came in her mouth.
Hypocritical? Maybe. Call it what you will. I don't think she would want me to throw up in her mouth!
I don't care how "lost in the passion" I am. Just won't happen.
But the Scope bottle is never far away. I know it takes away from the "heat of the moment", but I can't imagine myself doing it....ever......fuckin ever.

Oct 31 @ 8:04AM  
Not a problem for me. Just wish I had more opportunity to do so.

Oct 31 @ 7:35PM  
I'm gonna have to agree on DWB on this one...I find nothing romantic about tasting my "what could have been kids". YUCK! I don't mind however kissing a woman that has been down on another woman and I don't mind kissing a woman after she's given me head as long as I didn't shoot off in her mouth.

Nov 2 @ 3:18PM  
It's all good.

Years ago, I thought I would have an issue with it but I can say that every time it has happened, it actually seems to get the mood going again.

Nov 2 @ 5:44PM  
*takes notes..checks it twice n puts the list in his pocket for safe keeping *

Nov 2 @ 10:16PM  
Kiss away

Jul 28 @ 11:04PM  
The first time I was ever with any girl happened to be a very experienced slightly older young lady I had met earlier that evening.

Now I was a bit old,19, for sex but that's where was in life back then.

It seems to me that it's a bit tougher for a broke, horny and carless teenage male to get a date, never mind sex, than an equally horny teenage girl.

But I digress.

Because I had always fantasized what it would be like to have sex I of course had thought about licking pussy but only in the abstract.

When I finally saw a real live naked girl who was expecting pleasure I was a bit nervous not knowing what to do.

So I dived between her legs, started licking, sucking and rubbing until she came.
Then I did it again and again.

It was at that moment that I became hooked on oral sex.

So if a woman objects to being kissed by the guy who's giving her joy then she must be a bit of a prude somewhere in her personality.

I suppose it would annoy me that she would be maybe disgusted by being kissed.

My preference would for a woman who loves getting licked, loves licking me and believes all forms of sexual pleasure are wonderful.

Feb 14 @ 8:28PM  
I love the taste of pussy on my lips, in my mouth, and in fact all over my face.

I would hope that who ever I'm with would still enjoy lip locking with me because I have no hang ups about where her mouth has been!

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ok..ok...ok...busty"s gotta ask another question...